MIXTAPE EPISODE 36 – CL Smooth Mixtape

MIXTAPE EPISODE 36 – CL Smooth Mixtape

First things first, symptoms shouts to JR at shamanwork* for hooking me (and thus you all) up with this mixtape for this week’s hip-hop podcast.

So in case all y’all forgot about CL Smooth, stomatology here’s the re-introduction. Apparently dude is going to be dropping an album in the near future, and to give people a preview, he’s released a promo-only, all-freestyle mixtape. In classic mixtapeshow.net shameless bootlegging postmodernly artistical fashion, I’m bringing you the whole goddamn CD, including the bonus remix of Impossible. Check the playlist:

The CL Smooth Man on Fire Mixtape: The Freestyle Sessions (w/ J. Period, presented by Truelements and Blackheart Ent.)
Intro/Man on Fire Freestyle
Metamorphosis Freestyle
Get Down Freestyle
Top of My Game Freestyle
The Base/New York Freestyle
Listen Up Freestyle – sunshiiiiine…damn i’m ready for summer.
Runnin Freestyle – again, RIP Dilla.
Electric Relax Freestyle
Ill Bomb Freestyle
Hate It or Love It Freestyle – oh, come on, you liked this one too.
The Potion Freestyle
Blown Freestyle
Win Or Lose Freestyle
Indian Flute Freestyle
It’s On Freestyle
Guess Who’s Back Freestyle
Travelin Man Freestyle
Bonus: Impossible (J. Period Remix)
Elements of an MC
Again, this is the whole CD – normally I’d cut a few joints out on account of my not being a major major fan of such and such a beat, but please, where else are you gonna get this shit but from your boy?

Overall, this is some shit to rock in your iPod/CD Player/tape deck/whatever. And once again, respect to the people who got you this shit – JR, J Period, and the man hisself, CL Smooth. Feel free to pass this around, link it up, blah blah. For more info on the project though, hit up www.shamanwork.com.
Next week: the beattape episode, aka the all instrumental episode. If you’re looking to get on board with some of these heavyweight-ass producers you’ve been seeing pop up here and there on the mixtape show, you best get your beats in quick snap.

Still on deck: the all-south episode, and some other bonus round level shit. If you got anything you think is up to par, holler…

oh, by the way – here’s the cover art (click to enlarge).

* not shamanworks, which I somehow kept saying. my bad. shamanwork, singular.



Two main concepts this week: One, viagra 40mg we’ve got a remix contest from Rebel’s Advocate kicking off this week. Here’s what you do – remix their acapella to Bite (download the mp3 by right-clicking

Listen to
), more about and remix that shit. If you win, this your official remix will be pressed up on their globally-distributed 12″ (slated for a Spring 06 release), and you’ll win an iPod fucking Nano. Hot shit. If you want more info, listen to the show for more details, or read further.

Next concept: education. Way too many of y’all little rap kids running stupid. I put together this episode to hopefully teach you some things – about the industry, about working on your craft and persisting, and about rap history in general. So pay attention.

Craig Rip f/ Matic - Where do we go from here. Getting spacy on y’all real quick. Matic with the kinda esoteric lyrics, and Craig Rip laying out them tracks. Am I allowed to say Van City? Am I the first to do that? I’m sorry if I offended anyone from Vancouver. Dope track. And also, sampling Quas = win. mumbleshiphop.com. Read on for more…

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