Most of us here are far too young to remember this, see but when Dr Martin Luther King, seek Jr died he was extremely unpopular in the mainstream US media – primarily because of his stance on the war. This sermon could have been delivered this morning and still have been relevant.

I’m of course not satisfied with this, because it’s really not possible to do the original justice, but this is what I’ve got. I really could have just thrown the acapella on here, that’s a good enough #100 for me. They say we’ll nod our heads to anything said over a beat and they lament the fact that too much of what is said over those beats is destructive.

So here’s something good to nod your head to.


Words: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr – The Drum Major Instinct Sermon. Delivered 4th February, 1968. He was assassinated two months later, to the day.

0’35 – Jay Electronica – The D.O.C. Song (loop). This is really just a loop taken from the beginning of Jay’s song by the same name. Not sure what the title of the cut means.

2’58 – P Dukes – Brown Leaves.

5’40 – J Dilla – Anti-American Graffiti (Reprise). Kinda hard to do one of these without the D on here.

6’45 – Suburb – Jazz on Acid.

9’00 – Kenny Keys – Set ‘em Up. Mean cut.

10’40 – Madlib – Old Age (loop).

11’45 – Ayatollah – Listen.

13’40 – Madlib - Pyramids (Changes). If you don’t already own everything that Madlib has put out, you should probably get started now. Stones Throw is a label worth supporting.

15’30 – Suburb – synth+strings. Do yourself a favor and make sure that you listen until the end.


34 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 100 – BEAT TAPE 4 – KING EDITION

  1. the king with the king of hiphop podcast ..congrats..happy b-day mr king..his sermons applies to today ..

  2. thanks for the whole mixtapshow!
    keep on being unpredictable! (from Brothertron to Martin Luther King)

  3. That was one of the greatest speeches I’ve heard in a long, long time… I’m not gonna recommend any artist this time. Political or otherwise because, after hearing that speech, I can’t find anything now to match or even come close. This was a good #100

  4. one of the best if not the best……..keep it up dex digital soul tronica next hopefully R.I.P MLK main i hope none kills Borack Obama….

  5. Brer – yeah, the focus of the show is King, not the beats. Don’t worry, though, there’s a B-side + bonus beats edition to this episode on the way in a few.

  6. Vince – yeah. I think this speech should be required listening for anyone even considering a position as a public figure of any sort.

  7. also for future supervisors at office jobs..(not trying to be funny)…this is a good sermon for everyday life!

  8. Hate to stereotype but politicians aren’t adept listeners. I’m reminded of Angela Davis and when she spoke about the perils of the Messiah Complex Oh, I listened to that documix & some lady made a brilliant comment about the concept of appeasement! Later on I found some poem from a book called, “An Inconvenient Hero” written by Vincent Harding. Here it go:

    Now that he is safely dead
    Let us praise him
    Build monuments to his glory
    Sing hosannas to his name
    Dead men make
    Such convenient heroes: They
    Cannot rise
    To challenge the images
    We would fashion from their lives
    And besides,
    It is easier to build monuments
    Than to make a better world.
    So, now that he is safely dead
    We, with eased consciences
    Will teach our children
    That he was a great man…knowing
    That the cause for which he lived
    Is still a cause
    And the dream for which he died
    Is still a dream
    A dead man’s dream

  9. Pretty powerful stuff. Makes me think about the way in which Obama speaks; trying hard to sound epic, but being careful not to sound civil-rights-y. I wonder how that will change as the primaries progress…

    Happy 100th man.

  10. sweet show displaying a wonderful orator not afraid to walk head on to a death he spoke so about.

    lighters up for the one hundredth, congrats dex.

  11. I was not there for the event of course, but I do remember portions of that speech being played over and over after his death. He is the most important man of peace ever! this nation would have fallen in on it’self were it not for him.

  12. Iain – yeah, the first time I heard him speak I noticed that. He kinda bites the aesthetic without all the substance – but I think he’s sorta being pressured into doing that.

    Vince – good links. I wasn’t aware they’d done a video for that joint. And that poem sums up pretty well what they’ve done to the man. Thank you.

  13. i saw that on somebody’s facebook earlier – guess i’ll have something to watch later when i’m laid up after i get my wisdom teeth pulled.

    And yeah – that picture is pretty great.

  14. THANKYOU for bringing such a moving speech back to life. King has been gone for years but not forgotten it just good that you use the beats as a backdrop to show the importance of a great man Rip Dr. King

  15. Powerful…i was listening to this today on the way to work. And I’ve spent the past few days really listening to the political candidates and Bush and all that. I’m blown away by how relevant this still is right now. I mean its like if you just crossed out Vietnam and inserted Iraq…somebody slide this cd onto George’s desk please. We need another brilliant mind for change like Dr. King.

  16. Fresh – yeah fam. Unfortunately a lot of his message has been forgotten/deliberately obscured, but that’s the beauty of the internet – we can dig it back up again and remind ourselves of the original purpose.


    I mean its like if you just crossed out Vietnam and inserted Iraq…

    Yes, yes, yes. That is exactly it.

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