Welcome to the official home of the mixtape show hip-hop podcast. I’m dex, neurosurgeon I guess I run this site.

If you’re looking for a way to contact me or send me music, click here.


here’s an FAQ.

Q. So, dex, tell me about the show!

A. Okay. Each week or whenever I feel like it, I post a new episode. This show does exactly what it says on the tin – frequently brilliant hip-hop and soultronica music, from the gangster to the avant-garde. All regions, all styles, all good. If you’re looking for something specific, hit up the archives and start digging.

Q. Where is it recorded?

A. I got my start at KUCR, but nowadays everything is done in my room in Tokyo, Japan, with a macbook and a $30 knockoff Shure mic.

Q. I want to make my own podcast!

A. Okay.

Q. How much does it cost to listen to/download/subscribe to the show?

A. Everything on this site is free. You don’t have to pay anything to subscribe to the show via iTunes or download the show. You’re free to share the shows with your friends.

Q. I’m confused about this podcast thing. How can I download it?
A. Short answer – if you have iTunes, click here. Done. Now every future episode will automatically show up in your iTunes.

Long answer – there’s some more help, including help for programs other than iTunes here. And if you don’t want to subscribe, you can just come back every week and download the show manually. Pretty easy – but I’d recommend subscribing.

And if you need anything else, remember that you can always holler at me via the contact form.




Q でじ、このポッドキャストについて説明してください。

A 毎週、というよりは気が向いたら、新しい回をアップ。

Q どこで録ってんの?
A 制作、録音、選曲は全て高田馬場付近の俺の家で行われています。機材は3000円もしなかったシュアのパチモノとマックブック。今はニューヨークのど田舎でやってる。でも機材はあんまり変わってない

Q 私もポッドキャストつくりてー!(>_<)
A 簡単だよ!(英語のみ、すいません)

Q ふーん。面白いけど、やっぱりダウンロード・ストリーミング・閲覧はお金掛かりますよね?
A いや、全てタダです。このサイトでストリーミング配信を聴いてもらってもいいし、iTunesで購読してもらっても(ここをクリック!)いいよ。お金は必要ない。もちろんmp3プレイヤーに落としたり、CD-Rに焼いたり、友達にリンクしたりしてもらったら、とても嬉しいです。

Q でもでじくん、ポッドキャストってなんだかわからないんですよ。どうやって落とせばいいの?
A iTunesを持っていれば、ここをクリックすればいい。はい、終わり。今から新しい回がアップされる度に、あなたのパソコンへ送られる。iPodを持っているなら、そこにも同期します。簡単でしょ!



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This work (e.g. everything on the site, especially including the audio) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

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19 thoughts on “info

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  2. Hey,

    Very excited about the mixes. I am one of those
    “white people who sit around and think up ways to make themselves seem hip or cool by playing music that Black people make” except that I’m 30 (nearly) so I can’t be cool anymore and besides I work in da movies no with music. Anyway, could you do me a huge favour and stick Tried By 12 up here somewhere as I’ve lost my copy and need (as in I’ll be drooling until I hear it) to hear it again.

    Thanks mister.


  3. Can’t promise anything on the tried by 12, but I do have some new exclusive shit from spencer (for hire!). Be on the lookout for that soon.

  4. ok… first off I gotta say damn Dex, you have come a long fucking way… I remember back in the day on kucr when I switched on my radio one night and heard this dorky kid “‘ey this is yer boy dex digital”… and you would talk forever.. but homie, you have refined your style.. man you drop some dope joints up here.. i want you to know these mixtapes get me through long graveyard shifts…. i put that shit on my mp3 player and feed my brain…. this is a huge THANK YOU for doing this shit, cuz without you putting this shit out for peeps, its be a fucking long ass night for me (working 10pm to 8 am everyday)… props to you dex… you’ve come a long way.

  5. Dex! Mad shit b goin down here! I love it! To tell u the truth I don’t know much about hip hop or it’s roots but I know one thing is that the beats and lyrics are awesome. Totally diggin what you do here and will support to the end of this earth let me know if you wanna collab on something.



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  7. Love the mixes…how can i get podcast 1 – 92 through itunes…i dont feel like dl them one by one on this site…i have 93 to present…

  8. Yeah man can’t get enough of the mixtape show .episode number 96 is my shit and quite frankly I’ve never heard of jay electronica till my friend put me on to what u were doing with mixtathpe wllnot to babble on but I’d really like to hear more from my man jay electronica and dex please,please can u dedicate a show to one of my favorite underground rappers and many others like him esp. try to find some real shit rusty shit from Percy p. Well that’s it dude keep it real ..!!!!!

  9. DEX I LOVE YOUR MIXTAPES!! Long time subscriber, first time writer. I found you on itunes in like ’07 and it’s still hands-down my favorite podcast, it’s awesome what you do and all for freeee! I tell all my friends where i get my kick ass music from. Are you from the states? How’s Tokyo man? Keep up the good work! Your shows amazing though 0_0

    ^_^ Greetings from New Mexico, USA :D

  10. dude this is the guy thats next door to you,

    you gotta keep this shit regular yo, there is mad new shit
    keep it real and i found a mad track for a video game episode


  11. Angela Harrison – Stephanie, words cannot debscire how I felt when I saw you, it was like seeing my mother all over again. Always remember that I love you and will always love Dexter for being in the right place at the right time. You guys look absolutely marvelous . May God continue to bless you both Great decision on choosing the photographer, he makes you guys look like you’re ready for Hollywood .C U at the wedding . Big Hugs Tee

  12. T. Lee – Steph you shole make that mane look good!!!! LOL But these are some beautiful pceturis and not only do the two of you look beautiful but you look HAPPY and that is the key. I love the two of you and consider you family and will constantly pray for you as you transistion to California but just continue to love each other no matter what PS Homie you did rock that hat!!

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