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  1. Mariaemma,What you are doing with the eduction of this plnaet really needs to be recognized. Your show on learning styles theory is fantastic. You are a bright light on this plnaet. I can’t wait to see your other shows. Learning styles theory is a important to learn and address and that is exactly what you do. Good for you!I knew first had when you were one of the experts at the Millionaire Mind Set Challenge that we hold every year sometimes twice a year. That what you do has so much to do with adults and understanding why they have certain fears or they never feel good about themselves. Your shows really are something that all people struggling to understand why they are the way they are. Or even people that have fears based on something that isn’t real but it happened in your child hood and I think Mariaemma once people realize this is why I am this way there can be a lot of forgiveness.

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