And as promised, pilule Soultronica Volume Two. If you haven’t caught the first installment in this ongoing sideseries, you need to go back and get a bar – once you’ve caught Soultronica Volume 1 in its entirety, come back and check this one out.

This volume finds our heroes back in space, and your boy back in Cali with the official studio – don’t get me wrong, the Macbook mic is fine for what it is, but nothing beats recording into a mic that’s worth more than you are.

D’Angelo – Devil’s Pie (Kenny Keys remix). I was so impatient to share this joint with the listeners when I first got it that I damn near made a one-song episode of your favorite hip-hop podcast. Keys shows us where his name came from on this joint, and the production is hot as well. Brilliant remix. myspace.com/kennykeys

J*Davey - Let It Bleed. There’s so very little I can say about this duo without simply reiterating what everyone in the know has been saying for what, going on a couple years, at least, now? Production is funky, soulful, and futuristic, the vocals ooze intelligence and well, sex. jdaveybaby.com

J*Davey – Gangsta. Damn. Do not let the lyrics slip by you on this one, trust me.

Dwight Trible and the Life Force Trio – Equipoise (feat Sa-Ra). And somehow I managed to sneak Sa-Ra back into Volume 2. I remember back a couple summers ago when JR was talking about Dwight Tribble, and when I finally got my hands on Love is The Answer, I got what he was talking about. Real spacy, groovy, soulful joints – special thanks to JR for approving this joint for mixtape show play. Make it a point to cop the full album.

DJ Spinna - Where’s Your Love (feat N’Dea Davenport). Another joint off of Intergalactic Soul. This record is kind of weird because it starts off hip-hop – and does a pretty damn good job of it, as listeners that caught volume 1 will remember – and then around track 5 decides it’s had enough of this rap shit and runs for safety in the form of house. I’m not complaining, because I like house anyway – shit, I might do a house episode sometime soon (what do you all think – want to hear that? comment away), and this is a nice example of what the rest of the album sounds like. djspinna.com

J*Davey – Mr Mister. Some of you might know this one.

Wale Oyejide – Falling. And we finally got some more Wale on here. This joint is off of Africahot!, and was actually recommended to me by LG over at Shaman Work – I’d forgotten how much I felt this joint when I first heard it. There’s been a lot of buzz around this record, and for good reason. Wale’s got style all over the place – wait until I break some more of this Black Gold material out for y’all… shamanwork.com

(opening beat – Kenny Keys).

And that’s it for this week’s installment of the most important hip-hop podcast on the entire intarwebbe. Next week, we’ll be…actually, I have no idea what I’m doing next week.

Any feedback, questions, comments, light up the comments section.

9 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 57 – SOULTRONICA VOL 2

  1. Yess. Exactly what i was waiting for. Thrilled you had that “gangsta” track on there it’s one of my favs. Thanks for not being afraid to try new shit.

  2. Sara – try new shit? i am the new shit. haha.

    But yeah, the “gangsta” joint is hot. I’m guessing you’ve been up on J*Davey for a minute…where you located?

    And brer, I see you working on them tracks over there..you ever listen to any unagi?

  3. Yeah, i love that mellow in her voice..could listen all day. I live in Florida, so it’s rare to hear music like that here. I’m not a big fan of the “snap movement.” I was just looking at their site for tour dates and they’re calling the track “camera” now.

  4. Camera, huh? I guess the name makes sense, but I liked it as Gangsta myself.

    And you don’t like snap? ah, damn.. might wanna turn your iTunes off for an episode or two.

  5. Oh no. Now it’s everywhere. laffy taffy…haha. i don’t think you’ll need more than ONE episode of that good music, but you’re the boss so i’ll shut up. i understand..got to keep the fans happy.

  6. man luv the show im in la too i think you would luv my shows…be great to hook up i have vaults of music and new rare stufff…..keep doing it all the best….peace…..download shows on itunes or podomatic……myspace/djleejames

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