video – J Dilla – Won’t Do

so let me drop another video right quick.

This is a Dilla joint, ask featuring one John Yancey playing the part of Jay Dee in “Won’t Do” off of the recent release The Shining.

I know a lot of people felt a little let down by this release, approved and it probably says a lot that I actually own this record and don’t really remember this song (it’s the last track), generic but I am definitely feeling it now – the video especially on a style angle. I’m not up on this Mazik Saevitz cat, but he does some good work.

Look for cameos from Common, Frank-n-Dank, Talib, and guest starring Will.I.Am wearing a pink space suit and doing his best impression of that dude on Chapelle’s Show that does the robot in every episode.

And hey, the women managed to keep most of their clothes on.

What do you all think of this one?

10 thoughts on “video – J Dilla – Won’t Do

  1. I honestly was digging the video, its a J-dilla vision no question. The only thing is it looks a little unfinished cuz the background graphics don’t blend to well with everything else. Other than that, its tight. Maybe dilla is riding around in another dimension in a pimped out blimp still mixing the shit outta some beats. I can dream can’t I?

  2. Yo Dex,

    I like the j-dilla joint, nice flow, and the short Isley hook in the background.
    Smooth Video too.

    People don’t know how big of a lose we’ve suffered with his passing.

    I’ll keep checking on ya.

    Looking forward to the next hot tape.

    keep it real……………1
    Romey P

  3. The tune is ruff as dude.

    I made a CD and put this on it and every time the tune comes on, it gets an official rewind digital delay and all.



  4. The video is fresh. I dont really remember this song either but the after this video I wont forget. I think Dilla is smileing down.

  5. J Dilla @ his best!

    If im honest ive got to say that I think the guy is seriously over rated, however its tunes like this which do it for me it doesnt get much better.

    I particularly love his flow here, to mei it doesnt matter what he’s saying its the rythm in sync with the beat.

    Love the whole mixtape project your doing anyway keep it going and how can I get hold of the first 47 podcasts?


  6. Duval –

    Yeah, on his flow – I’ve heard that dude used to get the instrumentals that other people were going to be rhyming on and actually show the other MCs the best way to flow on his shit – he knew exactly where the best groove was.

    And all 66 (and counting) joints are available right here on the site. I know that iTunes doesn’t show all of them, if you check the Archives, it’s all in there.

    (there’s also an Archives link at the top of the page too).

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