I just had one of these

and it was brilliant.

Not because of the taste, neuropathologist but because it was my first solid meal in a week and a half. This also means that I can talk again.

Anyway, order I’ll probably address this in audio form later, healthful but I just wanted to put people up on some new updates to the site/show:

Pop-Out Player.

One minor annoyance on the site has always been that if you’re listening to the show on the show player and then click any link – the comment link, say, then the page reloads and you have to start over again. This isn’t so fun if you’re on a slow connection.

So, there’s a tiny pop-out bar just above and below the show player over there on the right. Click that (try it here now), and you should get a small window containing the last 20 or so episodes. You can jam on that while you check the site, or hell, just open it up and browse the rest of the net.

Embeddable Episode Player.

Okay, this I’m excited about. I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time, and really just now got around to putting it together. If you look just below the “cover art” for any episode, you’ll see a tiny box with an embed code, like this:

embed this episode in your myspace/blog/whatev:

Click anywhere in that box, go to Edit → Copy, and then paste wherever you like. Myspace bulletin, profile, blog, forum, whatever. You’ll get something that looks like the following:

easy way to put your friends up on Jay/Labratz/Iain/Suburb/Brothertron, whatever.


Not to beat this into your heads, but you are subscribed, right? Good. Now sneak onto your friend’s computer and make sure they have a steady stream of good music flowing into their inbox. Click here for the rundown (opens in same page).

Oh, bonus because a couple people asked for it – if anyone wants the site background for use on their very own desktop (!) :

have at it. Heavily influenced by my friend Elliott G’s line, Ultra Vitalence (dig Elliott in the middle, you’ll see what I mean),

which got a nice writeup recently in the URB blog, courtesy of my other good friend Jolie.

That’s It.

Okay, yeah, that’s about it, really. I’ve tested stuff somewhat, but if you use IE, god bless you there might be some bugs I don’t know about. Let me know if things are or are not working.

New things soon.

3 thoughts on “I just had one of these

  1. Haha!

    …and now I realize that I feel like a fool for not thinking of putting it on my own myspace. shows you how little I actually use that now.

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