Jay Electronica and URB

And in this week’s installment of jayelectronica.com the when-is-act-2-coming-out:

Jay Electronica and Erykah on a photo shoot for URB. Watch:

I should preface this by saying I was sorta tipped off to this thing coming out. My good friend Jolie, ophthalmologist who was recently promoted to Chief Coffee-Getter and Blogger of Shiny Things at URB, weight loss mentioned to me during a Girl Talk (most hilarious white guy ever, 5 stars) show that the 11th March cover of URB was going to be Jay Electrackalack. Apparently URB was preparing for the photo shoot, and lo and behold – Erykah just sort of shows up.

Not that I’m complaining, of course. Brilliant musicians, the both of them.

I’ll give a free secret present to anyone that can guess my favorite quote from this video. Like I’ll write you into the next show.

22 thoughts on “Jay Electronica and URB

  1. Good vid. I’d take a punt on “how old are you/76 trillion years old”.

    PS Erykah take those lensless glasses off. Looks about as “fresh” as a gold rope chain.

  2. video is hot she said he is ona whole nother frequency lol he is the wetherman main i love erykah badu reppin texas and lain erykah badu could walk around ina aliean space suit and still b fly lol

  3. I’m gonna have to go with “cant be a weatherman if you don’t know whats going on outside”.
    Had anyone heard him on the range/ plastic cups joint before? I heard him talk about it on the GP worldwide thing and had been on the lookout ever since
    Speaking of which, thanks for the radio edit of Dillagence, finally got back on uni radio last week and pretty much made it my first show.

  4. I’m banking on Erykah’s comment on Jay Electronica’s ability to be “universal/womniversal (wtf?)/omniversal (wtfx2?).” That or, “Jay Electronic is not a dialect, it’s a language.” Uh huh, I’m fairly certain Erykah is an alien of some sort.

  5. Okay, apparently Iain lives in my mind because that was exactly it. 76 trillion? Okayyyy. To be fair, though, Iain, you do realize that the amount of freshness is directly proportional to the degree of ridiculosity, right? So dookie chains and lensless glasses are in. Space suits are probably next.

    Mike – I have that joint. I’ll throw it on a future episode. Glad you made use of the Dillagence thing!

    Dom – wombniversal is a word that pretty much only Erykah can get away with saying.

    On an unrelated note, if I ever do a photo shoot, somebody please keep me from looking ridiculous.

  6. I of course cannot speak for the United States of Awesome, but in the UK, the glasses/rope chain look has been more than acceptable as a fashion trend (with high tops and windrunners etc) for ages now, so much so that its come into freshness, enjoyed a healthy period of freshness and come right out again into “oh so you think you’re retro and 80′s and stuff, well sorry but thats all finished now.” I’m unsure of what America’s stance on this highly important political issue is.

  7. man dex… your friend jolie is so awesome. =)

    you forgot my other title though: “market editor”

    that’s right… i do it all.

  8. “Seventy-six trillion years old.”

    Jay Electronica says with alien tentacles creeping up behind him

  9. Yeah, i’m gonna have to say “womb-ni-versal” just cause i dug it and am jackin that term from now on for use in my everyday conversation..doesn’t matter man, it came from Erykah. She’s the queen no matter what the eff she’s wearin. Homegirl just started a new trend with them geeky ass glasses.

  10. Dats it IM BRINGIN BACK THE HAMMER PANTS wit umm a SAPCE SUIT SHIRT! wit glases WITH NO FRAMES JUST GLAS haha o yea ima b fly lol BRING BACK SOULTRONICA been bangin dat space shift song non stop lately….(steve spacek)

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  12. hahaha WTF dex—like a million years ago when kelsey and i played girl talk for you you totally trashed us as shitty philistines.

  13. that’s because i didn’t like the record! live, though, he’s hilarious.

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