On this edition of Soultronica – The Saga Continues, drug we find our heroes in deep space. After a mishap with the warp drive due to dex digital’s android copilot BrotherTron-17 pulling some dumb-ass stunts in the middle of an asteroid field, the two have pulled into orbit around Andromeda-13 to collect some valuable Dilithium Crystals in order to repair the ship.

But what’s with those weird readings dex keeps getting on the system scanners?

intro: Unagi – Space Cadet. unagi442.com
DJ Jazzy Jeff – Whatever U Want feat Little Brother. This track might surprise people that haven’t been paying attention to what Jeff has been doing recently. From what I’ve heard of this album, it’s pretty damn nice. myspace.com/djjazzyjeff.

Kingsbread – It’s Alright feat Steve Spacek. Dig the spaced-out production on this joint, and Spacek is just ridiculous with the vocals. I think I need to dig out his old solo album…myspace.com/kingsbreadsessions

interlude instro: Record Take 55 by Josh Ivey.

Chromeo – Needy Girl. This song is seriously the jam. Chromeo are producing some really bananas shit nowadays, and the video for this joint is really a must-see. I’ll post it soon. myspace.com/chromeo.

Basement Jaxx – Freakalude. I always wished they’d extend this and just make a goddamn track out of it. myspace.com/basementjaxx.

Quant – Tryin’. This joint was a staple in my soul mixes at the old college radio spot. I am probably going to have to dig out some Bugz In The Attic now, too. Oh, this dude is from Gothenburg, Sweden. myspace.com/jonasquant

And that’s it for this episode. The saga continues on Soultronica Vol 4…light up the comments section, kids.


  1. As usual Diggy Dex is layin it down tight and keepin it real. Mixtape Show is the Education. Skool’s in with Dex.

  2. Good looking out BG – now go get some other people up on this!!! spread the word!

    Mirateck, man, that post you made on Alanis was off the wall. I had actually already seen the video, but was like “okay, it’s Alanis making fun of somebody”, but beef? That’s infinitely more hilarious. I would personally like to see a callout. Forget Cam vs 50, let’s see Alanis vs Fergie. I would probably pay money to see that.

  3. Great job on the podcasts. Since finding this site i’ve been working backwards with the most recent shows. dope shit really tho. i put four o five shows on my ipod and it gets me through my day in my cube. real words on the radio talk in blueprint#1, things i felt but never knew how to say. keep casting…


  4. Sara – “you did it”. I don’t know what I did, but I feel like I should get an award now. Oh, and that video I was telling you about – I should be getting some copies in not too long from now.

    DG – shit, good looking out! next step: forward the link to your cubemates, or better yet just bring in the subwoofer and let the whole office hear.

  5. ..an award, wow. What, like a grammy? Average minds arent ready.- & I been checkin’ for that video.

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