DVD/CD Giveaway – Stones Throw / Ellen Allien

Hey, search motherfuckers! I know a lot of you have one of those DVD player things, and I know some of you also like to look at moving pictures and listen to sounds. So, when Lucy at Elemental told me about these two new DVDs from TimeOut Magazine, I figured I’d holler at her about giving some away to the community here on the site.

Here’s the two cities I have available, with a snippet and some info:

Los Angeles – DVD by Peanut Butter Wolf (featuring hella music videos at the end)
CD mixed by Madlib (featuring Quasimoto, Jaylib, Sun Ra Arkestra, Freestyle Fellowship, and damn a lot of stuff)

Suddenly I want to stay at the Viceroy.

Berlin, Germany
DVD and CD by Ellen Allien (featuring Plastikman, Miss Kittin, Ellen herself, and a German version of David Bowie’s “Heroes”)
Obviously this isn’t hip-hop at all, but come on. dex digital? you know I fucks with the techno. I also have to say that the Quarks – Königin joint I am feeling hard.

This is so euro-hip it’s not even funny.

So basically what you’re getting in this giveaway is a sort of multimedia travel guide. Each 2-disc pack has a DVD and a CD, which basically introduce you to the sights and sounds of their respective cities. I think you’re supposed to, like, watch this before you go on your extravagant trip to said locale, but I’m pretty sure you could just put it in your DVD player, watch it, listen to the rappidy-raps (or in the case of the Berlin joint, the bleepy techno) and pretend like you’re there.

Note – some people have reported having trouble with the phone lines, so the giveaway rules now are a little easier – just send an email (see below).

So here’s how to get your own copy.

1. Send me an email – kucrdex@gmail.com (or use the contact form).
2. In the contents, tell me your favorite spot in your favorite city (could be any spot, in any city, for whatever reason (see white females above for inspiration))
3. Tell me which version (Berlin or Los Angeles) you want.

And that’s it. I only have 3 of these to give out, total. So if you want one, you should probably handle that now.

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