And breaking once again from the standard format, prosthetic we’re back with another installment of Black T.K.‘s The New Soul, viagra here one of two Soultronica series here on everybody’s favorite hip-hop podcast.

This one is the Origins show – taking you back into time to experience the foundation upon which this new movement was built. All you future fanatics don’t freak though – the kid is coming very soon with Soultronica Vol. 4. The saga continues…

Intro – Black T.K. Der Kommisar loop
Grace Jones – Pull Up 2 The Bumper (produced by Sly and Robbie)
Drop 1 – Black T.K. Radioactive loop
Cameo – Back & Forth (produced by Larry Blackmon)
Drop 3 – Black T.K. Ain’t Nobody loop
S.O.S. Band – Tell Me If You Still Care (produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis)
drop 3 Black T.K. Safety Dance loop
Evelyn Champagne King – Betcha She Don’t Love You (produced by T. Life)
drop 4 Black T.K. Hang On loop
Klymaxx – Men All Pause (produced by Joyce Fenderella Irby and Bernadette Cooper)

Hit up the comments section, let us know how you felt this one!

11 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 70 – THE NEW SOUL 2 – ORIGINS

  1. What up, Dex. Cool show. I enjoyed the background info on the musicians in this episode. I pride myself on having a pretty good amount of knowledge on artist backgrounds and trivia related to them so it’s refreshing to hear things I DON’T know.


  2. Just listened to the podcast. Nice to see some “schooling” going on!!! Just wasn’t long enough!!! Nice to see given respect to the uk by recognising loose ends!!! look forward to the next one.



  3. First, I have to say that this got more than a few replays from me – shouts to Black TK for putting this one together for the Mixtape Show. I’m with you Greg – dude just really knows his shit. I hear he’s got like 5 or 6 more episodes on ice, too…

    And Mr Underground – believe it or not I do have something in the works, but it is on the back back burner, and still in the “possibility” stage at this point. It won’t be what people are expecting though…

  4. On point TK, loved it.

    Gotta agree w/Dextrus Loose Ends just doesn’t get enough love, “Watchin you, watching me” is one of my favorite 80′s tunes of all time. (Although I don’t get the lyrics…)

    Hey TK did J Jam and T Lewis do Shalamar stuff as well? Listening to SOS Band some of the beat structure and chords sound really similar…

    Great show, Peace

  5. I really like the format,a little do you know and some music-cool.
    Are there anymore podcast that i can listen to?

  6. Can you do for me an old school Pro-Black
    mix down.
    I want to buy it .
    How much would it cost ?
    I want all Pro-Black cuts,no thug or
    commercial so-called gangsta stuff on it.
    Pro-Black Hip Hop non-stop.

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