MIXTAPE 131 -反省してまーす


doctor Arial, recuperation sans-serif; margin:0; padding: 3px 4px 3px 4px; color:#999;”>Mixtape 131 – Hansei Shitemaaasu by Mixtape Show / Dex Digital on Mixcloud

イントロ:Buddha Brand – 黒船

MINT – 急がなきゃ. またまたオリジナルを遥かに超えてみせるみんちゃん。@minchanbaby

Cherry Brown – 早い[ピューン]. 俺、なんで一回目のやつにCherryさんの曲を入れなかったんだろ・・・まあいいや、ここで入れときます!いまシーンでは、フリーミックステープがちょっとしたブームになってるけど、彼はその火付け役の一人でもあり、あと「Lil’諭吉」名義でトラックも作ってる。生産量がハンパない反面、当たり外れも激しい気もするけど、当たった時は本当にやばい。@twitter.com/cherrycherry_b

A-Thug – 塀の中. この曲に出てる話はかなり信じがたい(クラックって流行ってなくね?そして「グロック」というのがなんことなのか、実際知ってるやつはそれほど多くないと思われる…)けど、今回のテーマに合ってるし、カッコいいから入れてみた。反省はしてるけど、後悔はしてない。m/athugscars

AKLO – Chance. AKLOの「2.0」ミックステープから。本人と何回か会ったんだけど、彼のヒップホップに対する観察力はマジで深いし、このシリーズを始めようと思ったのは、彼の影響もある。間違いなくこれからも注目すべき存在です。m/aklosound

GAGLE – 雪ノ革命. AKLOからの前向きな流れで、仙台からの古典!これ知らない人は多分いなくて、「いまさら」感なくはないと思うけど、まあカッコいいから見逃してください。このネタ、確かどこかで聴いた記憶があるような…知ってる方がいらしたら教えて欲しい。ずっと気になってたから。gagle.jp

PRIMAL , DJ 琥珀, CHIYORI, 02 – 舞台裏. DJ MUTAのキャラクターパーク収録。ビートはPUTSのACID RAINDROPS。毎回こんなこといってわるいけど、内容といい、PRIMALと02とビートの相性といい、こっちの方がオリジナルより好き。これを聴いてからPUTS版を聴いてみたら、後者の方がむしろいい加減なビートジャックにきこえちゃうくらい。ちなみに、キャラクターパーク自体はハンパないからそれもオススメです。DJ MUTAのブログ

MINT – YEAHでごまかしてる. 最初は舞台裏で終わろうと思ってたけど、この曲をツイッターで知って、入れない手は無いと思ってアウトロとして付けた。これ説明に困ります。シンプルなような、でも深い曲。これ聴いてから数日間は、フックを思わず口ずさんじゃう。でなければ、病院に行った方がいい。



13 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 131 – HANSEI SHITEMAAASU

  1. Thanks fam, especially for the heads up on your mixes and your diligence in bringing this to us all in every and any country.

    just a little background so you know how much i love mixtapeshow.net…

    I took two years of Japanese in college, right? all i ever got from that class was a taste for Japanese hip-hop and well… laid by the Korean girls on student visa in my classes. while that did not end well and i failed the class twice, i still love the music and its not easy to get at out here in cali unless you have connections. i guess, really, you’re my connection.

    much appreciation. those MINT tracks are so nice! he’s become one of my favorites in my normal rotations. i get some interesting and surprising feedback about his stuff.

  2. I have always been a big fan of the show for a long time and really enjoy all types of music.

    That said, what happened to Dex? I don’t mind foreign hip-hop, its just the rymes really don’t mean anything to me in Japaneese.

    Any chance of getting back to a more (english, sorry) format any time soon?

  3. the music is dope… but it can only hold my attention for like 5min if i dont know what they’re saying. that what makes it interesting, the complexity of the verses and their meanings.

  4. Timm – it sounds like your college Japanese experience might actually have been more productive than mine. I didn’t get a whole lot out of it.

    What sort of reactions are you getting to Mint though? I’m sort of curious.

    Carl – you’re welcome?

    Josh – I’m right there in the intro, fam! and behind the mixes. I’m interested in how people react to this stuff, though, so no need to apologize. I’ll be tearing it up again in my first language soon enough though – stay in tune.

    Tyler – see above, I hear you.

    I’ll be doing a breakdown of some of this once again, so stay in tune for that as well.

  5. Sorry about there being such a delay between this and my last comment. I’ve got exams coming up so I’ve had no time to come on to this. Anyway, liked your previous two mixtapes (especially EP 129 and the ‘Deep Kiss’ track at the end of that video). Considering you’re doing a lot of Japanese hip-hop at the moment, I was wondering if you’ve heard of a guy called Jazztronik (http://jazztronik.com/). I’ve managed to get a hold of one of his first releases and I’ll email it over to you if you want to give it a try; in context, it being released at the tail end of the 90s and in Japan, I think it’s really good.


  6. Dex,

    I think i have my nephew converted over to an interest in checking out a lot of Japanese hip hop music. as far as MINT among other artists and people’s reactions; most people listen to it with me and find it more genuine than the American junk that even the greats are producing nowadays and we all think its interesting that while they do more original work, they also reuse pieces of old beats and a lot of the music has this “purist” flavor to it.

    my boy said he was shocked at how much of it has a Los Angeles/Dilla (At the end of his life) feeling to it.

  7. Dex,

    I’ve been pushing mixtapeshow like a mad man and throwing you on at parties all over Brooklyn. I have been searching around for who does the track that starts around 16:50 into the podcast with the female vocals…you gotta let me know.

    keep on creating

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  9. MR U – you know, that name sounds familiar – let me do some digging, I’m gonna check this out. Thanks for the info!

    Timm – yeah, that’s a take I hear a lot. Your opinion on “genuineness” might change a bit with the quick breakdown of this episode I posted here, but yeah. There is also definitely a “purist” current to at least the Tokyo scene – Jay-Z’s D.O.A, for example, went over very well out here.

    Benton – fam, at parties?? I’m honored, but slightly worried – hopefully your friends aren’t getting too upset about that. I’ll have to start making better episodes so that you don’t get embarrassed out there.

    The cut you’re talking about is the second to last one, ‘Butaiura’ by Primal and them. There’s more info here, and this is the mix CD it came out on (unfortunately Japanese-only): here.

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