So I got an email from Tupac

No, adiposity really.

I don’t know, illness there’s just something wrong here. I mean, the Makaveli brand was one thing, but…I don’t know. There’s just something about putting the dude’s name in the “From” field that seems sort of wrong to me.

Hasn’t everyone already made enough money off this dude?

Sort of reminds me how they’re playing a few other recently passed rappers.

3 thoughts on “So I got an email from Tupac

  1. Hmm, man. To be honest though, if the family are ok with it happening, does it matter? I don’t know. Any answers?
    Peace :)

  2. And also, if it’s not from a money angle, maybe it gets people more interested in him? But again, I don’t know… maybe it is wrong. Tell me what you think.
    Peace :)

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