Black TK comes back once again to bring the finest in Soultronica. That’s right – it’s Volume 3 of the New Soul.


702 – I Still Love You (prod. Pharrell).
Teedra Moses – You’ll Never Find (A Better Woman) feat Jadakiss.
J Dilla Interlude
Sa-Ra – We Gonna Do It Again.
Niri – Who Knows.

So hit the comments, help join us on facebook, etc.

Oh, by the way, new site design. Hope you dig.

16 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 76 – NEW SOUL 3

  1. Yo man… wow, I like this new layout…
    First of all, yet again, New Soul is amazing. Yeah, feeling the Sa-Ra track, actually, forget that, I’m feeling Sa-Ra man! Second, now I know this was a couple o’ episodes back but…
    I got more jazz :)
    Name’s John Escreet and he’s performing mainly New York and London. So if you can, which you probably can’t, check him out LIVE! Man, the guy puts on a killer show. This guy does a lot of collaborations. Oh and speaking of his collaborations, check out Kyle Eastwood too and sorry I ain’t got a link for it but I’m sure you can find. And yes, Clint IS his dad.
    Anyway, that’s me… for now
    Peace :)
    And once again, like the layout

  2. Mr. U – yeah, that’s the unfortunate side effect of having to put a spam filter on this thing-sometimes it’ll catch comments and make me preview and approve them. You wouldn’t believe how many spammers are up on this blog (what, 300+/day?)!

    And yep – as always this mix gets the official cosign from yours truly.

    And just to chime in with all the indiekids, Justice is quite possibly the business. I have like 4 remixes of that Justice joint on wax (thanks, Vice!) but the original still goes hard. They get their baby Daft Punk on hard.

    My personal joint on here (currently, could change!) is still probably the Pharell cut. Josh Ivey, where’d you go?!

  3. Love the Jay-Kay (Jamiroquai) intro…Keep it comin…

    You asked for some of my fav artists…on the soul electronic tip…Two of my favs…

    Viktor Duplaix and Georg Levin…both have been around for awhile…

    Georg is part of Wahoo who had a TIZIGHT remix of “One More Night” by Jazzanova ft. Viktor Duplaix.


  4. O.K. cool. Wow, I didn’t know you had that many spammers! Oh yeah, what did you think of the John Escreet stuff (link is further up the page)?

  5. Oh and also (sorry aobut this stream of comments), on the first New Soul, there was a song Black TK put on by an artist called Niri. He didn’t have the link back then and I was just wondering if he has it now.

  6. Just so you know I’m serious…I figured I’d get specific.

    Georg Levin ft Clara Hill -I got somebody new…that was my jam a few yrs ago.

  7. Mr. Ambassador, You’re spoiling us with these nice treats!
    Thanks for the show.
    I was (happily) surprised to hear the Justice track on this show; had to check my iPod twice, cuz I thought it had skipped!

    But as you point out “D.A.N.C.E.” is a mix of soul, disco and electronic.
    Btw. iI guess it’s a hidden Michael jackson tribute: “You were such a P.Y.T. ,catching all the lights, just as easy as A-B-C, that’s how we make it right…”

    …and as always nice to hear Jay Dee and Sa-Ra stuff.


  8. Pretty funky layout, I dig it! that Teedra Moses jam was sweet! I like the chopping of the samples, Sa-ra is always winner in my book. I never even heard of Justice but I looked on their myspace page and they seem pretty solid. Hows the Vidcast coming?

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  10. Svend – Damn, I didn’t even think about it, but looks like you’re right. Check this (look in the Justice section):

    “Gaspard says that they wrote the song during Jackson’s trial. ‘Us, we were so sure he was innocent, we wrote the song.”

    Damn. Apparently the whole thing is a big MJ tribute. I just learned something. Good looking out, Svend.

    Mr U – I still have to find that Eastwood cat, but that Rooftop Adventures cut is hot.

    Keep those track / artist suggestions coming, everyone – these shows don’t make themselves!

  11. Thank you for taking time out to play us some of the best music on the internet both you and Dex.
    I was wondering can you please tracklist the tunes you play in the back ground whilst you are talking.

    Some of those instrumentals are serious.

    Thank you again

    Stay bad.

  12. Ribbz – good looking out! Normally we drop the entire tracklist in there, but things are just getting hectic. Here’s what I have at the moment though –

    bump 1 – Jamiroquai loop
    bump 2 – Philly’s Most Wanted loop
    bump 3 -The Great J Dilla loop
    bump 4 – XL Middleton (of Crown City Productions) loop
    bump 5 – Co T loop

    Hope that helps!

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