32 thoughts on “hi, the show is dead

  1. Why do you not make more shows?
    You have amazing taste and have shaped mine since 2007.. So what’s up?

  2. Yo man. Glad to know the show’s still going in some form but unfortunately the video got taken down so I haven’t been able to watch it. I think Vimeo’s a bit more relaxed about music copyright if you want to upload there maybe?

    Hope you’re well.

    Peace :)

  3. MR U: thanks for the update! I just put up the audio of the video. Vimeo’s an option, but I’m kinda wary about putting something up that would just get pulled anyway.

    Somekind & Daiko: yo, I keep going back and forth on this, but I’ve just been feeling uninspired by the format recently. If I can come up with a way to revive it that feels creative, I’ll definitely get back on it. I’m @dexdigi on Twitter, if it comes back, I’ll announce it there.

  4. Dex: just want to say huge thanks for keeping it going so long, it was a great run, and affected my growth as many others.

    One possible idea that might work for you, you could create public playlists on Youtube with stuff you come across.

    That would work for the longterm supporters who appreciate your taste in music, and you could just direct people from the site to your profile on Youtube.

  5. Hey, sorry to hear about the show, I looked forward to every episode. Unfortunately I lost most of my downloaded episodes. I do have a request, please make the archived episodes available for download somehow. I’d definitely be willing to pay.

  6. I’m sour about this man. Figured it was over when there was no new episode. You introduced me to so much underground and mainstream tracks way before popularity. Not sure where to find good shit now since hypetrak, worldstar, pitchfork are nothing but fluff and waay behind the curve. Please email me if you ever reboot in any form but you got a gift, share it with us.

  7. Once in a while I just want to go here and get a refresh of the DAX greatness. Memories and downloads will do but its just not the same… good times :)

    If you read this DAX, thanks alot for a good run! You are missed!

    Hope you are good!

  8. Hey Dax i’ve been a listener for a few years now. Great to come back after so long. Thanks for all the great mixes and memories man.

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