Some of y’all might have caught this one. Some time ago, buy information pills a French DJ by the name of DJ Troubl put out a mixtape called A Journey Into Fresh Diggin: Quasimoto Meets Himself. Check that post for details.

Anyway, after that was posted, somebody quietly removed the mix from the server, prompting a bunch of emails asking me where the mix went, and where one could get it. I just recently came across a CD with that mix on it, so with it being Labor Day and all, I figured I’d throw a nice long joint up for people to listen to while they drink lemonade or whatever it is you do on Labor Day.

This joint is around 76 minutes long, so there’s plenty to get into here. Funk, soul, jazz loops, Quasimoto (who is, for the uninitiated, the alter ego of Madlib), and just good music. Check it. More info available at rappcatts.com.

Check after the jump for the full playlist and the full cover art in PDF form.


NB: this playlist is copied directly from a kinda spastic message board post Troubl made himself around a year ago, so things might get kinda interesting with spelling and track IDs.

1. Intro VAST AIR “Look mom no hands”
2. QUAS “Dinosaur Brain Beat” Original Sample (SCRATCH “Soulfly”) Not sure of this one??!
3. DJ DESIGN “Sparkdala”
4. QUAS “Microphone Mathematics Remix”
5. QUAS “Microphone Mathematics” Original sample (DON CHERRY “Complete Communion”)

6. QUAS “Come on feet Remix” Part 1
7. QUAS “Come on feet Remix” Original Sample (Melvin Van Peebles “Cmon Feet”)
8. QUAS “Come On Feet Remix” Part 2
9. QUAS “Come on feet remix” Original Sample (ROY AYERS “Sensitive”)
10. QUAS “Come on feet”
11. QUAS “Come on feet” Original Sample (ALAIN GORAGUER “La planete sauvage DVD!!”)
12. QUAS “Loop Digga” (part 1)
13. QUAS “Loop digga” Original Sample (IMPRESSIONS “on the moves”)
14. QUAS “Loop digga” Original Sample (RONNIE LAWS “Tidal Waves”)
15. QUAS “Loop digga” Original Sample (GALT MC DERMOT “Harlem Medley”)
16. QUAS “Loop digga” Original Sample (ONENESS OF JUJU “Some Breakbeat on African Rhythms LP”)
17. QUAS “Loop digga” Original Sample (SON AND DAUGHTERS OF LITE “Darkuman Junction”)
18. QUAS “Loop digga” Original Sample (KOOL AND THE GANG “North East South West”)
19. QUAS “Loop digga” Part 2
20. QUAS “Loop digga” Original Sample (ELECTRIC PRUNES “Holy Are You”)
21. QUAS “Loop digga” Part 3

Full Cover PDF (be warned, it’s like 5mb):

22. QUAS “Loop digga” (DAVID AXELROD “A Divine Image”)
23. QUAS “Loop digga” Original Sample (EUGENE MC DANIEL “Supermarket blues”)
24. QUAS “Blitz”
25. QUAS “Return Of The Loopdigga”
26. BEATLESS “Dominant”
27. LOOTPACK “20 Questions”
28. DECLAIME “Don’t Trip”
29. QUAS “Discipline 99 Part 0″
30. QUAS “Astronaut”
31. QUAS “Astronaut” Original Sample (JOHN DANKWORTH “Return From Ashes”)
32. LOOTPACK “Answer” Original Sample (”LEE MASON “Shaddy Blues”)
33. QUAS”Boom Music” Original Sample (SAM & DAVE “?!”)
34. QUAS “MHB’s” Original Sample (KOOL AND THE GANG “Little Children”)
35. QUAS “Discipline 99″
36. QUAS “Discipline 99″ Original Sample (GALT MAC DERMOT “Harlem Medley”)
37. QUAS “24-7″
38. QUAS “24-7″ Original Sample (DELLS “When You’re Alone”)
39. QUAS “Low Class Conspiracy” Original Sample (JIMMY SMITH & WES MONTGOMERY “Mellow Mood”)
40. QUAS “The Unseen” Original Sample (DAVID AXELROD “The Signs Part2″)
41. QUAS “The Unseen”
42. QUAS “The Unseen” Original Sample (9Th CREATION “Bubble Gum”)
43. QUAS “Realize” Original Sample (ACCADE “Accade A Bali”)
44. QUAS “Green Power” Original Sample (BOBBY LYLE “Inner Space”)
45. QUAS “Green Power” Original Sample (MANDRILL “Khidja”)
46. QUAS “B.S” Original Sample (IGOR KANTER & WILLIAM LOOSE “Cherry, Harry & Raquel”)
47. QUAS “Hittin Hooks”
48. MADVILLAIN “Shadows Of Tomorrow”
49. KING BRITT “Spaces”
50. QUAS “Broad Factor Troubl’ Mix”
51. BEATLESS “Rock on”
52. JAYLIB “Strip Club”
53. JAYLIB “Strip Club” Original Sample (JACO PASTORIUS “Opus Pocus”) …And Back to “Strip Club”
54. MADVILLAIN “America’s Most Blunted”
55. QUAS “Brainasorus”

It should be something like this, Ihope they’re no mistake, ask me any details…
Ps: I’m not sure that Track 2 and 43 are right names, if you know, just tell me…

There it is. Now, I should note that this mix seems to have reappeared on the Stones Throw site recently, but who knows when it’ll go back down again. So I’ve preserved it here for posterity, along with the original misspelled tracklist. Hope yall dig it…and make sure you’re taking the Mixtape Show Challenge.

30 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 86 – LORD QUAS + DJ TROUBL

  1. :)
    Thought you were busy…?
    Haha. Anyway man, listening to the mix as I… type. Good so far, obviously haven’t heard it all ‘cos it’s over an an hour but yeah… sounds good :) .
    By the way, was gonna leave this on the last mixtape thread but I might as well.
    Guy by the name of Mike Phillips or more commonly known as Mike Philly. The guy comes from Mount Vernon and yeah… I went to the Prince gig recently (21 Nights In London) and the guy was playing a solo and it was like, you know like a virtuoso level. This is his site. He’s with Hidden Beach records which also has Jill Scott to their name, don’t know if you heard of her but she’s worth checking out here are both links:
    1. Mike ‘Philly’ Phillips – http://www.hiddenbeachmedia.com/index.php?option=com_artist&Itemid=35&id=38
    2. Jill Scott – http://www.hiddenbeachmedia.com/index.php?option=com_artist&Itemid=35&id=27
    O.K. Peace

  2. Yet again, sorry about this, my internet somehow managed to submit two copies of the same comment. Sorry bout that

  3. yo we got labour day up here in canada too…and being as it is labour day, i’m chillin like a villian with my day off…and about that other thing…coincidentally yes…this episode can be on the list yeah :/

  4. Mr U I AM!! hahahaha… I’m really supposed to be doing some other things right now, but what can I say..internet is addicting.

    sc. Good to hear. Yeah I think most places have some form of Labour Day. We’re the only ones with a Labor Day, though. I think.

  5. Cii. Yeah man. I only got to hear bits and pieces of it, but what I heard was tough. Did you see the promo video for that on youtube? That was bananas too.

    Mr U. I’m going to check those out once I get to someplace with a damn system. These macbook speakers are not cutting it, and a friend decided she liked my headphones so much that she was going to hold onto them for me.

    Sara. hell to the yes. This joint has so much replay value it’s not even funny.

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  7. Thanks for the encouragement Dex! I hit you up in my blog roll and added a 150×160 banner!

    And for all you madlib fans I posted up some rare madlib shit like a pair of custom madlib nike dunks and a very very rare dub LP he did.

  8. ill – damn. it seems like everybody has their own pair of dunks. and dub lp? okay this I am not up on. Has anyone heard this one? Sounds like I need to start making some phone calls.

  9. On the subject of mixes, I got one by DJ Food. It’s a whole album and it’s called Now Listen Again… don’t know if you heard of it but I think that’s it’s good and hopefully you will too.

  10. Mr U – is that a commercial release or something Food did on an unofficial tip? Never listened to a whole lot of DJ Food even though I know I got some of those CDs in the library somewhere.

    and again, respect to DJ Troubl for putting this one together.

    Also, note that indeed, at some point, people were putting down 14 quid for this joint.

  11. Awesome. I love the alternation between the Quas tracks and the original music that was sampled – it sheds some light on Madlib’s idiosyncratic approach to to production. The Quasimoto tracks are his best work, in my opinion.

    I had lost track of this podcast for a while – this was the perfect way to get back into it.

    Keep it up.

    Anna, Brooklyn

  12. Sup Dex,

    Yeah I was looking for the DJ troubl mix and found it off of rappcatts too. I bought quasimoto – the unseen from best buy, but I really enjoy the DJ troubl mix way better. Might get Vol3-4 of tha beatconducta in india, I really liked the pieces that I heard of it.

  13. Anna – whoa, not sure how i missed this. Glad to have you back! Funny you should mention that, though. I actually know a producer whose dream collabo would be Quas. Not Madlib, but Quas.

    Brian – yeah, I think I had a retail-esque Jayceeoh mix (or someone, I forget who) that someone had sent me, but really, this is miles beyond it.

    I think the beatkonducta in India would be a good buy. I’ve got it somewhere, just haven’t had a chance to listen to all of it.

    Maybe after I finish with the Fiddy album.

  14. Just getting caught up … feed reader was stuck, I was busy didn’t know the difference anyway, and am now just getting caught up from all of the September shows. As said many times before already, this mix is tiiight! Looking forward to shows 87-91!

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