So I think I like Sabotage Party

So look kids, here dex is busy writing a paper right now and can’t make rappidy rap podcasts for a second. Soon, soon.

But more importantly than that, I found something I kinda like that I want to share.

So maybe like a couple weeks ago this dude posts two vimeo links on my facebook. This is generally a no-no, particularly if the music is not good, but in this case I make a very large exception because both of these jawns are pretty dope.

Sabotage Party – HOLDIN THE CROWN – AKIRA montage from Jet Setter

Probably the first thing non-UK people will notice here is that the two gentlemen on this song are speaking a variety of English that is absolutely incomprehensible. I think I understood maybe 20% of what they’re talking about, but it doesn’t matter because a) it sounds good and b) the instro is bananas.

Bonus points for splitting “compliment” into four syllables.

Sabotage Party – Real Girls (T1 montage) from Jet Setter on Vimeo.

And then Real Girls. This is sort of a confusing song because it’s clearly about women, but it’s not actually, you know, degrading or insulting. I had to listen to it a few times to make sure I knew what was going on.

Jokes aside, I might even like this one better than the other track. Contentwise it’s quite good, and I don’t think I ever watched Terminator I, but the edit work on this to make it into a completely different cohesive semi-storyline on this is pretty brilliant (also dig the Tekken screen, and for that matter the subject synchronization (audio “smack to the jaw” + visual wrench to the jaw) in Holdin The Crown).

Anyway, this is bar raising material, ladies and gentlemen, particularly on the visual front.

I know next to nothing about these dudes, but I think this is their myspace:

podcasts soon.


18 thoughts on “So I think I like Sabotage Party

  1. wait, these dudes have an album?

    I mean I could check their myspace for info I guess but there’s some insane spam ad blaring and I can’t be bothered to find it to turn it off so I just closed the window.

  2. I’m lovin’ it.

    I especially dig the whole re-editing movie theme, that’s hot.

    Anybody know if they have more video’s like these? That would be a hot series to do for an album.

  3. whoa. I mean I know re-edits is a lot of work so I’m not holding my breath on a full album of video-accompanied joints, but as long as they’re able to keep up the quality in both the videos and the tracks for even a couple more, that’s pretty dope.

  4. if you like the anima reedit vids check out
    tenchuassassin’s channel on youtube. the kid is crazy with the choices of clips. They always match the feel, words, actions of the song. I dont remember which show of yours Dex that you did the Thunderclaps Judgement day but here is Tenchuassassin’s video for it. Each voice gets a different character.

  5. Hi Dex
    I am Captain Australia, the famous masked hero. I just wanted to thank you for continuing to push out the mixtapeshow, I’ve been listening for a year now, and really enjoy it. In particular, I enjoy some of the political/socially oriented shows – even EP100 where you basically played Martin Luther King Jrs beautiful speech about the ‘Drum Major Instinct’. I learned alot from that speech.
    Anyway I just wanted to write a thank you.
    Your friend,
    Captain Australia

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