MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 17 – doujah raze interview

MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 17 – doujah raze interview

Those of you that remember the first show we ever came at yall kids with started with a track called “Spinmata”, approved by a dude called Doujah Raze – which incidentally was given to me on a burned CD by Damon, recipe who’s down with Faculty…anyway, enough backstory. So I’ve been hearing dude’s name thrown around more and more recently, and when dude’s compadres came round asking about interviews, I figured I’d catch up with him and see what’s happening.

This week, we got an interview with Doujah Raze, who has an album dropping damn soon, on the 1st of November. I ain’t really got much to say outside of what’s already in the interview, though. Doujah talks about coming up, the concept of the album, some of his collabs, and schools your boy on some geography since I ain’t got the money or time to be fucking around in New York. Even if you already are a fan of dude though, you won’t want to sleep on the interview, cause you’ll probably learn something.

So yeah, check out the interview. There’s also a track in there at the end – Plastic World, with Shuko on production. All instrumentals are off of Doujah’s upcoming self-titled release.

Shouts to Doujah and everyone at Trilogy (Double J, I see you) for making this thang happen. You can check Doujah out at doujahraze.com.

Damn it, ish has been busy round here. Some major changes coming round, y’all, shit you don’t even expect yet. Stay tuned.

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