Why is it so cold? Anyway, order other news: Giveaways, rx son!

Yes, I do have 5 copies of 2K Sports’ NBA 2K8 for XBOX 360 (USA version) up for grabs. Merry Christmas, etc. Listen to the show to get details on how to grab your own copy and then post up your ideas in the comments. And as I said, 3 of them will be going out on the site, and two will be going out on the Mixtape Show Facebook Group – you gotta be in it to get the info on how to win one (click here to join up).

Massive, massive shouts to DJ Spaceboy at 2K for making this possible.

This ep – just West Coast all over the place. You’ll like it, I promise.


Strong Arm Steady – Steady Mobbin feat The Game. And Will Blast screaming random ignorant things in the background. No bad feelings though, that just adds to the bananas-factor of this joint. The funky Dago connection is in the house. I love this song. CHUUUUCHmyspace.com/strongarmsteady

Tha D.R.E. – Wild Child. I can’t necessarily vouch for the rest of the record, but for anyone who appreciates Bay Area rap, this cut is a gem. Oddly enough, dude is from Milwaukee.

Unagi – Mo Champagne feat Motion Man. Unagi hit me with this cut and I think I played it 8 times back to back. The dude really is just dope with the loops. unagi442.com.

Johnson&Jonson – La La La. Yes, Blu is in here. Seriously, how are they going to clear these samples? Jon, can you shed some light on this? Either way, this is really dope. (You’ve heardand seenJohnson & Jonson here before, by the way). Something to look forward to ’08 – the Powders and Oils album. myspace.com/jandjbabyproducts. I’m not pretending to understand the name, though.

Spice 1 – Playa Man. Again, get well soon, dude. I’m really just now getting into this cat’s music. myspace.com/spiceone.

Double F – Weed, Greed, and Chases at High Speed (prod. Dilla). This off his mildly controversial 2006 Welcome to Cali Jay Dee tribute tape (which almost made it onto the First Impressions tape). Short, to the point, and, well, great. myspace.com/mystadub

Dam Funk – December Sun – At some point the two of us are going to link up and just give you all a ridiculous show. Dam is just too funky with the beats. I know I talked all over this one, but you can go get yourself a listen at his myspace. Check for him on the new 2K8 soundtrack, too. myspace.com/damfunk.

Kam – (Untitled)?. This comes off of a Naam Brigade mixtape (the only one I have, actually). Yes, the Message revamped. You can hate all you like, but I actually dig this song a lot. Naam Brigade somehow pulls of these throwback beats that show the roots of this music without sounding contrived – on the contrary, a lot of their tape goes really, really hard. Kam is pretty great on this cut, and the combination of the NoI references, the commentary on the West Coast gangster rap market, and the parallels to the original cut are pretty interesting. In that vein, the “fag” lines are a little abrasive at first, until you remember that the original cut dropped them the same way. myspace.com/westcoastkam1

Hope you all dug this one. Good luck in the contest, and be on the lookout for a few special editions of the Mixtape Show coming your way very soon…

And on a related note, I know I’m kinda opening myself to the flames by calling anything a “West Coast” episode. Too much great music out here – again this is just a slice of the diversity out here. Feel free to let the recommendations fly in the comments.

19 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 97 – WEST COAST WINTER

  1. It’s hard to compete w/ a hunchback but I’m going with MF Doom cause he’s not just going to switch jerseys– he’s coming with a whole different personality. There’s Dangerdoom for the road, King Geedorah for the alley-hoop & then you got Viktor Vaughn for the after party

  2. Yo!! Its a banger dog. Yowser, that Unagi had me freaking out, and I need to do some googling cause that The D.R.E. sounds so much like E-40. One thing, can you start putting the play list on the podcast feed so people can see the artists in iTunes. I promise I’ll keep coming to the site. Oh, and good point, its hard to jam in all the best West Coast into a single tape. The only thing that I thought lacked was an RBL Posse song. Word, later.

  3. Good news if you’re fiendin for that Unagi like I was, go to indiefee.com to d/l.

    Notha great show D.

  4. Bizmarkie would be ill. Just think of him making one of those bugged out faces while he is hangin on the rim. He would make some funny-ass noises when he threw it down too. Plus it would be funny seeing a heavyweight dude with hops…


  5. i don’t want the game cause i don’t have a 360, but before anyone else does, i just want to say MOS! dude just looks like he could ball to me, i don’t know. kam..oh man, never thought in a billion years i’d here akon here. my grandma said don’t say shit if it aint nice so…………to each his own. you’re the expert.
    lovin everything else though. when you said “crack crack crack!” you sounded like 2 hos fighting over one rock. i’m still laughin and it’s on the 3rd play. niice

  6. UM ok ..that kam joint was hot..i would like to see young mc in the slam dunk contest…would like to see if he could bust a move….haha

  7. Sara – this was super early Akon, before I even knew who dude was. I actually found myself questioning myself as to whether or not it was our good friend Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam because he actually sounds different to me (he’s not listed in the credits, neither is Kam, actually). Shows you what processed vocals can do for you.

  8. good deal, you just gave me some respect for the guy. hadn’t realized he had 130 song appearances. i forget sometimes these guys have to get money somehow, and radio’s really the only way to get your product to the masses. i digress.

  9. definitely would want to see lil wayne. if only we could get some on the soundtrack dropping hornets references and sportscenter verses. or i gotta hold it down for the hometown hero.

    and oh man, my new favorite 30 rock quote. tracy jordan about forgetting the words to the star-spangled banner: “who’d have known there were so many words. it was like a mos def cd.”

  10. Being that this has to do with a NCAA give away, I have to give it up to the graduates of NCAA member schools. It would be between Zion of Zion-I (Morehouse) or Tajai of Souls of Mischief (Standford). Big ups on the west coast show man. Peace.


  11. Mayne U took da one i wanted ta use freakin quas would b da shit but since u took hime i say Madvilian dat wat b hot if u had da madvillin wit madlib as dat lil guy in him he sould break down da goal errtime lol i like dis mixtape shit was dope main big ups to that plus i herd poin ya mo champagne again herd it first on indiefeed but eithere way dope music is dope music keep it up cuz im POIN U MO CHAMPAGNE. ps afta i get mad lot ima hire some one to say random ass ignant ass shit hah

    southwest_livin@yahoo.com i want dat game lol

  12. “Oh Man” ya MixTape Podcast site is off the chain Dex! Better than any music podcast site on the net! since I was put on to ya site, haven’t miss a podcast espiode yet! So keep hookin’ us up with them goodies & good music also, keep doin’ya thing for Y2K8″2008″ like you been doin in Y2K7 “2007″

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