So this episode features absolutely no rapping. Yep.

I get a lot of email and IMs from people asking me how I do my show, phthisiatrician what sort of software I use, how I get new music, and so on. So here’s yet another spinoff series (how many are there now? damn): The Blueprint. In Vol 1, we’re going to be covering how to start up and approach your very own podcast, from the mechanics to your own mindset.

A lot of this is philosophical and theoretical, so if that doesn’t interest you, that’s fine. You can just listen to me talk over the beats. As an added bonus, almost every bit of software I recommend in this show is free.

Here’s the beat tracklist:

Capital D – Blow Instrumental [Intro]
Verse – G Wilikers Instrumental [Gmail]
O.C. - Yes Sir Instrumental. [Audio Editor]
Critical Madness – Meal Tickets pt. 2 Instrumental [Feedburner]
oh come on now you know who this is. [Blog]
Morcheeba – Post Houmous [Network]
Judah Christ – Unheard Of [Originality]
Omni – Baterie Instrumental [Skype]
The Prodigy – Firestarter Instrumental (sample) [FTP Client]
J Dilla – Over The Breaks [Consideration]
John Fahey – My Shepherd Will Supply My Needs (sample) [Independence]
Brother Ali - Truth Is Instrumental [Individuality]
J Dilla - Love Jones [Responsibility]
Mark O’Connor – Opus 14: False Dawn (sample) [Microphone]
Baba & Yako – Feel The Change [Outro]

And that’s it for this week. Hit up the comments section and let me know what you think. Oh yeah – there’ll be another music episode coming out in a few days, for those of you that were freaked out from the break in format here. (And keep in mind – these tools work for whatever kind of show you want to do – not just a hip-hop podcast!)

Software mentioned in the show: (free unless otherwise stated)

FTP Clients – Cyberduck [mac], SmartFTP [pc]
Internet Phone – Skype (you need to buy credit to call outside lines)
Voice Recorders – Audio Hijack (free version available) [mac], HotRecorder ($25ish)[pc]
Audio Editors – Audacity [all platforms], Garageband [mac], Adobe Audition (expensive) [pc]
Feed Management – Feedburner
Gmail – Gmail. Come on son.
Blog – WordPress.


  1. Nice show Dex. Lots of info I can use!
    I definately gotta co-sign on Audacity…I have been using it for about 8 years now…it has nice little features you don’t find in the more expensive programs..it has a really nice noise removal filter that kills hiss and background noise. I’d also recommend a program called SoundForge as well…it retails for: $299.96 but..there are ways around that…(hint, hint)….it has nice effects..reverb…pitch change etc. and is easy to use…

    Lastly..diggin’ the background music..ESPECIALLY: J Dilla – Over the Breaks and Baba and Yako – Feel the Change….these tracks are sick!

    Looking foward to Episode 66.



  2. Yo Money…Good lookin on the creation podcast! I’m glad you got around to doing it. I’m steady burnin through the archives but saw this on the HP today. Cheers to you bro!
    Not A Number

  3. Greg8 years?! Audacity’s been around that long? Damn, I guess I was late to the game, I’ve only really known about it for a few years. And yeah, the noise canceling feature is definitely helpful when you’re living in a noisy as hell neighborhood in southern China and you need to cancel out the people screaming about cheap bread on the sidewalk. You can’t go too overboard with it though or it’ll cut your own voice down and make it sound tinny.

    And yeah, the beats in this one were nice – I had a good selection to choose from this time. You gotta hear the original of the Judah Christ one on his myspace.

    NaN – I was wondering what NaN stood for. Now I know, haha.

  4. haha I just came to holla at the site to find out what the beat playing on the background was for the Originality section, and sure enough you already had that shit listed. As a techie, the show was ill and a nice change of pace.

    You ever thought about creating bookmarkable, chapter driven podcasts for iTunes/iPod? Really adds to the experience man. You can embed links and all kinds of shit in them.

  5. Heyyyyyy Professor Digital layin’ da edumacation of podcastin’
    Me personally I use Old Skool Cool edit and when I need to check out different artists I would like I hit up pandora.com , a pretty cool flash based program!I like that podcast player you got Imma add it to my site so you can be my official podcast for my comics, watsup wit a banner exchange bro?

  6. Project Pat – (sorry) – Yeah, each of the ‘tools’ has a title, so I figured I’d actually post it up properly. As for the enhanced podcasts (I think this is what you’re talking about?), I had looked into that originally. I think for that you have to put the joints out in .m4a format though, which I am definitely not into, since the compatibility isn’t there like it is for .mp3 (but I could be wrong about some of this).

    It is a possibility for the future, though. I think part of why I didn’t do it originally was because it seemed like the only way to do it was with garageband, and I didn’t have a mac at all until right around episode 50something. But I was experimenting with some wild shit like animations that would display on an iPod once…

    Brer – good looks on putting in that player on your site! And yeah everyone, that’s what that there is for – matter of fact just click this link to get the mixtape show on your myspace, site, etc.

    Cool edit is cool, but I really started on Audition (I can’t even remember what I used before that, because I came into Audition already knowing how to do this stuff?). I have seen pandora – I think a listener turned me onto that – but I like finetune’s wii interface. I don’t even have a wii, but I like how it looks. The AI is pretty fucking dumb sometimes, though. I’ll tell it I want to hear Dillinja and it gives me Missy Elliott.

    You do comics? Shit. When you putting that online? get at me.

  7. THANKS FOR THE LOVE BLOOD CUZ’N * haha * this is the right time to feature a ninja too * i GUARANTEE you will be in love with my new shit * and the c.d. is finally recorded * i didnt get to here the show cuz im at my broke as city college but as soon as i get to a pc with speakers i will holla * ya boi the beast,


  8. Shit man, id put together the enhanced podcast if you wanted to test the waters. Some of the Mac podcasts I subscribe to have 2 feeds – one for the regular, play anywhere MP3 and one that can be read by iPods and iTunes for the enhanced functionality. It works well when you think about it – podcasts are generally longer than a simple MP3 so the bookmarking feature/chapter navigation is essential on a lot of them joints so I can pause and come back to the podcast from where I left off.

  9. (my bad it took me a second to get to this)
    Project – Yo, are you offering to do the work? Hahahaha. Nah, I will seriously think about putting out the enhanced ones. Probably look for that in the next couple of episodes or so.

    Judah – no doubt, just get it to me, and let me know what you think of the show..

    Corey – good looking out man, as always.

  10. Dex,
    Nice show for the aspiring podcaster. I especially agree with your statements about the discerning listener, the death of the “radio” format and the idiocy in the record industry. Indeed, “we are the new media”. Keep it up!

  11. I think we’re coming from the same direction on this thing, then. I do know that a lot of people are still really pushing traditional radio/television (XM/Sirius is really just a simple extension of FM/AM in my opinion – the only benefit is that it kinda circumvents FCC regulations).

    I’m curious to hear what other people think on this issue. There’s definitely still an assload of money to be made in radio, but where does pushing the boundaries of the medium come into play?

    What do you all think?

  12. Good lookin’ on those jems you dropped on the show. Taking notes, daytimes used to plan schemes for the night prowl.

  13. Great show, agree that Podcasting is definately the way forward. Once you consider that radio is constricted to time (i.e once its gone… Its gone! You look out for the timed episode every week and thats it) alot of people who work 9-5 or even longer haven’t got time to check out the latest episodes. Podcasting gives the listener that flexibility of storing and listening to material on the go. Anyway that point is pretty obvious, what I really wanted to know is what album did that Verse track (G Wilikers) come from? I’m having difficulties in tracking it down…

    Rem – London (UK)

  14. Rem – yeah, no doubt! Just the asynchronicity (that is a word now.) of the medium is crazy. Like when I used to do my college radio joint and tell my friends to listen, they’d be like “oh, I was too busy”. Now they have no excuse! hahahahahaaaaaaa

    Weird story though, I don’t have a whole lot of info on Verse. I’ll get back to you in the comments section on that.

  15. Rem – just got back with Lee at Foundation. Looks like Verse ain’t got an album out yet, he’s just grinding with the singles. I’m thinking that the G Wilikers joint is a college joint, since I’m not seeing it on his myspace at all.

  16. Thanks for checking appreciate that… Just listened to episode 66 “Not my Job” was some funny sh*t. The show is definately going some way to restoring my faith in hip hop.


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  19. Project – damn. That program does look hot. I do a hell of a lot of studio trickery in my shows so I don’t know how this one would work, but damn, it looks good. I might have to get a serious look at this for when I do shows on the road…

    Corey – No doubt, good looking out!

  20. Thanks for the clinic on podcasting. I am trying to eventually do a podcast of my own. When I am ready, I am gonna come back and re-listen to this episode.

    Also if your looking for some quality underground hip hop music for your show, let me know, I work with alot of indie emcees that are very talented.

    Keep up the good work

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