Yeah, viagra 60mg a little late. New music, food new design, new year. Shouts to Rashad for the inspiration on this episode concept. I have so much new music it’s not even funny. More episodes in the pipeline. Beattape, bounce tape, soultronicas, new soul (?), and some new tricks up my sleeve. But for right now, let’s get into the primaries…


intro beat – Iain “F a Quantize” Haywood – Switch on the MPC. myspace.com/12pads. What’s this about UK and US releases in 08 son? Hit the comments, do tell.

Labratz - Dirty Slum. Yes, comparisons to Goodie Mobb and early Outkast are easy, but that’s just because so little progressive Southern rap has hit your ears. Lyrics aside, one of the things I really dig about this record is the approach to postproduction – vocals are slowed up, jammed up, tweaked out, but the final mix is still raw to the point where I had to ask Sol if he was actually done with these because so many people nowadays overproduce records that it’s pretty rare to see someone leave that grit in it. I dig. I also must say that I’ve been walking around chanting “Marty McFly, Marty-Marty McFly-Fly” more often than I’d care to admit. myspace.com/labratzmusic

Marco Polo – The Radar feat Large Professor. Large as a guest MC, not a producer. Don’t get it confused though, the drum work on this still goes hard. myspace.com/marcopolobeats.

Tom C3 and Prince Po – Can’t Stop Won’t Stop. The first couple bars of this song reminds me somehow of Lord Quas’ “Come on Feet” for some reason. I was wondering why I hadn’t heard of Tom C3 until I realized he did the Dopestyle 1231 jumpoff (brilliant album art, by the way). Shouts to Nasty Nes for this one. myspace.com/tomc3.

NAAM Brigade
– Greatest Man Alive (remix). Well, actually this is more Sonny Black than anything, but still. I’ve heard of these dudes referred to as the Philly Wu-Tang. Who do I need to get on the phone with to figure out what the hell happened to these dudes? You heard them back in Episode 97 with the Message rework. While all these college-rap dudes are trying to recreate some boom-bap sound, NAAM Brigade somehow manages to dig into the early 90s/late 80s with their production and still sound absolutely rough and fresh with the final product.

Jay Electronica – Uprock. Definitely different production from what most have heard of Jay thus far, but damn the dude just eats this breakbeat up. The one man live band strikes again. Jay, if you ever do release Act II, you know you got a home for it here too.

dexalude – [instro: RJD2 - Inhale (remix)]. Internet rumors are crazy.

Bekay - Hunger Pains (prod. Alkota). Like I said, I’ve been following dude for some time (I actually remember his joint with ODB – I think one of the last he recorded), but nothing was quite my flavor – until now. This song isn’t all about “oh I’m white poor me”, but – or what I get from it, anyway – just a series of really screwed up events and situations that often trace back to a uniquely neurotic and American racism. Kinda hard to make it in a minstrel industry without black skin. myspace.com/bekay.

And for the record, the dude sounds nothing like Eminem to me.

Labratz - Creation. So does anyone actually have faith in this straight-ahead government process? I wouldn’t really call myself cynical, but my optimism never really involves fantasizing about real change being brought about through the election of some public official. Black leadership has really fallen off.

As much as I dig the instrumental on this one, you really have to pay attention to the lyrics on this one. I’d quote some here, but seriously, just listen. And then repeat.

“Peace to Barack Obama.”?

27 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 99 – THE PRIMARIES

  1. When are these UK/US releases? As soon as dudes pull their fingers out of their asses and get to work!

    Seriously though we’re talking “exit strategy” level lack of planning. But US wise there’ll be stuff on DJ K Phi’s mixtape “Clear the Streets Vol 1″, and some stuff with related artists http://www.myspace.com/djkphi

    UK wise, my man Riddla is still due to release some album (yawn) but on a plus note one of the tracks will feature Breeze of Roll Deep fame.

    Should probably put “in 09″ just to be safe though. Thanks for the thanks Dex, and “Switch on the MPC” is about 100% more interesting than “01 track 1.mp3″. Lesson learned.

  2. Hey Dex, I’ve been listening since the religion episode and finally decided to participate, sort of a new years resolution. Your show has become my number source of new music, and especially the last 30 or so episodes have been mostly bananas.
    From my limited research it seems that Edwards is gonna do more for the poor of evert race than Obama but really it looks it’s only Obama or Clinton that can win..
    Oh, and as someone from the UK I definitely find myself continually amazed by race in America.

  3. My favorite quotables:

    “Rappers don’t sound right like President Bush”

    “Hungry, Broke & Determined” That’s sad cause I never here of dude but he’s got mad talent!

    “Maybe we’ll overcome & try to heal each other but nikkaz don’t want to hear that type of sh*t they like whatever”

    “They let you get so far then they break yo azz down as soon as it’s getting good then that’s when they come around”

  4. THANKS for this ..I hope everybody picks the right person for prez so we can undo this mess that bush got us in ..its starting to look more and more like the american union (look it up on youtube) im not ready to be tracked all day everyday..and im not ready to start spending ameros ..thank for this

  5. Read comments on previous post
    And also, heard of Obama winning in Iowa and then apparently a shock win for Hilary in New Hampshire. Kucnic is for who by the way?

  6. Iain – “Exit strategy level planning”? So not 2009, 2019 then? haha! Keep me updated as always, though.

    Mike F – woo, the religious studies joint. I appreciate you coming through to make a presence on the site, fam. On the primaries though: I’m miles away from having the knowledge or desire to even suggest a particular candidate. Plus it’s so early in the game it’s hard to tell who’s still really in the ring. Back in the ’92 race, they said Bill Clinton didn’t stand a chance at this stage.

    Talat – I hope we get it at least somewhat right too. “Right” will take some work, though…I definitely need to start doing some reading.

  7. Vince. Yeah. That Bekay track is just one of those cuts where you find yourself compelled to listen because you want to hear what he has to say. Hopefully 08 has better things in store for him. And those exact Labratz verses have been stuck in my head too – along with that really startling

    we gotta stop and look, make a pause like comma,
    Peace to Barack Obama

    from whence I stole the last lines of this post.

    Mr U. I can’t even really figure out how to respond to the video. I mean, it’s engaging, but boring, but good. Does that make any sense? Whoever made this video is a pretty well-read/cultured individual because it reaches into a lot of places most videos wouldn’t go. I feel like I should be writing a paper on this video. I should send it to some of my old critical theory / feminist theory professors, they’d probably dig it. Short story though, good find. I’d like to see it in HD. The fact that this is on Warp does not surprise me. I need to find out more about this.

    JV – yeah man, shoot me an email..

  8. yo dat video mr u had was hot well da beat was hot da video was interesting lol MARTY MC FLY dats my new shit im buyin dat cd as soon as i get some cashflow MARTY MCFLY!!! lol hot show and i rlly do hope we dont bomb canada no matter how cold it gets up there

  9. Yeah man, I get what you’re saying. I like the video, I don’t know whether the track hits me though

  10. By the way Dex. Shout out for the shout out. I didn’t get time to listen to podcast (Christams Edition) due to Christmas/New Year/Work etc. Anyway, thanks

  11. And by the way, I would be so grateful if you could e-mail me Tryin’ by Jonas Quant. It was on Soultronica Vol. 3 but I can’t find it anywhere, not even on his myspace.

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  13. Yo Dex, Your def doing your thang homie, im diggin the show. you know you have been a tremendous inspiration to do my thing thing on MEET THE BLOCK ya heard! Lets keep this thing we have called hip hop all this time bubbling and show these commersh nigg*z we dont need dem! lol Nah but keep up the excellent work my dude. ~Triumph

  14. YES!! took me a minute to be able to listen, cause for some reason i can’t get the rss up on the psp, but fuck it. my two brain cells said just download the shit so i can be hip with the rest of these bastards. like you and Austin (and the rest of America that refuses to tune radio dials) i’m chanting MARTY MC FLY having lame heads look at me like, “the fuck is she on??”…niice.
    only reason i can think of people comparin him to Eminem is they both seem to have anger issues that come out in the vocals. but on the real, i just don’t see it. he definately surpasses that commercial level thought process. i’m with it.
    J electro is the cure?? fuck insurrance, give these cats some headphones.
    as always, man, great ep. keep em coming.

    i smell soultronica in the air..stop teasin and serve it up.

  15. EVERYTHING rocked on this podcast homey! But, still I don’t know who to vote for, maybe DEX DIGITAL FOR PRESIDENT!!

  16. Hey– Re: People outside of the USA (But, more specifically, US citizens)

    We can have a voice in the primaries process!


    Sign up here and we can vote; we get 11 electoral votes in the nomination–more than the US territories, but less than the smallest-populated states, Wyoming and the other one, who each get 18 votes. But, hey, fucking vote you guys!

    Dexter–Tell people about this! Get the fucking Meiguo Ren abroad to vote!


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