Wait what it’s 2008?

It seems like every rappidy rap site did some sort of best-of wrap-up lists for 2007.

I’d love to do that sort of thing, store but real talk? I can’t remember what I had for breakfast this morning, much less remember what I was doing last January. So now that the euphoria of the new year has passed, I figured I’d talk about some stuff I liked.

So here we go, open thread. What impressed/depressed you this last year? I’ll get us started and keep it positive:


I’ve got to say, producerwise? I really really think Suburb is the bizness. I’m trying to con him into giving me some more of his stuff for a future episode. We’ll see how that works. For now, though, you can grab a few exclusive tunes over at sweeney kovar, who was kind enough to let me write a bit on the subject at his site.

the man himself

Jay Electronica
. GOVERNMENT PLANT. This dude popped up on the internet out of nowhere (well, unless you’re FMWJ, nowhere), and stole the hearts of millions. Then he announced that he was dropping a new project on Xmas (which I was patiently waiting for, and fully planned to make an episode of), and then the 25th rolls around, and…

poof. Nothing. Facebook account is deleted, his myspace account points to some white dude with a camera, and really ladies and gentlemen this is smoke and mirrors and theatrics at its finest. Not even so much as a “hey guise brb lol”.

where you at?

From what I hear this is standard procedure for the dude, but I’m not too mad at him. I can wait.

Speaking of Jay, can’t forget about the producer behind some of his joints – Sol Messiah and his new group, The Labratz (I need to remember to ask Sol about the name). You maybe haven’t heard it yet – I just got it, but it’s bananas.

Think Atlanta, think classic Goodie Mobb, think classic Outkast, and then think next level. Watch this site for more, very soon.

Have I mentioned that Dam Funk is also killing it with this analog funk boogie sound? I can’t even describe it, just go listen.

Plus he can really wear a Cosby sweater.

More importantly – what were you bumping in 07?


So Sweeney Kovar’s jumpoff. It’s quite often spectacular. If you’re not already reading that, you should do so – especially if you find yourself curious about what’s really good in the LA beat scene. Plus he takes some nice pictures.

You know what, I’m not going to get into a blog list thing here. If you have found any good ones, tell everyone in the comments.


I don’t have one, do you? What’s good on the telly nowadays?


Mad Anthony of NYC
has some pretty dope stuff. Apparently there are like no pictures of any of it anywhere, though. Man, I need a camera.

Elliott G of Ultra Vitalence has put together a pretty wild line of stuff. I got this purple jacket with the Spongebob lining. Bananas.

And I have to thank Elliot “with one t” F for the Hong Kong connection with those like 10 shirts he brought back. Remember the “Tangerine” shirt from the first video podcast? I got like 4 more flavors – Plum Cake is probably the favorite. No watermelon, unfortunately.

Plus I got the powder blue Filas.

What have you been flossing? (SC, that Eazy-E outfit doesn’t count.)


You know I stay on these games. Aside from the NBA 2K8 whose soundtrack makes it the business, we’ll start this off with Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for the DS. A little easy, but fun.

Then we got the throwback: Kickmaster for the 8-bit nintendo. Made by the same people that put together Werewolf. You know I get down with the NES.

got himself a PS3, and introduced me to Ninja Gaiden Sigma. I’m what, halfway through? It’s all about that Lunar staff, I stay chopping zombies. I coulda done without the overly developed female though.

Until I get back to Ghosteo’s, though, I got that Final Fantasy 4 for the DS.

They upgraded the graphics, but left the music alone, which is definitely a good thing. Not sure when it comes out stateside.

What have you been playing?


Are you in southern Cali? Then you need to be on board when the Do-Over starts up again in 08. Runs from like 2pm to well past midnight, it’s free, and all your favorite artists are known to run through there. If they’re on Stones’ Throw, they’re there – plus many many more – and kids know how to party.

Pure Filth. Dubstep will probably never break into the quote unquote mainstream, and if that’s what it takes for parties like Pure Filth to stay good, I’m fine with that. Epic soundsystem, perfect basement venue, way too many rewinds, and the MC – again, epic. Going to these joints was like going to church. Unfortunately the venue was torn down and their soundsystem was stolen from their U-Haul after the final party (did I mention that it was epic?). I hear they’re gearing up for 08 again, though.

What was good in your city though?


You all pretty much made my 07 kinda dope. So thank you.

Your turn: share your best (or worst!) of 07. On the podcast front, plenty coming down the pipeline. Just wait.

35 thoughts on “Wait what it’s 2008?

  1. May I leave my own pluses on the list of favorite things in 07?
    Much obliged!


    Suburb beats
    Kenny Keys
    Dr. Whodat
    Busta Rhymes dillagence mixtape
    jay electronica
    junk Science nerve tonic
    justice D.A.N.C.E
    Cinematic Orchestra Ma Fleur
    Oh No-Dr. No’s Oxperiment

    Video Games-
    Stranglehold NUFF SAID!

    Kev Brown
    hometown hotness
    I like my own shit so what!

    TV fuck TV


    Stones Throw Black Cat party was hot


    Red Stripe, Sapporo


    Bush,Imus,50 Cent/ Kanye bet,Britney Spears news,reality show takeover (see TV), the movie WAR, Glitch pop, and Bratz

  2. well shit let me leave a list too


    Music the whole Justus League/Hall Of Justus Family
    Median little Brother Etc
    Mixtape Show.Net
    All Da Underground Cats i Just Found Out About
    Jay Electronica (niggas crazy maine)
    The 18 minute long “wont let you down” Texas Remix
    Kanye West
    Mick Boogie
    Dj LowKey
    Skye Dady (just The Song Thou lol)
    J.U.S.T.I.C.E Dance
    SOUL TRONICA (shout out to black Tk)
    Brothertron (dats My Dude)
    Alien (Who Are These Niggas clasick)
    Space Gatorade
    Unagi & Motion Man (POURIN U MO CHAMPAYNE)
    let me stop here lol


    Little brother
    Crew 54
    Dj Lowkey


    I love New York 2
    Family Guy


    souja boy (the song not da dance da dance is hot cant lie)
    Errbody sayn hip hop shuild b a certain way
    all the people we lost this year…..R.I.P Gone but not forgoten

  3. wasn’t a great year for me, lost a few peeps real close, definately RIP. on a lighter note good music + buds dilute reality.
    hiphop in general-cause not even these radio babies can kill it.
    my real peoples
    long drunken nights
    baby bro, realest cat i know
    thumpin music in the car no one else knows about.
    Mark Aurailieus for his “fucked up but true” sense of reality.
    SUHburb beats-never stop, you’re what we’ve been missing.
    Jay Electro + his weirdness-cause different’s what’s up.
    Mos-man, when jena came along he was the only one to keep it real.
    super smoky soul
    E for branding the illest Biggie shirt ever.
    myspace-the place for fiends
    for you tone deaf bone heads who didn’t know..DEX, for having THEe only podcast worth gigs.
    Souljaboy(say what you will i can’t stand this cat or his dance craze. ever seen a white chick in her car doin the shit?.. NOT a good look.)
    wikipedia- sometimes it lies.
    big wheel cars, huuge in the south. i once saw a rim taller than me =/
    celebrities taking up air time on news. wheres the shit we SHould know?
    the simple fact people think others are paying such close attention to them when they’re a speck of life.
    mostly for the fights
    the occasional drama of scripted reality tv..sorry but, i love ny is hilarious at times
    psp anorexic
    Socom navy seals
    anything uploaded on my xbox
    thrillville, simpsons (im a nerd like that + it passes time)

    Happy new year people!
    hopefully many more to come
    be good.

  4. Sara – wow. hopefully this is a good year for all of us.

    but a wheel bigger than you? whuuuuut

    Vince – tell me about it. And that FCC is no joke. Except that it sort of is.

    jeez, all of us liked Justice that much? Can’t really argue with that. And J*Davey, I should get back on that…

  5. and on an unrelated note HAHAHAHA at AustinJL for listing dominoes as a top game in 07.

  6. HOTT IN 07:

    Stones Throw Records- i dunno where y’all finding these people, but keep lookin!


    Dr. Who Dat

    the Dillagence mixtape

    J Dilla’s influence in general

    The Simpsons Movie

    The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

    All the Family Guy episodes that made me laugh so hard I farted

    The New England Patriots

    WHACK IN 07:

    the radio

    The Jena 6 incident


    Lupe Fiasco

    Britney Spears, her sister, her momma, and her momma’s unpublished book

    Kanye & 50 Cent trying to outdo each other (sorry folks, I’m not a fan of either)

    T-Pain performing live

    people blaming hip hop and video games for youth violence

    Nintendo Wii injuries


    Sean Taylor

    Pimp C

    all the young black men & women who were taken out by senseless violence

  7. P.S. I guess that link is one of the best finds this year, for me. Tell me what you think about it, I won’t be offended! :)
    I guess the worst for me, living in the U.K., I only found out about this a few months ago so sorry if you heard it before. During Katrina, Bush took A HOLIDAY and ‘Brownie’ (head of FEMA) had no previous emergency hadnling skills. He ran an Arabian horse company…
    Any way, peace

  8. Michael Baisden has a show on tvOne in which he commands a nice sized audience on a channel that targets African-American viewers. His show is like the others (e.g. Tyra Banks, Comic View, etc) & just as corny (coming from a fan of South Park.) Basically, Baisden is an entertainer but this clown decided he wanted to stick his neck in the struggle, which was cool till he put his Judas costume on during the Jena 6 controversy. He got called on it but now he’s in denial just like that fag Erik. I had to read up on this cause I ain’t want to believe bruh was dirty like that, but the evidence is irrefutable. So with that I decided to name him the ’07 Sell Out of the Year.

    As far asshole of the year– it was hard to pick one cause there’s so many. I didn’t want to pick a corporation since a person is more personal, you know? So I picked Kevin Martin since he played a pivotal role during ’07 in extinguishing independent media outlets (e.g. music, journalism, etc) It’s a bad situation. Yo, I was checking out the mixtape awards site & saw something that disturbed me. At the site they’re posing weird questions about the role of DJ’s becoming obsolete.

    Some of My Favorite Songs in ‘07
    “Halo’s” by Blue Sky Death & Hell Razah
    “They Don’t Want It” by Tha Dogg Pound
    “Project Illa” Rmx by Illa Ghee
    “Say Hello” by Jay-Z
    “No Greater Love” by Blu & Exile
    “No City” by Aesop Rock
    “I’ll Die for You” by Ghostface Killah
    “Just Another Day” by Theory Hazit
    “Paper Planes” Rmx by M.I.A.
    “House Rules” by One Be Lo

  9. Mr U – not just kids, but bringing food for the families and toys for the kids. I think in most urban cities you can find groups to volunteer with. Whatever time you have, people really appreciate it.

    That track is the business. I’m playing it for the 4th time now. I guess I got some digging to do on this Mint Royale cat. You’re familiar with Daedelus, right?

    And yep, I’d heard pretty much everything on that Brownie cat. I was actually down there when Katrina really jumped off. I’ll never give the Red Cross any money, ever.

    Robyn – what’s good?

    Man, people are really harsh on Lupe this year. I still haven’t heard The Cool yet – I have it in my car somewhere on the promo CD but it never found its way to the deck. Amen to your last statement.

  10. Vince.

    Yeah, I know Baisden primarily from his radio show (which I’ve heard once and once only). I wasn’t terribly impressed – but real talk, they don’t hire progressive people for major media outlets. That’s why it’s hard to lay 100% of the blame on people like Imus – the people running the show seek that out and pay for it.

    I remember getting the email about Baisden from Color of Change, though, and not being surprised at all. People really just like to confuse, distract, and stir up controversy where there really is none.

    For some reason I had a slightly better impression of TVOne, though. I guess I’d need to have a TV to better judge that.

    I read the link you sent (which is interesting in and of itself) but didn’t see the DJs becoming obsolete line. Did I miss something? I want to check that out. I have a few ideas on that.

  11. 007

    RAPS: Funhouse Volume II

    BLOGS: Mixtapeshow.net

    TV: N/A

    JAWNS: Bright colors from Brazil & India–mismatch & clash.

    VIDEOGAMES: Pictochat when things are fu-an.

    PARTIES: Funhouse Volume I

    Egg cream!
    Whiskey tea!
    Mamiko.nu Shop!
    Working for the IRS!

  12. Dex.
    I was listening to several songs from The Cool and watched the video of the Letterman performance, and I actually REALLY like the songs featuring Matthew Santos. I like his voice, and I went on itunes to hear some of his work and its different, I like his sound. Honestly, if you took Lupe’s verses out of the songs I would buy them! But in general, not to pick on Lupe alone, I find it quite sad when your guest stars outdo you on your own song/album. I dunno, Lupe just doesn’t do it for me personally. I think his flow is weak and so is his image.

    I also only know Baisden from his radio show that I’ve heard a few times. From the shows I heard, I always liked him because his show is real talk and he says the things that need to be said but people aren’t bold enough to say. I also feel like he challenges people to take action and evoke change, and I think he has probably changed some lives. I can’t comment on the Jena incident until I read that article, I’m not familiar. But for big media figures, its almost inevitable for things like this to pop up against them. Not to defend Imus in any way, but its amazine how it only took 3 words to destroy his career.

  13. Mhm familiar with Daedelus, I see where you’re coming from. Pretty sure he was on a couple of mixtapes here and there.
    Anyway, Peace

  14. P.S. Here’s the advert to go with it. That’s David Elsewhere dancing with Gen Kelly’s face. Notice similarites to film
    Anywa, Peace, again

  15. Yeah, they’re doing some site construction over there so hopefully they’ll post the discussion from Nov. However, they started a whole new thread w/ basically the same question: “Can the music industry survive with out the DJ?”

    The difference between Imus & Baisden– Imus made a sincere apology. Baisden didn’t. Imus made a joke & even referenced “Do The Right Thing” but Baisden made a false claim based on poor references which sabotaged funding for the Jena 6 legal defence team. If a person wants to entertain that’s cool– make people smile by any means necessary– but being an educator means dotting your “i”s & crossing your “t”s. I just think American’s should be fed up w/ all the distortions by now.

  16. Worst of the year:

    -Like every year, Radio for playing the same five songs over and over
    -Black Friday this year was weaker than the past
    -iPhone being greedy (unlockability + price drop = SHadY!)
    -Jena 6
    -Those that passed
    -Writers strike (too many reruns)
    -Kevin Martins Contract

    Best of the year:

    -Famous People fucking shit up (Lohan, Spears, Hilton, etc.)
    -halo 3
    -girls becoming ripe
    -my grades

  17. best/worst of 07:

    -jay electronica-dude is just crazy man,truly norman bates psycho with his shit
    -the specifics -canadian hip hop lives
    -dillagence-another fitting tribute to a legend
    -worst perfomance-doom in atl(or was it doom?)
    -podcast-mixtapeshow-this’ll be your year dex
    -weirdest act-lightspeed champion(dudes on some next idish)
    -suicide attacker/bomber-glasgow airport bombers(the most incompetent jihadists this side of doomsday,suckaz just bumped into a lamp post and burned in they own car)
    -festival-glastonbury(england)-damian marley& bros killed it
    -move-me,out of london.that place is just a tad to fast.now im just playing the game at my own pace”like you know bitch i’m on some grown shit,it’s the theloniuos super microphonists”
    best cover art-craft of the lost art-shape of broad minds
    -worst move- jose mourinho leaving chelsea f.c. dude left us stranded man
    exchange rate-zimbabwean inflation hitiing the 80000% mark,we building mansions in the motherland suckers.it’s like the pound is equal to ten million dollars bitch,do the math.

  18. ^diggin that purple
    yes sir this rim would take up my livin room..i shall take un foto cause no one beleives me. smart asses.

    and yes, [on that J*Davey shit] you SHould get back on it. not now, but right now!

  19. music: jay electronica, soultronica 5, the aggrolites, dr. octagynocologist, a dozen furies, all that remains, killswitch engage (last 3 were metal)(but still good shit)
    blogs: unitedhollywood.com, mine
    tv: entourage, the wire, it’s always sunny, curb your enthusiasm
    jawns: dickies and fresh sperry topsiders
    vids: scrabulous on facebook, wii sports
    parties: that one where the cops shot hella pepper spray paintballs in my house (the old lab), that one at the house that i slept through, tea’s birthday, halloween
    misc: the funhouse II video, new digs, new job, new school, that one girl i dated (forgot your name but haaaaaaay), beers by the liter and liquor by the cup, yokonomidensetsu, broken iphones, imac g4, weed cookies, scrambled eggs, and the re-release of the big lebowski.

  20. Oh and shout out for the shout out! Ep 98, sorry man, didn’t get a chance to listen. Christmas, New Year and all…
    I’m going to hook you up with something now. You told me about Kingsbread like what Soultronica 3? I’ve heard this by him: http://www.myspace.com/kingsbreadsessions
    Listen to reachin’ and… nah I’ll give that to you next time

  21. Mr U – Yeah, you know, I could swear that I connected with Kingsbread some time back – but I think I might have lost that in my hard drive crash. I probably need to send another email – good find!

  22. 2007 was a crazy year for me
    toured throughout China during the summer
    musically speaking I also started remixing a ton of great Hip Hop acapellas from Meth & Redman to Eric B and Rakim the stuff is Crazy.
    As Far as actual album Releases having Kanye beat 50 Cent in album sales after 50 said he might as well retire if Kanye could beat him in album sales was an amusement in itself.

    Hot Mixtapes in 2007:
    DJ Emir Transformers Mixtape
    Transformers Mixtape
    DJ Emir Drunken Master Mixtape
    Drunken Master Mixtape
    DJ Big Spade Mixtapes
    DJ Serge Sniper Mixtapes
    DJ Willie Reggaton Mixtapes

    Video Games:
    Halo 3 (Legendary always)
    Lost Planet (better do that one on normal or run out of time)

    This year looking forward to Lucas Arts release
    of “Star Wars The Force unleashed”
    PS it’d be nice if they finally get the third KOTOR (Starwars Knights of the Old Republic) started and finished so we can all find out what happened to Revan etc…

    Trends I hope will happen in 2008
    1. A return to lyricists-
    2. Hip Hop with flavor- No more fast food music-
    Wheres my steak Damn it?
    3. DJ’s that mix their mixtapes- No More Gunshots & Shouts!
    4. Rappers Staying out of trouble-
    Leave that to Brittany and Paris please.
    5. Nightclubs with DJ’s that can actually mix
    and move a crowd instead of drive them away
    or put them to sleep

    well thats it for now-
    DJ Emir Mixtapes

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