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Okay, health kids, hemorrhoids your boy is back. Not that half of you were paying attention, remedy but I just touched down at LAX about 10 hours ago, and I will be in the studio recording the next joint very soon.

You all don’t mind if I actually start, you know, blogging on this thing, do you? Just asking, because I’m considering it.

In the meantime, check out this new Pharoahe Monch video. I know I rarely post videos on here, but this is one of the first videos in a long time that I actually bothered watching the whole way through. It takes like 2 minutes to get to the actual joint itself, but when it does, it’s pretty hot. Check Pharoahe’s appearance in the first scene – that shit he does with his eyes when the gun goes off the first time damn near made my heart jump.

Pharoahe Monch – Gun Draws

What do you all think of this one?

10 thoughts on “back back to cali cali

  1. Tight azz video. I was waitin for the kid to blast his parents. The footage from the JFK cappin’ was cool2. Most of all Pharoahe Monch laid it down. Welcome back from China .

  2. Once again, Monche has laid down some truly artistic, timely, and intellectual material. It is a shame that the music industry has done its best to squelch artistry of this caliber over the last 10-15 years in Hip-Hop, but brothers will shine through whenever there is a break in the clouds…

    Peace to Pharoahe, Talib, Mos, Common, and all of the emcees like them- lyrical activists, stand up!

  3. i wanted the bullet to destroy the drunk fool’s face into a pool of snot and blood, squirming on the ground and die on the front yard after being conscious for 12 more minutes while his child continues shooting the rest of his body as he tries to run outside

    motherfucking incest molestor

    instead the baby girl dies, who knows, with a father like that she might have ended up a crack whore
    did you noticed they were mixed babies in a new white marriage?

  4. Great video Dex. Too bad it wont be on BET soon. Most youth wont even get the chance to form an opinion about it.

  5. A little late but i finally got broadband and now i was able to watch this video. It really amazed me, forced me to leave a comment and jump right on the website to see more. i just checked out that 3-part interview of Pharoahe where every thought i had while watching the video was homologated (does that make sense?). anyways, what i want to say is that the real importance of this, is that we (everybody), need to wake up and be real about this issues, and not pretend by just not showing them on tv or talking about it. it’d be nice to see more artists come up with this kind of raw’ness’ for things that need to be addressed and changed. This is the right message, which is not all about selling records.
    Peace out!


  6. Pharoahe
    Very Honest and meaningful video.
    Thought Provoking …(unlike half the shit that plays on MtV and Bet Networks)
    Glad You posted it up.


  7. F –

    yeah, I actually hadn’t checked the site myself, but I (obviously) felt the video. The site ( has a three-part video (you’ll have to scroll down) with the interview. A lot more of it is about Monche’s own game plan than the video itself, but if you’re a fan, you might want to check that out.

  8. Tight video and content, but dude’s biting the shit outta Tech N9ne with the writing on his head………………..Hope he gotta permission slip for that.

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