I know, pharmacy I know. One episode I’m trying to help out the busy people, now I’m telling you to slow down and be patient. Sorry. But to make up for that, I included another nonsensical intro because I know you all love those.

But on the real though, if you feel like any of the stuff in the intro applies to you, sit down, grab some chips, and give yourself a good half hour to listen to this one.

Also, please note that nothing I said in the intro should be interpreted as an okay to go stab somebody.


Instrolude: Air – Dirty Trip.

DJ Signify – Fly Away. That first line is just too hard. “To thicken the plot”? Wow. m/djsignify.

Gil Scott-Heron – Me And The Devil. Shouts to Mr U for reminding me of this cut, and for part of the inspiration on this episode. I guess people are sorta lukewarm on this song itself, but I don’t know, I dig it. gilscottheron.net.

UNKLE – Rabbit In Your Headlights feat Thom Yorke. Remember the video for this jawn? Skurry. m/unkle.

UNKLE – Rabbit In Your Headlights (Massive Attack Remix). Just the drum section, really.

Morcheeba – Never An Easy Way. This stayed in my no-skip-protection-having-CD player so much when I was 12. I’m still not sure why I came into possession of this record in the first place, but it goes pretty hard. Protip: Post-Skye Morcheeba isn’t really that great. m/morcheeba.

Sandpeople – The Dapper Mob. This is just a really unsettling song, which is I think the last cut of an actual rap album. More unsettling is how this song gets stuck in your head. m/sandpeople.

Big Ken (of 334 Mobb) – We Miss You Teddy. I think I remember hearing Big Ken sing before, so it’s not such a surprise to hear him do it on this cut. That said though, this is sort of a weird track – the rap literally only goes for like four bars and then the song ends. m/bigkentheone.

SMKA – Deer Mama feat Yelawolf. This cut introduced me to Yelawolf. I can’t really stress how much I like this cut. And SMKA – that whole 808 project is basically dope. Get it. Bonus points if you realize that this is the only proper rap song in this whole episode. m/smkamusic.

Gil Scott-Heron – We Almost Lost Detroit. There’s not much to say about this one. If you don’t get it, rewind.

Anyway, that’s what I got this round. Holler.

25 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 128 – BE PATIENT

  1. yawmeeeean

    oh, I reupped a new version (had to fix a file format issue), so anyone who had trouble with the original, try redownloading. As a bonus, there’s 30% less yahmeeeeans so there’s that.

  2. Keep ‘em coming, Magic Dex Man.

    Really enjoy every episode.

    I agree that if you are unhappy, worried or have a problem, don’t lie to people and say “I’m fine”, be honest and share your negative feelings alongside your positive ones.

    The first step to solving a problem is acknowledging it.

    Thanks again, Dexter.

    Your friend,

    Captain Australia

  3. Captain – yeah man, all that said, a lot of the intro applies to myself…gotta work on that.

    Tiger – good looking out – wait, what’s DD mean though?

  4. oh okay, haha.

    I still gotta stand by the Massive Attack version as the best one I’ve heard thus far, but that link ain’t bad either. I love how the only one upped is an Audiosurf video too.

  5. Hey I’m really enjoying your podcasts. It’s pretty dope, check mine out, it’s not hip-hop but a mix of every single genre, all the time, it’s new and fresh. Search: The Blanket Reviewer on iTunes & visit my site, theblanketreviewer.blogspot.com! :)

    Keep up the awesome work, I especially like this mix! Morcheeba is bomb.


  6. Hey man, big fan of the show. Been listening for the last year or so.

    I really liked this one, great mix and a little different than some of the material you put together.

    Have you checked out the “Me and this Army: Radiohead Remixes” ? MF Doom does a cut “change the beat” over a radiohead song that is probably one of the best songs… damn its good. Couple years old, but sooooo good. Check me back if you can’t find it.

  7. Yo Dex! I had a Zune back in the day(like a year, year and a half ago) and used to subscribe the hell outta your podcasts, but then my Zune broke(go microsoft huh?), and I’ve been missing this shit, hard. I’m glad to see you’re still going strong, I’m about to get all the old shit I miss(your show has turned me on to SO much good stuff over the years). Also, I couldn’t agree more on the Post-Skye-Morcheeba thing. Keep up the good work brother!

  8. Hey there man. Nice to see that Gil Scott cut on this mixtape. I really liked the beats on this EP as a whole to tell you the truth; I’ve been into this kind of slowed-down, smooth type rhythm for quite a while. If you get the time, check out Blue Lines by Massive Attack and see what you make of it. It’s a good album overall. Again, I’ve really got to say this was a good one.

    By the way, got tickets to see GSH at the Royal Festival Hall in April. Be good to see what the man’s got lined up..


  9. In regards to Mr U… I have to agree on Blue Lines by Massive Attack, but I would also suggest the album “Protection”, then after giving that a listen or two, check “No Protection”, its a Massive Attack vs Mad Professor joint, sampling/remixing a lot of stuff from the MA “Protection” album.

  10. I’d say that’s about right what you’re saying there. Thing is, what I respect of Massive Attack in production, I think Tricky himself excels in lyrics.

  11. ミカミ. はい。元気です。

    Chantel – dope, always good to see someone else getting into this independent media thing. I’ll hit the site later on this evening!

    Josh – yeah man, I’m just trying to spread out into some of the other stuff I listen to – listening again to this, it actually sounds a lot like my old radio show when I used to do normal college radio.

    I can’t seem to find that track though – have you got a youtube link or something?

  12. Scottie V – whoa, sorry to hear about the Microsoft-induced outage (but to be fair, I had an iPod die on me once so hey), but good to have you back. Have you ever listened to any of Skye’s solo stuff? I’m really not that up on her, but I remember being pretty impressed.

    Mr U – well yeah man, considering your comment on the last tape actually inspired this whole episode.

    And both of you (Scottie V and Mr U) clearly know more about this sound than I do – I haven’t listened to hardly any of Massive’s stuff. Good looks on the recommendations, I’m going to check those out.

    Oh, and I’m sure everyone is aware at this point that Gil’s record is up for listening in its entirety right here – definitely worth a listen.

  13. Haha! I didn’t realise that.. Well, I’m glad that I did, I’ve got to say. I hope you like those Massive Attack albums; on a side note, was wondering if you could track down ( http://jratlee.com/post/232915264/wm-dd100-boodo-khan-another-unusual-feature-of ) these with the matching headphones. They’re a pretty rare pair to find but I’m guessing Nippon/Nihon would be the the best place to look.

    I took a listen to that Scott-Heron album and I like it a lot. There wasn’t any filler and the tracks flowed well. It had a new sound and I liked that Gil did that. Hope he’ll showcase this stuff in April..

    Also, I’ve been trying to put a mixtape together. I watched your EP on it but anything else you could help me with I’d be grateful for.


  14. no doubt!

    yeah, still working on getting free time enough to grab those records. On the headphones, I’m sure those exist around here somewhere in some dusty collector shop. I didn’t know they made one of these – I know of 武道館 (Budoukan, or Budôkan, idea where the author of that article got their spelling), but that was news to me.

    On putting shows together, yeah, pretty much everything I linked up in the Blueprint episode stands. My workflow is pretty much the same – the only difference is that now I’m on a mac so I can’t use Adobe Audition. For a while I was using Logic, and now I’m trying Ableton Live (actually this ep was the first one done in that program). But you can put a tape together with pretty much any program – I was going to use Reaper, but got impatient (not the program’s fault, I just decided I wanted to try Ableton anyway).

  15. Hope you like it when you get time to get them Dex. On the headphones, those are the ones. The Japanese matches with the one on the walkman too so I’m guessing this is correct. The reason I was asking is because the headphones that come with this cassette player are supposed to be immense; even by today’s standards. I was wondering if you could track them down (which would be a trial in itself) whether they lived up to this legendary status.

    On the Blueprint EP and making up a mixtape, I’m going to follow the advice on there and get something together. At the moment, I’m heading on an ambient sound but I don’t know where I’ll end up. Oh, one small change I have in terms of making the mixtape; I personally prefer NCH’s WavePad Sound Editor ( http://www.nch.com.au/wavepad/masters.html ) simply because I’ve used this software a little more.

    Anyway, I’ll leave it there.


  16. Hm. Looking around on the net, looks like people are aware of this – check this link here. The headphones themselves are in the second image, and while they’re sorta big, they’re not exactly mindblowing.

    But if you scroll back up to the top image, that big puffy thing? That’s a “Body Woofer”, which is apparently a big speaker cushion that you lean back on like a sofa – complete with a dial to tune to your preferred setting like some sort of scary Sleep Number bed or something. Too bad they didn’t have dubstep when this came out.

    On Wavepad, yeah, I can’t say I’ve heard of that – but I’d say generally, whatever you’re comfortable with is best. Considering that the vast majority of stuff most people do (up to and including most of the effects / weird stuff I do on some of my weirder episodes) is really just an extension of what one could accomplish with two turntables, a mixer and a mic, really any software is fine.

    Price point looks good though – whenever you put your joint together, let us know how you liked it!

  17. Dex! This has got to be one of my more favorite mixtapes! This is right up there with the dubstep offshoot and Soultronica series! You put together a serious gem! Mad props to you dude!

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