Yeah, prosthesis so that’s where I’ve been the last few days. I got my wisdom teeth pulled, and you know how they usually give you a choice between getting knocked out or just doing anaesthesia? Well, the surgeon took one look at my X-rays and said “Son, we generally like to give our patients a choice in the matter, but you’ve got four impacted choppers in there, and I’m gonna have to put you under. No arguments accepted.” I’ll spare you the bloody details, but suffice to say that there was a lot of sawing involved and I’m not able to talk just yet.

Now, most people would just take a break and enjoy the vacation from rappidy rap podcasts, but I promised myself February would be special. But I was in no condition to speak into a mic – so a few scrawled messages on napkins, promises I have no intention of honoring, and sad puppydog looks later, I managed to con Mamiko into recording the intro for me. Everybody, please, a round of applause for Mamiko.

A lot of good music this episode – let’s get into it.


mamikolude – Bullion – God Only Knows. Yes, the Beach Boys flip. I gotta put this dude on – next beattape, I promise.

Labratz - Grow. Is Labratz a new name to you? It shouldn’t be. More of the same raw post-production (especially on the I mentioned the first time I played these dudes. Too many quotables in here, but all the same – “It gotta precipitate / Before you levitate”. Take that one with you today.myspace.com/thelabratzmusic.

Jay Electronica – When The Levees Broke. I’m not sure who produces some of these more unconventional tracks (it may well be Jay himself, come to think of it), but the understatedness of this cut…man, just listen.

Jay Electronica – Departure. The title of the second part of this cut (not included here – next time!) is what inspired my original name for this episode before Mamiko took it over, but the spirit is still there. Vividly autobiographical track. See that “embed” function up here? You might consider using that to share this with your friends.

Penuckle - I Love Being Black. As do I. I’ve been meaning to get Penuckle on the show for some time, so when he hit me with the track just before February kicked off, I knew this one was a given. Black History Month – do your research. Thanks again, P (by the way, who handled production on this one?). myspace.com/penuckle.

G.L.C. – Honor Me. Not the Welsh group. Not them. No. The flow and beat on this are obviously dope, but what does it for me is that extra vocal tweaking on there. Everyone, more delay, please. The trash talking at the end is kinda funny, but doesn’t take away from the intensity of the track. Shouts to Vince for putting me up on this track. myspace.com/glc.

C.L. Smooth – Multi Barz of Fury (prod. Pete Rock). Yes, you read that right. Is the coldness between the two masters over? I have no idea, and technically this isn’t that much of a new track considering that Pete released this cut on the Surviving Elements as an instrumental called “You Remind Me”. So what does this mean, CL? Are more Pete/CL collabs on the way? myspace.com/clsmoothmusic

Saroc – Black Dot. Exclusive courtesy of Sol Messiah (Labratz). I got an email from dude referring to Saroc as his “secret weapon” with this cut attached. I’m not sure how much longer he’s going to be able to keep her a secret, but the lyrics are definitely impressive. The production? Signature Sol. Make sure to play this back a couple times to make sure you’re absorbing it all – in the meantime, I’m waiting for more from Saroc.

Erykah Badu- Real Thing (prod. Madlib). Anyone else out there miss Erykah? Fortunately we won’t have to wait that long – her new record is coming pretty soon. I wouldn’t mind hearing more collaborations between these two. myspace.com/erykahbadu.

I’m excited for the rest of this month. I’ll post the particulars in a bit, but I’m craving milkshakes again. Thoughts on the show are welcome, as are suggestions for food that won’t make me pass out.

23 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 102 – THE MAMIKO SHOW

  1. Wats good dex and mamiko hope yah teth get bttr herd dis around 2 in da mornin mayne u need to bring her back she funny ass helll lol im pickin up dat labratz i havnt herd a wack track of thier cd yet jay electronica was fire as usuall everybody seems to like dat song honor me by glc i just cant get into it i dont noe y all in all good episode dex waitin on da soul tronica 6 and new soul 4

  2. I’m guessing the sample for “Real Thing” came from a Premier track but I can’t remember. Anybody know?

  3. Blessings, Dex. Thank you for your support yo. The track featured a kat named Eddie Cane aka D. I needed a particular sound for that track and knew he was perfect for it. My old time producer Rolondo (DJ Ro) Chavez produced the track, I added the bass line and the guitar riffs. So, look for the album Blunts n Roses this Summer. Find out more by going to http://www.voodoonationrecordsinc.com One luv

  4. Another great episode, Saroc particularly. Good work Mamiko (Jay Electracalac, joke), checked her site, found Dex laying it down over Pingu visuals. In my mind it serves as a video podcast

  5. Vince – Damn, Nas really should prepare for these things. First, he needs to have somebody screen his email for hoaxes. That “black vote expires in 23 years” thing? That joint is as old as the internet. At this rate, he’ll be getting on TV in five years warning everybody to pass on his myspace bulletin because Tom is monitoring who uses their profiles and who doesn’t and they’re gonna get their account canceled.

    Oh well.

    If you can track down the song with the sample that both Primo and Madlib flipped, though, you can probably use the-breaks.net to figure out the sample?

    Penuckle – You did the bass? Damn, that was the whole reason I let the whole thing fade instead of crosscutting a new track in there – the end was great. I’ll be waiting for that album – keep us updated here with more music.

  6. Thanks yo. I didn’t play the bass. I record with my mouth into the mic…then my engineer copy’s the tones I hum, with whatever instrument thats needed. A brilliant oil painting…just as bold and strong as the wall its hanging…from and all aside man the bell is ringin’…I guess just not as loud as the hellish demons…One luv.

  7. (lol @ Tom) Thnx 4 the fact check cause all this is news to me. Ditto on the damn part! Great potential down the tubes? I can’t call it– but for this he would have been better off using Taxation Without Representation. I checked the-breaks.net but its under construction. Good looking anyway cause now I know how to reference it

    Lower 9th Ward, New Orleans, Feb.9, 2008

  8. Oh, yes. THE MAMIKO SHOW is quite interesting.

    Mike F: Yesss! Pingu & Dex Digi!!!

    Leen: AND I LOVE YOU TOO!!!

    Saroc is pretty awesome. I hope you get more from her soon, Dex Digi!!

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  10. Mamiko – I don’t even know what Pingu is. And yes, more Saroc is on the way.

    Brer – nah man, but I got four teeth in a box that were pulled back in 3rd grade. I’m not sure why I kept them, but I got em.

    Talat1 – now would be a good time to get caught up, famo…there’s a lot in the pipeline.

  11. hahaha..this ep was great. lovin Mamikos adlibs, shits hilarious. Sucks cause they always say don’t smoke or you’ll get dry socket..
    hope you’re better by now.

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