Yeah, this web it’s been like a year.


But the soultronica series is officially back on. Brothertron handles the intro, since dex digital is incapacitated (if you caught the last episode, you’ll remember why) – but wait, dude somehow survived half an hour of no oxygen – what’s the deal?

Find out next time, maybe.

Toonami Soundtrack – Depthcharge. You all remember Toonami? They actually had some dope music on the show intros.

The Jet Age of Tomorrow – Welcome Home, Son (feat Casey Veggies and Tyler, the Creator). The whole Voyager album is dope. Get it. @thesuper3

The Jet Age of Tomorrow – But She’s Not My Lover. This was my first introduction to these two.

Theophilus London – Cold Pillow. I know nothing about this artist, but I like this cut. @theophilusl

Droop-E - [I AM]. Sure, dubstep if you want to call it that. Either way this song goes really hard. @droope707

Gucci Mane – Photo Shoot (Flying Lotus remix). Seriously, what is Gucci doing in the intro?
introlude: The Big Payback – The Return, and
Louis Bordeaux – Say The Word Again Bitch (@louisbordeaux)

Hir-O – Welcome Back Hir-O. He’s got an instrumental album out, which you should absolutely go get. He’s apparently going to be at SXSW in some capacity, so if you’re going, go there, find him, and thank him. @hirobeats

Suhburb – This is 96. Five points if you can guess what inspired this cut. Hint: he gave me this song like three years ago.

Suhburb + Donwill – Take it from me (remix). More Suhburb. I hear he’s making beats again. He still doesn’t have a facebook or twitter though.

That’s it for this installment. holler.

10 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 136 – SOULTRONICA 7

  1. Glad to hear your back from the depths of space man. Long enough to send a transmission.

  2. YOOOO!! You are back and you hit with the goodness! The track list alone got me excited. like Christmas in July, only its February!

  3. Back in action don’t do that to us again! After I swigged down a bottle of robotussin and listened to your last episode I thought it was the last. I thought you left for good.

    But now that you’re back anyway we might be able to possibly get another beat jacks + remixes or tsuyu?

  4. I second Benton’s suggestion! A beat jack tape would be nice right about now. BTW is the the ship from outlaw star in the cover pic?

  5. Sup man.

    Well, I liked that mixtape a lot. It’s interesting and nice to know that soultronica is still going strong as genre today. I’ve got to say, the best cut on the tape for me was probably The Jet Age of Tomorrow but to be honest, the whole thing was good to listen to.

    By the way, if you want any more mixtapes of a different flavour, oki-ni is a good place to go. I listened to a few and I like the MOHICAN one the best so far. Anyway, hope you’re good man.


  6. Benton – no doubt. I might have to think about another beatjacks jawn, that’s not a bad idea at all.

    T – close. Cowboy Bebop. wait, i think. now I’m not sure.

    U – yeah, Jet Age is kind of the business. I’m gonna check out these mixes. The backstory on the Mohican tape is pretty interesting, good looking out.

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