okay, recipe so you know how much I like all of you? I like all of you so much that I am in the goddamn library mixing this episode down right now. The library. I’m supposed to be doing homework now, order but no – I’m here with my laptop and my Korg nanokontrol and I can’t even take a bathroom break because I’m afraid someone might steal my equipment.

So yeah, I’m not writing long breakdowns here.

So here are the takeaway points for this episode:
1. I wanted to slab out some indiekid music, because:
    a. I don’t want any of my caucasian listeners to feel left out and
   b. I actually like a lot of indiekid music
2. As I said last time, Odd Future is seriously my favorite group/collective right now. Also,
   a. I have been saying “swag” and “swagged out” recently
   b. The title of this jawn is obviously a reference to that
   c. Seriously if you dislike my show but like rap, just go listen to OF for a few months, you won’t miss anything
3. Please keep sending me mail. I love that stuff. Even if you hate what I’m doing, that’s totally fine; tell me. Requests/concepts are also great. You should also hit me on twitter at @dexdigi.

okay, lets get into it.


introlude: dubcat – mario. Kid needs better titles.

OFWGKTA – Up (Screwed and Chopped remix). This one sort of inspired the whole episode.

overlay interlude – video message from @mamikonu. everybody get your eyes checked.
Sweet Trip – Acting. Off of You Will Never Know Why, which came out in 2009. Anyone that used to listen to my radio show in like 05 will remember that I played their old velocity::design::comfort record pretty much all the time. The new one is good, the older one I think is a little more mind blowing, but I recommend both.

Maps of Norway – Holland Tunnel. I think someone at my radio station put me onto this. I’m also pretty sure that none of these people are from either Norway nor Holland, which is sort of confusing but okay I guess.

The Whitest Boy Alive – Burning. These guys make pretty good music videos. The band name is also pretty good. They’re from Berlin, which is really confusing in the context of the last song, because Norway and Holland and Berlin are all basically the same place, but it’s not technically ingenuine since I think all of them are white, so at least they are being partially honest, if a little boastful.

interlude: Yo Gotti Interlude. Digitally enhanced by me. @officialyogotti.

Ohmega Watts – Interlude 1: Journey.

Big K.R.I.T. – Small as a Giant. I actually like this dude a lot. Dude being where he is from I’m pretty sure someone has actually done a better job slowing this one out, but whatever I did it myself. @bigkrit

Wiley – Off The Radar. Come on, this song is great. He spends a good three minutes ending every goddamn line with the words “black one”. This is one of those songs where slowing it down is actually useful, because it makes you realize how stupid intricate the wordplay is. Memorable lines: “Black men ain’t meant to have black cards, bentleys – got them anyway“. Jesus. “Black, black, black. I’m so black I could make a rat run”. Come on, man. Also, read this.

Casey Veggies – Networking. I think a lot of people are really paying attention to Tyler, but seriously, the entire OF, and a lot of people associated with them make, and have been making, a lot of really swagged out songs for a really long time now. Mike G actually did a version of this, but I couldn’t get a high quality link for it, and actually now relistening to this, I sorta like mine. @caseyveggies

N.E.R.D. – Inside of Clouds (Tyler, the Creator remix). This song is absolutely adorable. Come on, it’s about rain and taking baths and hot chocolate. We need more music like this.

okay yeah i realize prolly lots of you didnt like this one but thats ok. holler at a scholar

19 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 135 – SLAB ME OUT

  1. Have spent alot of last 3 years listening, your mixtapes are the perfect mix of kicking tunes,eccentric and erudite commentary, enlightening really.A bit less of the ‘caucasian’ thing would be nice. I ain’t white or black,just a hip-hop head(London,uk,our blood is global)
    And i didn’t last 3 mins on Jap rap!
    Otherwise, full power to you.
    May all beings be free from suffering.

  2. I like the Caucasian-ism cause you’re not fake or ignorant sounding. I also dig when you slow down your speech and talk in doubles double cause I wish I could sound like that all the time. Of course all of this has nothing to do with the ep but it would be awesome to order a mc rib like that.

    On topic though, another great original ep so I won’t stop listening. Nice homage without taking credit for it… I don’t know anyone who didn’t think of dj screw atleast 17 times.

  3. dnaagent – haha, you gotta give the Japanese hip-hop a little more chance man! I’ll be coming out with something else soon, so stay in tune for that.

    Sara – haha! I thought you weren’t into this stuff. I agree with you on talking like this though – I think life would be a lot better if everybody could talk like this.

  4. Hey man,

    I just came back from watching a Gil Scott Heron gig in Brixton. It was really great and I don’t think I’ve seen that much energy in a long while. He covered a lot of stuff, including his old material and the band were as tight as fuck.

    Great one on putting Wiley and N.E.R.D. on this tape; they’ve always got my vote so it was cool to here that sort of stuff on here.

    Off note; about two years old, but the song still sounds fresh to me. Hope you like it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkgcjYCFLgM&feature=related

    Peace. :)

  5. What can I say another fantastic ep. I been gone from your site for a minute. Doin the whole school work thing. But, glad to see and hear that your still puttin’ out that offbeat ontime fresh mixtapes.

    Lovin’ it. There are times you’ll put mixtapes like this together and it’s times like these where I wish radio would go back to doin stuff like this.

  6. U – whoa, that must have been great. I haven’t even caught a live show since I’ve been back from Tokyo. I’ma check that cut though, good looking out!

    Jay – yeah man, that’s what I like about this format (I used to do radio, for like 5 years). I can do stuff that’s just not really possible on regular radio, period. Still trying to push the boundaries…

  7. I heard chopped & screwed before, but this fusion actually sounds good – I like where you are taking your episodes in creative directions; other podcasts in the hip-hop genre are mostly wack. Though you take a long time with it (understandably so, you got shit to do), they are worth the wait.

    Keep doin ya thing bro.


  8. Dex – whatsup man, Im in Japan right now for a few months (Fukuoka area), you know much about the hip hop scene here? I was trying to find a hip hop mag or something similar in a bookstore, but no luck.

  9. Al – unfortunately there’s no such thing anymore – at least not a specific hip-hop mag. You could try Woofin though – a few friends of mine have been in there.

  10. yeah, I gotta get back on this. I’ve still got some vacation days left, lemme try to sit down and work some things out. Stay in tune…

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