And no, pilule before you close the window in horror, adiposity Atmosphere does not make an appearance in this episode. This ain’t that kind of party, buy ladies and gentlemen. If you want to know what this show is about, you sort of have to listen.

Sorry in advance for making fun of British people.

Tracklist time!

Termanology – 50 Bodies (prod. Marley Marl). Who needs a hook? Not him. I like. Note the Sean Bell reference.myspace.com/therealtermanology

Skillz – Don’t Act Like You Don’t Know feat Freeway – I’m not sure why it took me so long to get these two on the show, but here they are. myspace.com/yourghostwriter.

Che Grand – Che Grand Was Bored (prod. Suburb). Yeah, that’s the track name I was given. That’s how exclusive we get on this hip-hop podcast – bootleg one-verse joints recorded on computer microphones. Still, it’s been a long-ass time since we’ve heard from anybody in the Loud Minority camp, hint hint. loudminoritymusic.com

Trump – Da Souf. Off the Hate It or Get It mixtape. If you don’t know about this dude already, you haven’t been listening to the show. Go do your homework. myspace.com/shamanwork

Mac Dre - Not My Job. This was my jam for like 3 weeks out in China, for whatever reason. I never really got up on half the shit that was (and still is) happening in the Bay, but the small collection of the late Mac Dre that I do have is pretty hot. That line about the grocery shopping is funny as hell. myspace.com/macdre

Devin the Dude – What A Job feat Snoop Dogg and Andre 3000. That corn on the cob thing was a little odd, but then again, this is Andre we’re talking about. The album comes out on the 20th, which is today, which means that maybe you could get it or something. myspace.com/devinthedude

And there we have it. The outro joint was an Emilio Rojas beat, and the intro was by Philip Glass off the Mishima soundtrack.

You know the drill: comment, email, subscribe.

23 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 64 – THE EMO RAP EPISODE

  1. yaf. not a job. what a job. the intro was good. nice little concept. i did wanted to close the window in horror. but i didn’t :).

  2. Yooo….Dex..you stupid for that intro! You had me crackin up at work..I know the folks around me was like: “What is the colored fellow snickering at?”
    “Throw some grenades on that b*tch.”
    “Mr. Black. Will you kindly shut the f*ck up?”


    As for the rest of the show…DOPE. EVERY track was hot…but I especially dug..”Don’t Act Like You Don’t Know”…that joint nearly gave me whiplash…and that Mac Dre joint is COOL AS HELL.
    “That’s not my job!”

    Thanks for another hot show, Dex…these joints really help me get through my work day!

    Also…I’m gonna throw up a link to you on my myspace page when I get home, and on when I get my main site up to promote my music I’m going to link to you, man.



  3. whatup dex, good show. i didn’t know what you meant with ‘emo rap,’ i was expecting some weak shit… ha ha… but it was all good. I haven’t been listening for too long, but was wondering if you familiar with the seattle scene. We comin up. Aiiiiiiight, keep it live.

  4. Greg – shit, every track? I must have done something right. Thanks for the cosign though, that means a lot. Good looking out.

    Mac Dre’s “feelin like that nigga” is pretty hot too, if you’re not up on dude.

    Sato – thanks for having faith in me and not closing the window, then. I’m not really up on a whole lot out of Seattle other than a couple groups I used to know of…care to put me up on it?

    Kirk – yo, welcome to the show!

    Sara – what’s good. I know you’re up on these samurai movies, so I figured I’d ask you – you seen 300 yet? Thoughts?

  5. That was refreshing, its hard work having one of the most original music podcasts in the world too! talk about the article all you want, ITS YOUR SHOW! dig the EMO Ep, can’t wait till you get to episode 100, thats gonna be a party!

    Be E-Z


  6. Yeah actually, just did that yesterday. It’s definately one of the best that’ll come out this year. They said it was a really low budget film but you’d really never know. You should check i out it’s bloody…

  7. Brer – Thanks, fam. Episode 100? I’m not sure I’m even ready to start thinking about that one yet. Hopefully by then I’ll have some other magazine to make fun of.

    Sara – word? that good? my friend was saying she saw it and she wants to go check it again, this time on the IMAX screen. My movie game is really atrocious right now but I might just have to get out and check this one, if only because I haven’t set foot in a theater for at least a year. Matter of fact somebody who listens to the show out of South Africa was telling me they have some crazy-ass samurai flick they produced that they’re going to try to ship me, speaking of bloody films. I might post up about it after I’ve seen it.

  8. Good deal. Yeah i heard imax was the best way to do it. That Grindhouse film that’s coming out looks ill too.

  9. Yo Dex!

    In Response to your q magazine article! Just to let you know the streetz of london is feelin you for real!. Forget dat BBC British dude in a suit shit,Don’t get it twisted! I’m talkin bout the real hip hop heads, B boys, hustlers, street niggaz (we over here too!) we be doin it just like you over there same shit just a different way.
    I first started checking you out from early episodes ( 37 ) and have loved it since then, been bumpin everthing in da streets of london from the Dilla tributes to the Soultronica grooves.

    Keep up the good work Dex i will be speading the word for you in the uk fo sure,


    Ribz aka stix

  10. I guess I need to stop with the making fun of British people, haha.

    Tom Danger, man, good looking out! How’s the show going?

  11. What up Dex? Wonderin how we had a emo show without some Atmosphere. He puts it down for us mix folk and all his work is highly a mix of old school intellectual hip hop with a self deprecating angle. But as always, the show is hot.

  12. (my second try)

    Dex, I stumbled across your website as I was looking for
    information conserning DJ Drama and the RIAA’s persecution of
    him. I’m glad I found this. You are doing a great job!
    I especially appreciate how you FOUND and placed the Trump and
    Mac Dre tracks back-to-back. They both use the same beat…
    the same DOPE ASS BEAT! I’ll definitely be checking this website
    on a regular basis. Keep doing what your doing; keep
    representing Hip-Hop right!


    the good doctor

  13. Uncle Charlie – I’m not sure if you read the first sentence or not.

    Bombae – yeah, actually that’s what inspired the inclusion of the Mac Dre joint – I was listening to the Trump track and the “Not My Job” just jumped out at me.

    Spread the word..

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