Hectic as fuck here, unhealthy as usual. Since we were on that education tip last week, pharm I figured we’d continue the domination of the hip-hop podcast world this week with some more of the same business. Focus this week: politricks and other “conscious”-type shit. I actually don’t really like the label “conscious”, sick since it seems like we’re patting MCs on the back for being sentient beings. I don’t really know how I feel about that. Does anyone have a better word we can run with? Feel free to leave a comment about that.On with the show. (click “continue” to see the playlist for this week’s show!)Saigon, dead prez, and Immortal Technique – Impeach the President. Not that this beat hasn’t been done before, in fact somebody did it like last year, but the joint is hot. Too many quotable lines in this one. Really, come on. Saigon, dead prez, Immortal…you know this joint is going to be fucking hot. Please download this, because if you don’t the terrorists will win. saigon on myspace, deadprez.com, immortal-technique.com.Oh yeah, by the way, XXLmag.com, I really hope you paid the dude that you jacked the flash player from. Also feel free to credit my site as your inspiration (see above, then check out xxlmag’s ‘bangers‘ section). Word.
Fred Knuxx – Dear Iraq. This came in literally like four hours ago, so maybe it’s a good thing this week’s episode was delayed. Familiar sample? Yeah. My man B. Sayre’s been shooting me basically nothing but quality material for the past month or so, about time we got one of his people on. Knuxx is new to me, but definitely is on the right track with this one.

Sin Sizzerb – Black Helicopters (Kill Like America 2). Sin is kinda new to me, but his latest mixtape made him the Official Favorite Mixtape Show Rapper of the moment. I’m going to lay off the praise and state simply that this song is my favorite one on this entire episode, which given the undeniable quality of everything I’m bringing to the table this week, should say a lot. Sin himself is doing some real interesting things – really all them boys out there have a good movement going. Please check this shit out, and listen to it at least twice. check out sizzerb.com.Damn.

Promise – Outside. Yet another joint out of the Mumbles Hip-Hop camp. That compilation CD they sent me is really full of fucking classics, but if you want the full dig on that you’re probably just going to have to cop that shit yourself. This one is yet another example – bringing shit back home. Don’t forget though, kids, the struggle is universal. Dope beat on this one, by the way. mumbleshiphop.com

9th Wonder and Buckshot – Slippin.Hey, look! It’s ol’ One-Drum. Just kidding. 9th is probably the best thing to happen to fruityloops users everywhere, showing us that we, too, can stop making cheesy Eurodance tracks and produce great hip-hop, you know, assuming that we have talent and shit. Which both of these artists do. Shouts go to Noha for shooting a big pack of Duck Down shit to me. Look for more of the same in the near future. duckdown.com

Jus Allah and GZA – Pool of Blood. Oh, come on. This is obviously on some next level shit. And it’s GZA, whose lyrics, as everyone knows, generally take about 3 months of careful study to properly decipher. Honestly the god could rap about Dunkin fucking Donuts and you would learn more from it than you did your entire first semester of junior college. wutangcorp.com

Well! That’s it for this week. As always, feel free to pass this show around, link up the site, tell your friends, etc etc etc. Next week.


  1. Yo what up,

    I just started downloading the show but I’m diggin it. I’m reppin Milwaukee, Wi. This episode was on fire. I really enjoyed. My favorite track was Impeach the President. I was singing that at work and the White folks was looking at me like I was crazy. Keep up the good work.

    On a side note, I’m going to be getting some beats from my guy and I want to send them to you to play or listen to and use as a instrumental or something. How would I go about doing that?

  2. word, thanks for the support. In practice I’m down for anything that frightens White folk, so looks like I did my job with this episode. (As usual the real credit goes to the artists themselves though…cop up!!!)

    Shot you an email – anyone who wants to get ANYTHING on the show, holler at your boy – kucrdex [at] gmail [dot] com. word.

  3. Im glad I found the site when I did. Been heard the Impeach the Prez joint and the Dear Iraq from Dub CNN, but the other tracks was bangin. I was lookin for more Sin tho, where I can I get some of dude other shit beside If God Close the Gate and the joint wit Cam?

  4. RFN – If you’re looking for more sin, I’d say the easiest place to start aside from digging in mixtape bins in NYC is probably http://www.sizzerb.com. Unless they’ve changed things over there there’s at least 2 mixtapes worth of free joints there. I remember liking 50 lions.

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