Two main concepts this week: One, viagra 40mg we’ve got a remix contest from Rebel’s Advocate kicking off this week. Here’s what you do – remix their acapella to Bite (download the mp3 by right-clicking

Listen to
), more about and remix that shit. If you win, this your official remix will be pressed up on their globally-distributed 12″ (slated for a Spring 06 release), and you’ll win an iPod fucking Nano. Hot shit. If you want more info, listen to the show for more details, or read further.

Next concept: education. Way too many of y’all little rap kids running stupid. I put together this episode to hopefully teach you some things – about the industry, about working on your craft and persisting, and about rap history in general. So pay attention.

Craig Rip f/ Matic - Where do we go from here. Getting spacy on y’all real quick. Matic with the kinda esoteric lyrics, and Craig Rip laying out them tracks. Am I allowed to say Van City? Am I the first to do that? I’m sorry if I offended anyone from Vancouver. Dope track. And also, sampling Quas = win. mumbleshiphop.com. Read on for more…

John Robinson – Indy 102. Hopefully this is not a new name to you. Met up with JR back over summer at some thing or other, and he recently got at me with a couple of packages – Beatology vols 1 and 2, and his The Leak Edition, Vol.1. This joint right here though should help you get your business game up, which is important since there are way too many people out there trying to take you for your shit. Listen to this a couple times. shamanworks.com.

I think especially important on here is how early he stresses the website thing – sure, a myspace is a good start, but what’s important is that you step your online game up, or you’re gonna get left behind. Speaking of which, if you’re interested in sponsoring the show, holler…

Rebels Advocate – Bite. You’ve heard them here before, now hear them again. This is from that same EP that caught me the first time. Basically it’s a 5-minute joint over damn near every classic hip-hop joint you can think of – like 15-30 second snippets of each joint. Pretty crazy hearing dude spit over drastically different beats and keeping it cohesive. All you producers, this is the song that you’ll be remixing for the grand prize of vinyl pressing and the iPod nano – so listen up, and check the end for details.

Specifics – Take me back. I’m sure there’s some life lesson to be learned here. Not sure what it is, but it’s probably there. Specifics have been supporters of the show since mad early on. And obviously since they’ve gotten so much play on the show, I’m definitely a fan of the sounds. Check the beat and the laid-back flow on this one…ill. Keep them coming…mumbleshiphop.com.

Milk Crate – What’s the deal f/ Muneshine. Had to drop this piano-and-bass laced beat up there in the end on some classic type shit. And come on, references to the Jeffersons and Prince in the same song? It’s a wrap. Basically just a dope way to close out the show. mumbleshiphop.com.

Aight, that’s this week’s show. I actually had a couple more joints I wanted to try to fit in here, but looks like we’ll have to wait for next week.

[oh - sidebar. I still have a couple of those Propane Piff mixtapes left - you want one? comment here and let me know, I'll hit you on the email if I decide to...]

Yeah – the info on the official Rebels Advocate Remix contest, cosigned by yours fucking truly. Copied from their website, here’s what the winner gets:

1. Your Version of the Bite Remix on the next Rebel’s Advocate 12” set to release in the spring
2. Apple I-Pod Nano
3. Deluxe Rebels Advocate Promo Package (t-shirts, posters, cds, ect)

Plus, 20 Runners up will be posted on the webpage and given Deluxe Promo Packages

Cheyeah. You can check all the official info right here: rebels advocate remix contest info. And again, you can download the acapella right

Listen to
. Note: the tempo is 100bpm. And of course, you can feel free to send me remixes, but I’m not the official judge, so make sure you’re hitting them up at details@latenightpromotions.com to do things proper.

That’s it for this week – get on them decks, kids, and start producing! All you fans stay in tune, and all y’all entrepreneurs stay in tune with me too…if you’re trying to make something happen on a promo tip like this, get at your boy boyyyyyyyeeeeeeee. next week, yall. peace.

8 thoughts on “MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 31

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  3. Man and JR sounds like Lil Sci…I get confused who I’m listening to everytime…

  4. Aush: Damn, I do not even remember what that was. Something off of Mumbles Hip-Hop, I’m pretty sure – I recognize it but I don’t know the track name off the top (I’ll see if I can dig it up though).

    Protip: JR = Lil Sci. Same person, just a different alter-ego or mindset.

  5. wait – damn, I’m slow. The intro is just a looped up version of Milkcrate – What’s the Deal f/ Muneshine (check the last song). oops.

  6. Heh, guess it’s me who’s slow…so JR is Lil Sci…that actually makes me feel better about myself…

    and I guess I rewound the first part of the show so much I missed the last track.

  7. Yo, I can see why you’re rewinding the intro – I forgot how much I liked that Indy 102 joint. Speaking of which, I should have JR himself guest starring on the Mixtape Show – not just on a hip-hop podcast tip (though we will do that too) but on a knowledge thing. I need to see if he ever did an Indy 103..

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