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The backstory – some time in late 2006, I got a bizarre email from a group calling themselves the Wurd Munchaz, with a link to their myspace. At first I thought it was just another low-budget demo, but then I listened to the cuts, and my mind was blown.

I don’t really know hardly anything about these dudes. They don’t answer their email, nobody seems to know anything about them. Every few months, though, a poorly spelled, all-caps email comes in from their producer, Copy Payper, with an mp3.

And out of nowhere, the other day I get this TTDD remix in the mail. I can’t find it online, they seem to have abandoned their myspace. I really know very little about these dudes – I don’t even know how many people are in their group – but real talk, they’ve been my favorite group for like 4 years now.

okay whatever this is getting long, let’s just get into the playlist.

TTDD – Love In Da Mall (Wurd Munchaz Remix). I’m 100% sure that this isn’t official, but it still goes. Oddly enough, the production on this actually sounds a little more ‘normal’ than the original. If, you know, you can ignore Copy Payper screaming over the top.

I guess @fucktyler is as good a contact for TTDD as any.

Graaeetest Gurrruuop. No, not a typo. That’s how they spelled “greatest group”. The chorus, if you can call it that, since it’s at the end, is great.

Shoht B Get That Muneee. Do not sleep on Shoht B. If you don’t pay attention, you miss things, like how he nonchalantly drops a reference to the Busy World of Richard Scarry in the middle of his first few bars. Frodo’s verse, though, is seriously insane. He actually starts threatening the Girl Scouts.

Tell Me About You Jeans Remix. Yes, there is an original to this, which I can’t seem to find, but this one is better, and a little more schizophrenic (listen to the lyrics. the singers are actually contradicting one another). Also, Little Leroy calls out T-Pain. This one is also a lot more complex musically – that sounds like actual violin by Devron, plus an absolutely epic guitar solo by Copy Payper.

Red Monkey Jeans. Early stuff. This is actually the track that introduced me to Wurd Munchaz. It’s pretty rough – I think they’re using an Archos or something to record this because you can hear the mic clicking in between verses. The gunshots, overtalk, and screams are enough (actually all of their stuff used to be full of gunshots and eagle shrieks), but come on. “I do my aerobics on my shoulder”? Telling us about how he brings ten pairs of jeans to the mall? Shoht B is a beast.

Also, this song is about pants.

Cowboy Test. I don’t understand the title, but this is sort of an odd song – the first verse is actually Copy Payper doing a rehash of Shoht B’s verse on You Got Beef, along with some other old lines from other cuts. I don’t know what album this one was intended for, or when it was recorded.

so, again. I can’t really provide much information, because I don’t have any. If you’re looking for more, there’s some on Grooveshark, and you can look at their myspace, which hasn’t been updated for a long time. But yeah, swag them out or whatever.

17 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 138 – WURD MUNCHAZ

  1. Usually you’re on point Dex, but i’m not feeling this. Gotta give it another try i guess

  2. im still waiting for the “gotcha” update confessing its a april fools gag. i like alternate ish moreso than than the next man. but i cant get jiggy with this shit

  3. You don’t play the tracks I gave you and then you go and play the whole catalog of these guys. Yeah April Fools for real man. Still got love for you man it’s not all your fault. I still got a little hope left for this show.

  4. Dex you got me. haha ha april fool on me 3 week later. i mean this has to be a joke cuz usually you play things that come stright outta my collection or stuff that i want in my collection. BUT this ish right here, THIS ISH right here…

  5. these dudes got that work, I’m diggin’ “red monkey jeans”, yo son when wegettin a new ep?

  6. making me fly, thanks for the time to produce another mixtape d. big love. im still in panda country yo, if you ever wanna come check it out 你知道我说什么? 你会写和读汉字吗, 我觉得汉字和你的日本自摸不一样,而且日本的女的怎么样? 好想哈哈哈 peace d

  7. I listen to so much music it would make your head spin.
    I can say without a doubt, this was some of the
    weakest, dumbest, auto tuned garbage I have
    ever heard in my life.
    Give your number b…..h or I’ll hit you?
    Give me your address, I have a pistol, I’ll put
    you in the ground ho?
    Is this where hip hop is headed? Pure violent
    stupidity with auto tune.
    Some where a powerful white man in a 10k $ suit
    is laughing his a$$ off all the way to the bank.
    Profits from stupidity and convincing poor dumb kids
    to shoot other poor dumb kids, are large.
    Youre pushing garbage son.
    I hit your podcast by mistake.
    Not a mistake I’ll make again.

  8. lmfao LOx2 was that trolling? if so, that was good. Anyway Dex, any tapes in the pipeline? Maybe a Gil-Scott Heron tribute, I don’t know. *shrug*

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