So yeah, gynecologist the site got hacked. Stuff should be back running now.
Here’s an embeddable version:

hair Arial, see sans-serif; margin:0; padding: 3px 4px; color:#999;”>MIXTAPE 139 – NOT DEAD JUST RESTING by Mixtape Show / Dex Digital on Mixcloud

download this episode

Here’s a tracklist:

Intro – Claudette Soares – Adeus Maria Fulo
Spaceghost Purrp – Way Back feat Speak
Agallah – Rooftop feat Shan
Wiz Khalifa – Spotlight feat Killa Kyleon
Dexter Wansel – Theme from the Planets
Key – The Sativa Interlude
Frankenstein – Impala ’61 (first half)
Domo Genesis – Clear Eyes
Agallah – The Power – (Ag verse only)
Frankenstein – Over There
Outro – K-Def – Stakes is High

i have a tumblr and stuff.

11 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 139 – NOT DEAD JUST RESTING

  1. Good to see your OK,

    Sucks that your site got hacked, I miss the little track descriptions though!

    You in Japan or Cali? ; You following any of the new rappers?

    Being on your mixtape is on my bucket list

  2. Yo. Good to see you’re back man. Anyway, for the record, the comeback tape is really good. I’m liking the electronics on this so far. So is this site up permanently now (at least until/unless it gets hacked again)?

    Was wondering if you were going to do a Gil Scott-Heron tribute tape maybe. Anyway, here’s some new guys I stumbled across. Think these guys are all based in Japan but they seem to be working pretty low key:


  3. hey everyone, i know the rss feed is still screwed up. still trying to get to the bottom of things, hold on tight.

  4. gotta admit i’m just now seeing this even though i bitch at you every month on fb =) sorry dex. … good to see you’re back doing this thing. ill tracklist. don’t quit.
    oh and happy belated homie!!!! take care.

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