So in this week’s hip-hop podcast, clinic lest any of you webternet kids think that I’m forgetting about the “Soul” in “Soultronica”, arthritis I bring you some of the more soulful joints I’ve come across recently. This is necessarily South-heavy, grip because I mean, they’re the ones really making these country rap tunes.

Check the playlist:

intro: Nedelle - I lied. (thanks elizabeth)

UGK – International Player’s Anthem feat Outkast. This cut is ridiculous. There’s a reason that there are no drums on Andre‘s verse. myspace.com/ugk.

Devin the Dude – Anythang Remix feat Rick James (produced by Cory Mo). Shout outs to Cory Mo for linking me up with this exclusive remix. Cory Mo did this joint originally for Devin’s last album, then went back and remixed it with the Rick James vocals. Shit is hot. myspace.com/devinthedude and corymo.com.

Dex – Ponds & Lakes. No, this isn’t me – but like the hip-hop podcast star from whom this artist obviously stole his name, he clearly has talent. myspace.com/thefoundationmusic.

Nicole Wray – Can’t Get Out The Game feat Beanie Sigel. Shoutouts to Krystian for getting this mixtape out to me. I can’t think of that any other singers that would actually make sense on an Aphilliates mixtape. myspace.com/msnicolewray

interlude – Unagi‘s If You Wanna, and two females that I hope never ever hear this episode.

Oh No – T Biggums feat Dudley Perkins and Georgia Anne Muldrow. I never really did listen to Exodus Into Unheard Rhythms – maybe I need to get back on that. Georgia‘s joint too – damn, I’m slipping. Not enough hours in the day to really listen to all this shit. myspace.com/ohnodisrupt.

outro beat – Alf-Alpha – Slam.

Hit the comments and let me know how you felt this one. And if you haven’t done so already, make sure to subscribe in iTunes!

18 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 66 – SOUL

  1. What up, Dex?
    Cool show!
    That Devin joint is slick. But damn..that’s the THIRD version I’ve heard of: “Anythang”. But easily it’s one of my all-time favorite songs EVER..what he’s sayin picks me up and inspires me when I’m down. My favorite version of this is the Screwed and Chopped version on his: “II The Xtreme” album.
    The Dex joint was kinda hot..

    I was skeptical about what that Nicole Wray was going to sound like..but I was pleasantly surprised..it was DOPE…sounds like it should be on a soundtrack to a 70′s movie. Could have done without the Bienal Siegal part..but it was hot though…

    That “Oh No” joint was aiight..but…from the second Georga Anne came on I was waiting for her to shut the fuck up…LOL

    But anyway..good show!



  2. lina? you’re insane.

    Greg – HAHAHAHAHAHA on the Georgia Anne joint though. A lot of people either really like her or really absolutely do not like her.

  3. You came with da quickness on this one Dex! Pure Solid Gold Soul Brotha! Funny you should say that about Georgia Anne tho, cuz I feel the same about Dudley Perkins, I dig the brothas music but alot of my homies can’t really get his style. Also I got some comics coming ur way so keep a look out, can’t wait to see what u put on the decks next week! Keep it Digital!!!

  4. Brer – yeah, I never got to spend much time with that last Dudley Perkins joint but what I heard I really did like. And I’ll be on the lookout for those comics..

    Alf Alpha, I got more of your shit coming up on the next beattape, guaranteed. Anybody else who wants to get up on this thing better hurry up..

    SARA. I got this movie from somebody who listens to the show yesterday. Shit is bananas, you have to see this.

  5. Damn, you got my name all in caps. Nah, but PLEASE tell me you’re posting it up or i can see it somehow, otherwise you’re a tease. Better get on that!

    Be good

  6. Sorry, I got excited. I’m gonna see what I can do though, hold on..

  7. Nice show #66. Hey have you considered a “Hip Hop from around the World” show – perhaps UK, France, Japan, South America, Africa, Middle East, etc. There seems to be an interesting show in something like that. Keep it comin’!

  8. You’re giving away my plans!!

    On the real though I’ve had this in mind for a minute and have a few joints from all over lined up. I’m a little hesitant to do a “world” hip-hop show because that’s what they did to “world music”, which is too often a code word for “music from people that aren’t white and don’t speak English”, which I really don’t want to get caught up in.

    You’ll be seeing some international shit soon enough, though – but a little different from what people might expect. If you (or anyone else actually) has some joints, feel free to get at me…

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