This is for those of you who have been sending emails and leaving comments asking when I was finally going to let go of some of the SuhBURB stuff I had stockpiled up…

As promised earlier (you did see the video, neuropathist right?), ed the new Suburban Sprawl record is out. In case you missed it, Suburban Sprawl = Donwill (of Tanya Morgan) and probably the one producer that gets the most airtime (airtime? do you say that for a podcast?) on the Mixtape Show – SuhBURB.

So yes, the record is out. 40 minutes, 16 tracks, and highly recommended. And it’s on here. In its entirety, for free.

I’m going to keep my comments to myself for the time being, but lest you be wondering whether or not you should click that “play” button, keep the following three points in mind:

1. This is the best thing I’ve heard all year
2. The last time I gave an entire episode to one artist/group, it was Jay Electronica. We all know how I feel about Jay Electronica
3. wow

As you listen, you can check the liner notes featuring ridiculous commentary by both artists, and grab the full hi-fi version from the official site.


00 – Ridiculous-ass Mixtape Show drop by Suhburb. Seriously fam, this is not what I had in mind when I asked for a drop.

01 – The Tiki Torch. I remember when I first got this beat. First time I played it out anywhere, it got a nod from Daedelus. I’m sort of glad they left it as is.

02 – Sittin’ at the Bar Demo. Ha! Tearing apart Ladder Theory from the base, I guess.

03 – Baltimore Bitch. Words fail me.

04 – Diwadiwadonald. Wow, the bongos on this one. I think at this point I remembered why Donwill is sort of dope lyrically.

05 – Salsoul. This is one of the things that, for me, separates SuhBURB from other producers – the soul he puts into the kick drum programming. This obviously isn’t the only song where you’ll notice that, but dig the lows on this one.

06 – Fly Me feat. Von Pea. (you heard this one earlier, but without the Von Pea verse, which is quite possibly the cruelest verse I’ve ever heard in my life.)

07 – Guilty. Damn.

08 – Night Time. Am I the only one who thought of UGK at the end here?
09 – All Right. When I first met Suhburb, I don’t even think he was really making that much rap music yet – he was a jungle producer. I’d been sitting on this track for a very long time – I wanted to drop it as part of the Soultronica Saga. I guess that will teach me to wait to drop a track.

10 – Slipknot. Is this from the Brasil beat tape?

11 – The Words. It’s joints like these that make me respect Don for actually having the nerve to rap on tracks like this. I think Suhburb makes beats that are hard to rap on on purpose.

12 – Dead Ass. Lyrically maybe the most powerful track for me on this project. Check this one.

13 – Maybe. More heavy content.

14 – Audio Visual. This song is sort of ridiculously cute. I mean, I’m not even mad they didn’t get to put Jack Davey on this one. Can we get this “girl at the time”‘s name?

15 – The Champ (LP Version). Seriously, who raps over things like this? Something is wrong with both of these kids.

16 – Funeral March. Propane Pip dropped this one first, but it’s still dope. And by the way, Suhburb – you make fun of me for spinning slab music on my old radio joint, and then you turn around and drop a slowed version of this joint? Explanation? Also, the content here confused me until I read the liner notes – you should probably check them instead of reading this.

And there you have it. Burn it, share it, whatever. I’m still sort of scratching my head over the fact that this isn’t being sold for, you know, money.

So, obviously, I think that this record is dope. Thoughts?

36 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 108 – SUBURBAN SPRAWL

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  2. Damn man, Dex, you doing the damn thing maaann, I finally had to gone ahead and stop being my severely prudish self, and post something here to show some love Fam…. Keep droppin that hot shit boiiiiii. Peace, Spookdoc, F.A.M.

  3. Wow… Now that was good. There is something really profound about this and I can’t put my finger on it. This was excellent; one of the best by far. Worth the wait! :) I don’t wanna ruin this page by dropping links of artists on here that I think you might be interested in Dex but if you want me to drop a link, please let me know. :)
    Peace :)

  4. Mamiko – yeeeeeeeeeah

    RaDon – hey, if this is episode what it took to get you out here, it’s all good!

    Mr U – haha, anytime you want to drop links, do so. Did you get a chance to read the liner notes that they posted up? I think the process is part of what made the project pretty unique – i.e. Don giving the vocals to Suhburb, Suhburb ripping them apart, etc. I don’t know, it’s like instead of listening to a project by one rapper, I feel like there’s actually two artists behind the mic, and the boards, at all times. I know what you mean though, it’s sort of hard to put it to words.

  5. Haha, my posts aren’t coming… darn. Well, I’m sure they’ll turn up soon XD

  6. yeah, for some reason it takes a minute for your (and I mean you in particular) comments to show. not sure why.

    I’ll try checking the spam settings. Anything you post though should get through in a few hours regardless, though.

  7. Jesus Christ Almighty.

    This album just made my head fall off.

    Love the beats, and the rawness of the whole thing. There is no denying how fresh this sounds.

    Great to hear some of this in its full/original form. Thanks again for the hookup to these beats, Dex, and for getting me into this guys stuff in the first place. Very, very impressed.

    I’ll be putting a post/link to this material on our site, man, no doubt!

    The more people that know about this the better.

    Sites looking hot, man…keep up the good work!


  8. M – hell yeah.

    oux – I can’t speak for other people, but you might be waiting for a while for that one. how’s work?

  9. New Nas is banging…best record I heard in a minute…almost sounds Ras Kassish on “Ya’ll My N**gas”

  10. Ok, so the new Nas is off the chain…but Infinito 2017′s Most High Definition is a masterpiece IMHO.

  11. Is everyone sleeping here? Anyone else peep Infinito’s Most High Def???!!! Instant Vintage.

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