No, sales I’m not dead. And no, find the show is not dead, remedy and I’m not planning on letting it die anytime soon. I’ve kinda been underground for a minute, just basically putting in work and getting my bars up on the school angle. It has, however, been far too long – maybe too long? Are you all still even out there? That said – let’s get into it:


Intro Instrumental – 9th Wonder – Black Album Rejects #31 (I think).

Murs – Can It Be. I couldn’t think of a better track to start this one off with. And no, I’m absolutely not hating on Murs. I remember the first time I actually saw the dude – he came to my university in a dirty white T shirt, old sneakers, and some pajama pants and rocked a show on what was basically a hill with some grass on it. Crazy show, and I’ve been a fan ever since. Dude is a dope rapper, he just happens to have made a song that confused me, and this joint more than makes up for that. And apparently he’s got a free record up – check out www.mursand9thwonder.com. And yes, when the new record comes out – buy it.

Jay Electronica – Defcon 4. From what I can tell, this joint is at least 4 years old. Produced by Sol Messiah (fam hit me up), it’s a little more straightforward beatwise than the stuff we heard, say, on episode 82. Lyrically, it’s exactly what you’d expect from the dude. Time to hit the library. myspace.com/jayelect.

Gif – Invisible (Ramona Moore). I was eating dinner a few weeks ago with a kid from Hong Kong, a kid from Japan (duh), and a Kyrgyzstani, when the topic turned to the elections. The Kyrgyzstani dude said something about that he’d heard that there is no longer any racism in the US. Unfortunately he decided to say that when I was in the middle of trying to sip my soda so he definitely ended up with that joint all over his new shirt. I laughed that hard. I don’t know – maybe if you watch the news you get that impression – but I don’t watch the news, so I wouldn’t know (I have been, however, watching Japanese news, and that is a whole different story)…Dude was actually genuinely surprised when I had to set him straight.

Anyway, as I said, this song actually follows the seqence of an actual event. For some more info on what happened with Ramona Moore, you can check this blog post. For Da Gif himself, check myspace.com/dagif. Thank you for making this song, fam.

East Flatbush Project – A Day In A Life feat Stress. This cut is just dope. I don’t have too much to say about this. It’s been too long since we’ve had one of Spencer‘s joints grace the Mixtape Show. This one is off the “First Born” EP – a joint project with Spencer and Stress. Do yourself a favor and play this one a few times. myspace.com/theeastflatbushproject.

Black Milk and Fat Ray – Take Control. I’ve been sitting on this cut for a miiinute. Maybe it’s just the cymbals on this joint that do it for me – but they’re not exactly slacking in the lyrical department here either. myspace.com/blackmk.

Madlib – Go feat Guilty Simpson. This song has some of the cruelest lyrics I’ve heard since, well, the last episode. That Punk’d line, combined with the Black / white / Chinese man joint is just too much. stonesthrow.com.

Outro Instrumental – 410 Pharaohs - Fresh.

And yeah, I’ll get into the rap in japan thing at some point in the near future…

In the meantime, that’s what I got for this week. Holler at a scholar.

19 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 109 – BEEN TOO LONG

  1. My mannnn!!! yo i was struggling when you weren’t putting out any podcasts. but yo, this show was only right, and yo when I heard that Gif track, i was working the graveyard shift and just thinking about how that happened, it had me feeling some type of way, I was about to call my girl just to make sure she was ok. Anyways, very hot podcast and for the record I remember you saying you were going to Japan. Do you thing out there fam and stay focused. much love from New Jersey. Peace fam.

  2. Iain – HAHAHA. really? nah, it was just like 3 AM when I recorded this.

    F-Diesel – yeah, that cut is definitely powerful.
    and yeah, i’ll try to stay on schedule this time…haha.

  3. You right dude, it’s been dumb long. Tell ya boy from Hong Kong I said whatup :D

  4. good to hear the show’s not dead, it’s constantly reminding me why I like hip hop (and music in general).

    keep it up Dex!

  5. good to hear your voice again Dex… hope you’re doing well… look forward to whatever is coming down the pipe.

  6. Jay from HK – wait, which dude from HK? There’s too many..

    Pirate – yeah, and keep it off…

    frijole – no doubt. no doubt.

    RBeezy – you know, considering how often I get held up by the police out here, you might want to hang onto those.

    Erasmus – hell. maybe I need to branch out of hip-hop again for a second then! one-off episode? hmm…

    supercali. wow, that is a name I haven’t seen in a minute. I’m good – and hope you dig whatever the hell it is I happen to throw together…

  7. Mr U –

    I have no idea why the system has such a problem with your comments! Nothing else showed up – try again? Sorry fam…

  8. Dear Dex,
    Love the beats every time,
    Been missing your show its good to hear them
    From Cohort
    New Zealand…….

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