So yeah, hospital near the end of the actual Tsuyu season, diagnosis I manage to get this one out. If you haven’t heard of Tsuyu, more about you’ll know what it is by the end of the episode. So for those of you in areas of the planet cursed enough to be still dealing with rain at this time of year, sit inside, put the headphones on, look out the window, and dig it.


Introlude: Chris Craft – Rise Again.

Finale – Issues. Both sides of the mic, dude is really just kinda dope. I’ve got a couple other joints I plan on putting up in the near future. m/finale.

Doom – Absolutely. I mean, it’s Doom.

Edan – Murder Mystery. Surreal. Shouts to F Diesel for putting me up on the dude. m/eeddaann

Faimkills – In Your Sleep. Replaying the bit at the end, I’m realizing that I may be mixing up part of the story with something else. But I definitely remember cereal, and socks. Kid clearly puts a lot into tweaking out the production – I’m pretty sure some of the references are over my head. m/faimkills

Statik Selektah – The Thrill Is Gone ft Styles P & Talib Kweli. “I’m like god damn, they even screwed up conscious rap” = thank you, amen, church, tabernacle. I can’t quite cosign on the funny clothes comment though, because I like funny clothes. m/statikselektah.

JR & PH7 – Top Rank feat Guilty Simpson and Black Milk. Guilty just continues to say violent things where violent thing-saying is totally irrelevant and unnecessary, but still sort of cool. Dig the production.m/jrph7.

Outrolude: Esser – I Love You (Prince Paul Remix Instrumental)
Chan – Lonely Road Instrumental

Rhymefest – No Sunshine. Promise, last time I put a track up off this tape. Still, though, the concept was just really that great. m/rhymefest (thanks for the correction J)

On Michael – as I said, there’s not a whole lot that needs to be said. I can’t do a tribute episode or a special or anything like that, it just doesn’t feel right.

ps – I think I’m not using “paradox” right. Blame it on the whole not-english-speaking thing.

22 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 122 – TSUYU

  1. Dex appreciate the Shout out first and foremost. Secondly, I like this theme alot!!! Its dope and you know I was buggin out when I FINALLY HEARD THE EDAN TRACK!!!! lmao. But yea keep doin your thing man. Your the best at this son real rap!!. Peace jo!!!

  2. F Diesel – no doubt dude. Actually it was faimkills’ track that reminded me of the Edan jawns and made me want to add that in there. By the way, have you seen Edan’s bio? Sort of great.

    Mark – dude just wait until next week man. I think you’ll like ep 123.

  3. Spaghetti sandwich…it’s a paradox. Hahaha, hell yeah: instant GChat Status!

    Hey, I want that Dex Beat CD so f*cking bad. Hook it up! I bought an external CD Burner freshman year. It was made by HP, 4x speed and as big as a shoe box…cost me $400…so tight.

  4. yo dex thank you for the drop. and thank you for reminding me how awkward I was in high school! lol man I wish i still had that beat cd dude…your shit was ahead of me, I was still really into mainstream thug-rap/post-cashmoney era rap music…

    so just to clarify for anyone interested, “In Your Sleep” the ending with the overdone distortion=”stop trying to sell us dreams, not everyone is a business man. It’s the emotion of fear, it’s the emotion of fear itself.”

    the song is about overcoming yourself, depression, procastination, about getting up get out and getting something. It’s also about how we as an American culture are “sleeping”/not paying attention to what we are being force-fed (i.e. primarily the mainstream hip hop music that we easily submit to as a whole and the underlying causes and effects of that)



  5. Chocobot – I hate to tell you, but the spaghetti sandwich line was inspired by reality man. They got them out here.

    You don’t want the beat CD. It was a mess. I was really into writing these weird techno songs (which were also bad, ask Suhburb, he’s heard one of em), and someone asked me to do rappidy rap beats. Back then I didn’t really have any way to sample or understand sampling, so instead of digging for samples on old jazz records, I wrote my own jazz song, adjusted the filter/eq to make it sound old/lo-fi and then put a beat on top of it. Terrible.

    But yeah, the CD writer was skurry too. I had a bootleg of Windows Me, which caused my writer to stall and crash about 80% of the time. So every successful burn implied the production of about 4-5 coasters.

    so faim, you owe me like 40 cents for CD-R money, I’ll collect next time I’m in town. You’re doing shows nowadays, right? And don’t get me started on high school awkwardness – remember, I’m the one that wrote a gabber song about IB and not wanting to do homework – on a tracker – and played it for my final at the upper-level IB Music class recital.

    And wait, was the end quote a sample, or is that you? I actually really dug that. Not too many people can actually use that digital glitch filter thing effectively.

  6. haha that is true…IB oh man. yeah the end quote was me. im rockn with ableton live 6…i wish i knew how to record better tho man. mix stuff louder and equally and what not.

  7. nice episode, man! but kanji is wrong: it’s 梅雨. It’s the character for plum and rain. And I am curious why don’t/didn’t play more Japanese spoken rap and hiphop!

  8. faim – ah, got you. That’s why the effect sounded familiar, I’m an ableton dude myself. Never wrote anything on it though.

    Ralf – thanks fam! About the kanji on Tsuyu/Baiu, the 黴雨 thing does exist, actually:

    中国では、黴(かび)の生えやすい時期の雨という意味で、元々「黴雨(ばいう)」と呼ばれていたが、カビでは語感が悪いため、同じ「ばい」で季節に合った「梅」の字を使い「梅雨」になったとする説。 gogen-allguide.com

    Granted, I’ve never seen anyone actually write 黴雨, though. I was mainly screwing around.

    On the Japanese hip-hop thing though, that is definitely in the works, stay in tuned for that!

  9. Yo Dex, what kind of music you into right now? By the way, I like this tape; kind of trippy.

  10. hm – well, if it’s on the show, I’m generally into it (ps – checking out that mix you posted a bit ago – I’m digging this).

    Funny you ask the question now though – just posted something up on it. Check it –

    Nihongo Rap Breakdown – Seeda – Dear Japan.

    Pretty much all I listen to nowadays regularly is Japanese rap music. It’s actually all I have on the mp3 player right now. That and Happii Endo (check em out, they’re kinda dope).

    Parties and stuff out here, I spin a little of that, but there’s not enough proper danceable joints to do a proper set. I’m kinda back into hyphy right now, or kuduro, bmore, that sorta thing.

  11. Yeah, the mix is something by a guy you know of or have posted beats of – Josh Ivey. By the way, change the number of the URL to listen to the different mixes. There’s three in total and 1 and 2 are my personal favourites. I’ll try and find you some stuff that’s similar to this. Again, I think this is a good time to mention Soil and “PIMP” Sessions :P. By the way, are those guys big over there? I’ve always wondered. I tried a quick search on Happii Endo but I can’t find anything easily (or in English) :S. If you could link me up, that’d be great.

    Peace. :)

  12. Yeah, I think that’s a different Josh Ivey, actually. Reminds me that I have to hit dude up, though.

    On S&P though, I never really hear about them, now that you mention it. I’m sure they have fans, and I personally like what they’re doing, but at least in the circles I run in, they don’t come up all that often. But, it looks like they’re playing a bunch of big festivals and such, so it looks like they are out doing their thing though.

    On はっぴいえんど/Happii Endo/Happy End , here’s one link.


    The whole Kazemachi Roman joint is great, actually (even though there’s a couple skiptracks on it for me). Link on wikipedia:


  13. The mention of Tsuyu just scored me major props from my Japanese hairdresser.

    PS Dex, been thinking of a Japanorama documentary for quite a while, for Current or someone like that. How long are you out there. Fancy getting involved?

  14. Mr U – you always catch me when I’m on a public machine. I’ll check those when I get on my own system, good looking out! But yeah, Happii Endo was a pretty ridiculously good group – and sort of important musically from a historical standpoint. I might touch on them some time in the future, but in the meantime I’m sure there’s got to be something somewhere written about them in English.

    Dr Internets – hey, making the world better, one hair appointment at a time.

    I’ve got at least another yearish in me out here – feel free to hit the email if you wanna talk details.

  15. “Like playing Mario on Sega Genesis, like a spaghetti sandwich, like white Jesus- a paradox ” (paraphrased) … I had to el oh el at that one. Dex, I think your use of ‘paradox’ was fine, actually. I looked it up; first def seemed to fit just fine, according to dictionary.com. Homie does kinda look crazy in the eyes, I agree.

  16. I hate to tell you, but spaghetti sandwiches actually exist here. I appreciate the vote of confidence on my English though. And yes, Seeda may very well just have the monopoly on skurry eye tactics.

  17. Summer’s almost over and this Tsuyu episode is still the soundtrack. Props, Dex. Can’t forget Finale – Issues. Makes me think there’s a way out for hip hop after all. Great rakimish style rap and fresh sounding beats.

  18. Svend – man, my summer “vacation” just now started, actually. And we haven’t had two days straight of sunshine yet, so it still feels like Tsuyu for me.

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