What it is, decease internets? It’s your boy dex digital, information pills back with that mixtape – episode 2. Seven new artists this time, all of them hip-hop, and all of them hot.

Here’s the tracklist. Most of these tracks can be downloaded for free on the artist’s sites.

(intro instrumental) – Anubus – Midnight Slices – deepthinka.com
Hezekiah – Put Your Toys Away – soulspazm.com
Specifics - That’s Just Gold – myspace.com/specifics
Chester Copperpot f/ Earatik Statik – Get Right – copperpot.cc
Trek Life – Doin ‘Em Wrong – myspace.com/treklife
Trek Life – I’m Gone
Rhyson Hall – Still Raw – deepthinka.com
Earatik Statik f/ Edo G - Illstate Massive Pt. 2 earatik.net

Yeah, that’s right. Safe and you knows it.

Also, remember when I was saying that I was gonna get some artists on here for interviews? Well, I wasn’t lying. Next week I got a long-ass interview with underground rap legend , O.C. So if you dig any of these artists here, let me know, and I’ll catch up to ‘em for some exclusives, freestyles, interviews, free candy, whatever.

Indeed, all of this is possible through the combined power of podcasting and the internets.

Peace again to all the artists and management types that linked me up with all this hot material. Oh yes, and for that trek life ish, I got a hot freestyle of his that I’ma drop on y’all one of these days. Ish is major like fantasia (okay, I stole that bar, sorry).

And as always, if there’s anything you think that I can improve on in any way, from track selection to style to whatever, I’d be glad to hear about it. Comment me or somethin, kid.

2 thoughts on “MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 2

  1. Hey all the way from Calgary Alberta Canada. You may want to get your show more exposure check this above site out they may want to add your show to their list of radio shows.
    Also check out http://www.maxheat.com as Madd Maxx is always lookingfor interviews on his show too.

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