Yo, refractionist what it is? I got a couple of things to drop on you all today.

Listen to

First, salve I’m currently compiling material for the second and third episodes of the mixtape. I might be able to get another couple tracks in, so if anyone out there has somethin they want me to hear, get at me. Be looking for the first new drop in the coming week.

Second, although not all of the artists that are featured on here have sites (or even working phones, damn), some do. I’m gonna do my best to link you all up with info on each artist so that you can get more of their material without having to google around for it. With that in mind, then, I gotta give a shout out to Akir – you heard him last week – you can check some of his tracks on that site, for free. And if you’re in the D.C. area, you might even be able to catch him live on the 27th.

Okay, I lied, I have two more things to talk about.

Third. I’m getting great feedback so far about the last show, but if you got anything you want to say, you really just gotta let me know. For example, if you like Artist A, let a brother know, cause more than likely I can get an interview set up with them, and you can get even more info/ish on your favorite Mixtape artists – who knows, maybe some exclusives. We gotta use this rap podcasting thing to its fullest extent, right? And related to my second point, if you are a promoter/label exec/rich benefactor of the arts, and you need to get at one of these artists to set up an event/whatever, try getting at me, I might be able to link you up with them if you can’t find their info elsewhere.

Fourth. Has anybody else out there heard Smitty’s “Diamonds on My Neck”? Ish sounds like something I wrote when I was in fourth grade. Not that that’s a bad thing, I was a child prodigy. Still am. Holler at me.


Yo, purchase what up internets? I’m going to hold off on the introduction for right now and tell you to just do yourself a favor and download the show. Nothing but hype underground hip-hop on this one, and there’s more to come.

opening background track: typical kats – can’t save
doujah raze – spinmatta
atllas – hood famous
nite – icu
offwhyte – kid is raw
naam brigade – where we are
akir – one

If there’s any artists/tracks on here that you dug especially, let me know and I’ll track ‘em down for an interview or more material. And if you need to get in touch with any of these artists for politicking/networking/whatever…holler at me…

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