MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 6 – the conscious edition

MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 6 – the conscious edition

Damn, urticaria this took me a minute to get out.

I’m gonna keep the intro short to this one, ask considering that I’ve been writing mad articles on this ish lately. Basically I’d been thinking on doing an all-”conscious” mixtape for a minute now. There’s a lot of tracks I’d love to put on here, ampoule but I’m limited to what I can get permission for. Fortunately for you, every goddamn song I put out here is quality, and this episode is no exception – this one might actually kinda suprise you. The mixdown is dirty, but the songs is hot, no joke. Let’s have that tracklist…

First off, a beat courtesy of Shudoshi of earbubbles. I got no idea what earbubbles is, but I know that Shudoshi is a cool dude and you can hit him up at earbubbles.com for all your production needs, as well as your general hip-hop listening needs. They got some kinda record they tryna sell…hit em up.

Next is Akir with his week-old single, Politricks. Shit is hot, no joke. I’m gonna put my name on the line here and say that I am expecting big things from this cat. He’s already been in Unsigned Hype, he’s got a collab with Immortal Technique, and shit, you can just go read about him yourself. Bottom line, he’s kinda nice. This single is for sale, by the way, so if you like it, cop it. Be on the lookout for an interview if we can work it out…

Third – Chester Copperpot. I just wrapped an interview with dude the other day so I’m gonna keep quiet about this track – Out The Bunker featuring Braintax. Shit is nice, especially considering that it gets even more relevant as time goes on (it was recorded in ’02). Be on the lookout for that interview coming next week (I mention it near the end) – you do not want to miss that shit. You’re gonna end up playing it for your moms and them.

Moving on, we got the Goats with Typical American, straight outta 1992. I actually found this track via Mattmatical at can i bring my gat?, so peace to him. From there I hit dudes up on their site, asked for permission, and a couple weeks later, here it is in the mix. You can hit them up on their website here. Peace again to the goats.

Next, we got Wrekonize featuring Ras Kass on Bizness as Usual, another really goddamn recent single. I’ve got to say that Ras drops a couple bars that I ain’t exactly down with, but in the interest of creating dialogue and keeping hip-hop as a medium of expression of self, it’s kinda necessary to listen to what other people are saying. And that’s all the intellectualization I’m giving you for today, kids, because you know that shit ruins music. Look what happened to jazz. Still, though, heavy track.

Awwwww, shit. It’s Earatik Statik with Evil is Timeless. I drop this shit all the damn time on radio, and peoples love it. So if you don’t like it, you need to hide ya face cause something is wrong with you. Check the lyrics and the production in here. Harsh. Interview anyone? Sef, get at me.

Last, back again once it’s the incredible Binary Star with I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. The whole Waterworld/Masters of the Universe thing is hot, and OneBeLo is dropping crazy crazy science on heads on his own nowadays – so much, in fact, that I ain’t even mad at him for being on Warped Tour. That’s saying a lot. So what, y’all want me to track this cat down or what? Check him/them out on subterraneous records dot cizzom.

And that’s it for this week. Be on the lookout, as I said, for episode 7, coming next friday, featuring an interview and exclusive tracks from none other than Chester Copperpot. You absolutely can not afford to miss that shit, trust me.

Peace till then. And tell ya friends, 700 hits a day simply ain’t enough. Let’s blow this shit up. Can you say googlebomb? Help me out, kids.

2 thoughts on “MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 6 – the conscious edition

  1. Man..this mix is HOT….I like EVERY track on this joint..ESPECIALLY that Binary Star:
    “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”


  2. god damn this is an old episode. Glad you felt it – this reminds me that I need to look up that one Binary Star joint that samples that old Chuck Mangione joint..

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