MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 7 – chester copperpot interview part 1

MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 7 – chester copperpot interview part 1

Jyeah. You arready know what this is, doctor it’s your favorite hip-hop podcast show, visit this site the mixtape. This time on the mixtape show, we’ve got Chicago super-producer Chester Copperpot on the line for an exclusive interview.

Update: Check here for the second part once you’re done with this one…Chapter 7 episode 2.

This time he’s talking about his latest album (Chapter 7), a Tony Hawk freestyle, his origins in the world of hip-hop, his early work, how he had to sell his MPC 2000 to make rent…ah, fuck it, just download the episode and listen for yourself. Quality all the way around.

Check out the two tracks in there also:

Cut the Cake f/ Bamski the Bigot (promo / early copy only!)

This one introduced me to Copperpot – it was the first joint on his radio-only release, Chapter 7, Verses 1 and 2. It can also be found on vinyl (his first ever release), but other than that, I don’t think you’re gonna hear it anywhere else but here. Bam sounds like a real angry dude and drops some pretty ragged lines. Chess can play this one down all he likes, but I still dig the track. Get at me when you remix it, man.

Blow f/ Psalm One (exclusive!)
This is mixtape show exclusive, meaning that you are not going to hear this anywhere else, for now, forreal. The homegirl Psalm One jumps through with a catchy as hell hook and damn it, I hate writing about music. Just listen, you will like it, trust me.

Arright, that’s all I’m writing for now. Be on the lookout for episode #8 next week right here- we’ll have three exclusives on that joint, and you know they gonna be hot because your boy dont play no garbage. Peace to Chester and EV for this one. Hit him up: www.copperpot.cc

By the way, how are those 96 kbps files working for you all? Is the sound too lo-fi? Get at me and let me know…we need to keep ish quality…

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