I’m taking a break from the concept episodes for a minute – In lieu of that, decease I’ve decided to just provide you with some fucking FLAMES instead. Hope you don’t mind. And before it gets old, noun let me remind you to please motherfucking VOTE FOR THE MiXTAPE SHOW today, opisthorchiasis tomorrow, and every day.

East Flatbush Project feat Stress - CSI. I guess this episode could technically be a concept episode, if the concept was “songs I played on repeat for like half an hour”. Let me just say that the instrumental on this joint just might be my favorite East Flatbush joint – which, given my opinion of Spencer (for hire!)’s work, says a lot. And the lyrics? Here’s a gem from Stress -

You step up for your crew and defend them with a verse but/
Challenge Stress and you will end up with a nurse/
Better yet, it’s probably worse, you’ll probably end up in the earth
In a casket with your spirit getting sent up with a curse

See, there’s threats of violence, and then there’s threats of violence. I had to pull up like five times to hear those bars on repeat. Trust me, this one song is reason enough for the download. Check out myspace.com/theeastflatbushproject.

Lupe Fiasco – I Gotcha. Everybody seems to be in love with Lupe after his skateboard joint, which I can’t really argue with. The beat on this one isn’t quite as catchy as Kick Push, but I think the lyricism more than balances that out. It’s sort of weird writing about Lupe, because most of what he says comes off as cute rather than anything else. I mean, come on – the soap bar bars? Damn. But you can’t deny the sound. Shouts to Lee at Foundation for the hookups. lupefiasco.com.

Kway Floss – Its Like That. This marginally 9th Wonder-esque beat edged out another actual 9th production (GET A NEW SNARE SAMPLE HOMIE), so that should probably give you an idea of the skills here. I’d never heard of Kway before this, but I’m definitely interested in hearing more. Check him out at the suspiciously named the-ins.com, or the video for this joint here.

Wise Intelligent – Genocide. Yes, the Wise Intelligent from Poor Righteous Teachers. Born Free hollered at me with some of his newest shit, and you know I had to jump on that. If you’ve been listening since Black Business, the new flow dude has is a little suprising – almost jarring, just like the subject material. Do yourself a favor and listen to this a couple times. You know the politics never left rap. myspace.com/wiseintelligent

Masta Killa feat Ghostface and Raekwon - It’s What It Is. Ohhhhhh shit – the kung fu intro. Anyone know what this movie is from? I really want to see some motherfuckers go up against some guns with motherfucking steel darts. Kinda bizarre horn loop on this joint, which I think is a B-side from Masta’s newest release. I mean, Ghost and Rae are here. What other reason do you need to listen? mastakilla.net.

Yep. And that’s it for this week. Shouts to Corey at hiphopruckus.net, funky49 and nerdcorehiphop.com, and Dr Tron from theaestheticpoetic.blogspot.com (this last one is a street fashion/culture jumpoff, highly recommended reading) for showing love recently – oh yeah, and can’t forget Clyde from prohiphop as well.

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4. Check your email, and click that link.

Then do that shit every day. The Mixtape Show is the only hip-hop show in the running, and it would be dope as fuck to show these doubters that not only is the Mixtape Show the hottest hip-hop jumpoff on the net, but we can beat out every other motherfucking genre.

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Um, I think that’s it. Let me know how y’all felt this one, and be on the lookout next week for a collabo/guest episode with the infamous DJ Nik Bean out of Los Angeles and Bishop Lamont. No, really.


  1. Hey DeX, Do you have any links to more from Stress…ie myspace or other?
    This Ep was fuckin’ bangin’ and E.F.P & Stress were getting the most burn in my headphones!

  2. NaN –

    Yep, I got plenty. Actually it looks like that East Flatbush Project link I had was incorrect – here’s the correct one:


    And actually Stress appeared on the Mixtape Show way back in hip-hop podcast episode 28 alongside Dox in Who I’m Is.

    The direct link to Stress’ myspace, with some more joints on his own page, though, is over at myspace.com/reflectiveent.

    This actually reminds me that I need to get back at Spencer of East Flatbush for some more material…

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