Damn, treat you get busy for like 2 weeks and people start blowing up your email.

So once again with the concept episodes – this time it’s some shit that I’ve had in the lab for literally a year – the Nintendo Mixtape. Every beat on this joint either uses Nintendo samples or just kinda has that vibe. Trust me, migraine this whole episode is hot.

Also – we’ve been nominated for the Best Music Podcast on the net! Click HERE to vote today – vote every day and help us win and shit! See the details at the bottom.

Dabrye f/ Jay Dee and Phat Kat – Game Over. Do you guys remember the Wu-Tang Forever Wal-Mart version? That shit was off the wall – there’s something about the sword sound effects that just made Hellz Wind Staff that much doper. So even though when I did this edit it was for radio play purposes, I realized that I actually like my nintendo’d out version a bit better. If you don’t like it, go buy the record. Actually you should cop two/three anyway – the whole thing is dope. Features include Doom, Ta’raach, etc etc – very highly recommended. And if you ever find the original 12″ of this song with Magic Says on the back – that’s worth the price of admission alone. Respect to the label for clearing this one for me like a year ago. More at dabrye.com.

Oh No f/ MED – The Ride. God damn this song is tough as hell. The intro is just icing, but come on. Ninja Gaiden. That shit had me trying to slice up dudes in suits and cling to walls when I was twelve like no joke. This joint is really the reason I decided I was going to do a Nintendo episode. The album is obviously hot, and Oh No is just a dope producer. Please go to stonesthrow.com and get educated.

Yo Gotti – North Memphis Freestyle. How can you not win with talking about cocaine over a pac-man loop? Yo Gotti wins here. His new mixtape is also pretty hot – I think Fate cooked up some Beetlejuice loop that is pretty hot. yogottimusic.com.

CX Kidtronik f/ Agallah - What t’ Hell Wit Y’all. I’d never heard of CX before, and for a hot minute I was about to throw his album into the reject bin. Krak Attack is one of those albums that you have to listen to a couple of times to “get”, and then it stays in your CD player for weeks – kinda like the Airborn Audio joint – which, incidentally, both members of appear on the record. The thing that I respect about Ag is that he comes off like he’s absolutely fucking nuts half of the time. He’s obviously way more adventurous with his beats than 90% of other majors, and the fact that he and CX were able to put a droning broken Nintendo sound together with Ag‘s flow and make something that sounds really fucking gangster just speaks to their talent. Thanks to Alex and Sound-Ink for hooking this one up – make sure to watch for Ag’s new album dropping soonish (where’s them exclusives Ike?!) and CX‘s album, which is out now, I think. sound-ink.com.

Cocoa Brovaz – Super Brooklyn. Yeah, the Mario Brothers beat. There’s an outside chance some of y’all have heard this before, but fuck it – Noah hooked me up with the joint, and I’ma play it. More on the dudes at Duck Down Records.

All intro and outro beats on this joint were provided courtesy of Flying Lotus – check his shit out at www.myspace.com/flyinglotus – he was nice enough to hook up the joints via email from his luxury suite in Paris or London or Saigon or something, I forgot. Hot shit anyway.

Oh yes – the bonus track. That’s a remix of Erykah Badu‘s On and On, and permission was given. That’s all I’m really able to say about that.

Oh – now for the important shit. The podcast award. See, apparently the Mixtape Show managed to beat out a few thousand other wack-ass music podcasts in order to get nominated in the top 5 of all music podcasts (including rock, electronic, etc) on the net, PERIOD.

Meaning that if we win, we are officially the best motherfucking music podcast on the planet, period. Not that we already didn’t know that, but it’s good to prove things to people sometimes, yaoming?

So here’s the deal – how to ensure that the Mixtape Show continues to provide the hottest music, interviews, and commentary and shit by helping us all win.

1. Go to www.podcastawards.com
2. Scroll down to the 9th box on the left – it says “Podsafe Music“.
3. Check “The Mixtape Show“.
4. Scroll down, enter your email (you need a valid one), click “submit”, and when you’re emailed to confirm, just click the email link to confirm – and that’s it.
5. Wait until tomorrow, then do that shit again. Seriously. You can vote every fucking day.

Voting is open NOW, and closes on the 11th. This shit ain’t for me – I got better ways to make $50, and most of them include women of ill repute. This is really exposure for the community, for everyone that’s supporting the show – you all make this shit as hot as it is with your input, criticism and support – so us winning this shit is kind of like us creating world peace, except we don’t have to assassinate George Bush in order to win a podcast award.

Seriously though, this shit would be pretty dope if we all won. And if we do, I’ll buy everyone ice cream.

So go vote, go tell everyone else to vote, and while you’re voting, listen to some old episodes. Be on the lookout for more hot shit coming your way soon – peace.

And that’s what it is for this week.

14 thoughts on “EPISODE 43 – NINTENDO MIXTAPE

  1. Man the concepts are hot. ITs nice to see some ish that isnt the same ole Mixtape Garbage circulating in the streets.


    GNX Music

  2. Everyone –

    much appreciated – I had hoped people would feel this episode, given how goddamn long it took me to put out. Be on the lookout for the next shit, coming in a couple days…

    and VOTE motherfuckers! podcastawards.com – it’s the 9th box down on the left – that’s the best way to show support right now – we need every vote we can get! Vote now, vote every day!

  3. Yo mannn… This is the SH!T!!!! I’m a big Old Skool videogame fan, an when I updated your podcast I FLIPPED OUT! Mannn this something special! The Beattape was also madness so respect for keeping things exciting.

    -london, UK

  4. same here. You think I was talking about Contra for my health? Shiiiiit.

    Be on the lookout for a new beattape episode coming soon, with a lot of producers you know, and a lot you might not know. Including some Wu-Tang beats and oh damn I said too much.

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  6. over a year since you dropped this and nobody has corrected you on the konami code… it’s a shame.

    you left out the second B, A

    everyone knows there’s two BA’s before the select start.

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