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You think podcasting is new? Well, hair kid, sickness you’re wrong. People have been posting audio online on topics ranging from computers to politics to pretty much anything you can think of for some time now. And while I’m not aware of any shows that exclusively talk about (or play) amazing and/or underground hip-hop in a mixtape status podcast like this one, I’m sure that some other (much wacker) examples of this sort of thing can be found somewhere out there on the internets.

del photo

However, I’m here to tell you that there is some original shit out there. A propos: Del tha funkee homosapien reviews videogames. Or reviewed, anyway. Check this out:

Del reviews videogames

I’ve heard that dude used to play a lot of games, and I remember hearing that “Proto Culture” track and being like “damn, dude plays even more than me”. I mean, for real, he was naming off games like he didn’t even rap, he just sat in his room and ate pizza and played Playstation. What I wasn’t aware of, though, was that he was also trying his hand at reviewing games.

tobal del pic

I’ve got to say, though, that as a self-proclaimed journalist (hah), Del really kinda comes through on point in the reviews. I’ve never played any of the games that are covered in those three reviews, but it makes me wanna play em. I do notice that he seems to be real heavy on fighting games, and I haven’t really fucked with any fighter since maybe Killer Instinct on Super Nintendo (fuck a Soul Calibur 2), but it still makes me want to check them out. I haven’t really read any game magazines for a while but I can say that I’d rather have Del tell me what’s up than some juvenile-ass wank from Orange County. It’s too bad he stopped doing these.

Actually, for real, Del, why did you stop? I mean, on “Proto Culture”, you were saying that you got the games “you can’t rent at Blockbuster”. Weren’t you getting hooked up something crazy? And, I mean, game companies would prolly feature dude on the cover if he gave them good reviews. I mean, check out that review on Tobal 2: If they ever brought that game stateside, they coulda just used his quote on the game for promo.

Del tha funkee videogame reviewer
Shit would be safe as fuck, you knows it.

It’s not like I have time (or money; college student status) to be playing games any more, but if peoples was sending me free shit, hell yeah I’d be playing it, no doubt. I think I’m gonna have to talk to Del sometime about this. Anyone out there wanna make that happen, holler at me.

Back to the actual reviews, though: don’t be looking for any new information, cause these were done back in ’97 or so. It’s kinda funny to hear him talking about Dragon Ball Z and Akira Toriyama like it’s that next level shit, cause now you got ten-year olds running around yapping about that shit all the time. Still, though, it’s worth a listen, even if just to hear one of your favorite MCs talking about something totally off-topic. But then again, given 3030 (masterpiece, for real), maybe it’s not so off topic.

I’ll leave you with his review on Megamix:

“And [it's got] authentic fighting moves, you know what I’m sayin…So authentic you could watch the game and prolly learn some moves yourself and go out and whoop somebody ass with the moves you learned.”

No shit? Better cop up, everybody. Anyone got an old Saturn they wanna sell a brother?

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