Mixtape Show review – Lady Sovereign

Okay, see another review of some shit that probably about 0.2% of you rap nerds are actually up on – Lady Sovereign, with Vertically Challenged.

So I’ve been hearing Lady Sov’s (if you can’t spell “sovereign” it’s perfectly acceptable to call her that) name thrown around for a minute now. I guess she was on that Run the Road compilation that Chester Copperpot was making fun of and that I’ve still never heard. Anyway she’s part of this “grime” shit that all those funny-talking British kids are listening to nowadays. I’m into the shit so once I got the CD, I actually bothered to listen to it, unlike all those fucking terrible demos I seem to get nowadays.

Moving on. Review is after the jump.
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Del on videogames

You think podcasting is new? Well, hair kid, sickness you’re wrong. People have been posting audio online on topics ranging from computers to politics to pretty much anything you can think of for some time now. And while I’m not aware of any shows that exclusively talk about (or play) amazing and/or underground hip-hop in a mixtape status podcast like this one, I’m sure that some other (much wacker) examples of this sort of thing can be found somewhere out there on the internets.

del photo

However, I’m here to tell you that there is some original shit out there. A propos: Del tha funkee homosapien reviews videogames. Or reviewed, anyway. Check this out:
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