MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 10 – Keepin it real in Berkeley

ayyo, medic what it do? you arrready know what it is, it’s your favorite hip-hop mixtape podcast on the internets, the mixtape show.

So yeah, this week’s theme is keeping it real, or if you prefer, keeping it fucking hood. Right now I’m in Berkeley, and I’ve been scrambling trying to handle this damn podcast shit.

Anyway, it’s episode 10, and believe it or not, even though I am out of the studio, have no CDJs or turntables, and have to record this on a $4 mic I stole from a kindergartener (sorry Bobby), I think it might be one of my favorites thus far. Check the tracklist…

First up is 26, yeah, as in the number, with California Kings. I think I first heard these dudes through myspace, and it sounds like he (they?) got their ish fairly tight. LuckyIam.PSC also comes through on this track, and makes a pretty strong track a damn good one. Don’t ask me what that “hey mom, punch me in the eye” thing is about, either. Random side note: I was listening to some other bootleg-ass “hip-hop” podcast, and some nerdy guy introduced LuckyIam as “Lucky Aim PSC”. I was a little saddened. Check them out on www.myspace.com/26hrs

Next is Lawless Element, featuring Jay Dilla, with Love. This one came via some people down with Lawless Element hitting me up on the mixtape site, and also sending me emails. So forreal, all artists out there, if you want to shoot me some material for possible inclusion in a show, get at me…I respond to every email, eventually. No site for them either…

I’ve got another couple tracks from these Lawless cats as well, and one of them is pretty fucking brilliant. Be on the lookout for more Lawless and maybe an interview. Did I mention that Jay Dilla is on this track? If you haven’t arready clicked the download link, you need to right now.

Third on the list is Faculty with Wickedest Sound. Check them out at thafaculty.com. Peace to Damon for hooking us up with this track. Dude’s been on board with me since before I even had a home (or a name) for this show, and it’s been constant support ever since. Faculty has been linking up with several big-name producers recently, and, well, who wants an interview? I’ve got another track featuring Faculty along with Wildchild and Oh No on production. Remind me to drop that one in a future show…

Last cut is, again, Specifics with Under the Hood. If anyone’s wondering why I keep bumping the Specifics, well, it’s because they sent me six mp3s and all were quality. Check them out on their page, myspace.com/specifics.

Sorry for the short podcast this week. Like I said, though, I’m trying to keep it hood, so for all y’all in the hood without broadband, this one won’t take so goddamn long to download.

Also speaking of keeping it hood, if you listen to the very end of this show, that’s not a joke. There I am, just chillin on the corner with my laptop, mic and headphones, recording the outro of the show cause I liked the street ambiance. I’m almost done, when the fucking 5-0 rolls up, flashes his brights, turns on the blue and reds, and starts to get out of the car. This is where the show ends, kids.

Doing the show on the street was funny though. Aside from the occasional old couple walking down the road, nobody else even seemed to notice. Gotta love Berkeley.

I’ll be back down in LA soon, grinding as usual.

PS: Sorry there are no links yet. I’m back in the party now and I’m feeling like a nerd doing this. Will fix tomorrow or so. Peace.

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