MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 28 – Exile, buy Slum V, ed RIP DILLA.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the only mixtape show / hip-hop podcast worth fucking with. I’m dex digital.

The hip-hop community has suffered a tragic loss recently. This show is not a “dedication”, or a “tribute”, but I’d like to take a moment here and on the show to show appreciation and gratitude for a man that has done so much for us.

On with the show.

Exile f/ Slum Village – Time Has Come. It’s weird, because when I started putting tracks together for this week’s episode, I had already set this aside for the opening track. Exile is on the beats here (you’ve heard him here before), and lest anyone forget what Dilla was capable of on the other side of the glass…Jon, good looking out on the hookup with this one. Check out soundincolor.com for more on Exile.
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MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 10 – Keepin it real in Berkeley

ayyo, medic what it do? you arrready know what it is, it’s your favorite hip-hop mixtape podcast on the internets, the mixtape show.

So yeah, this week’s theme is keeping it real, or if you prefer, keeping it fucking hood. Right now I’m in Berkeley, and I’ve been scrambling trying to handle this damn podcast shit.

Anyway, it’s episode 10, and believe it or not, even though I am out of the studio, have no CDJs or turntables, and have to record this on a $4 mic I stole from a kindergartener (sorry Bobby), I think it might be one of my favorites thus far. Check the tracklist…
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