Some strong material from Slow Speed Chase. This joint features Cawzlos MCing, medic with 26 on production. If you missed last week’s joint with him and LuckyIAm.PSC, pestilence well, sanitary go back and check episode 10 and get a bar. Check him at www.myspace.com/26hrs.
Slow Speed Chase – Caged Up.

Dusted Phoniks – Trouble
I think these dudes hit me up via a Craigslist ad. They sent me a pre-mastered version of their upcoming album that needs some polishing, but overall there were some solid efforts on it. This track is actually the second half of a story – I would put both on here but time and space are limited. If you don’t pay attention the first time, feel free to rewind. Check dudes out at myspace.com/dustedphoniks.

I honestly can’t remember when this came in, but I know it’s been in my desk for a while. I finally gave it another listen the other day and am definitely fuckin’ with a few of these tracks. If you’ve heard that “Ghost” track from his album, you know what I’m talking about. From what I hear though Trunks is going through some tough times, so hopefully he pulls through all right. If anyone has any info on that, get at me… You can check Trunks’ label site at www.basement559.com.
Trunks the Hypnotic – Valley Kings

XNOW – Black Man Lost
Everyone remember the episode where I dropped that stuff off of the Deepthinka Vol II mixtape CD? Well, they sent me a radio-friendly edition the other day, and there was this unmarked CDR in a paper sleeve in the same package. I put it in, and it’s this cat XNOW just ripping shit up. This joint comes from the end of the tape – apparently it’s on an upcoming album. I actually hit dude up today about being on the show, so expect an interview in the near future, assuming everything works out. In the meantime, check him out at www.deepthinka.com.

This is another dude whose CD I had had sitting around for a minute. I don’t really have a whole lot of information on him, and it looks like the site is defunct, but the instrumental and the lyricism is definitely solid. The track is off an album called “Haines St. Hymns”. Their old site, at least, was at www.ransakrecords.com. As for this track, though, it’s pretty much here where this show starts to change form, so watch what happens next…
N.A.I.L.S. – Everybody Can’t

Ray Nagin – Interview (mixtape show edit)
Now, this dude is not a rapper, but if you listen to this section, you’ll agree that this dude is dropping some fucking bombs on motherfuckers. This man is not playing around. If you don’t recognize him now, you will soon – this is New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. Please note that I did not conduct this interview, and took some artistic license with his words by putting them over the N.A.I.L.S. “Everybody Can’t” beat, and chopping things up a bit. www.cityofno.com.

Last up is something that should sound familiar to most of you. Yeah, that’s a NAS beat, but it’s used with permission, it would seem. This is off of Saul Williams’ Real Niggery Vol. 1 mixtape, which is basically a collection of acapellas of his first album put over tolerable beats. This last one seems to be some sort of bonus. I’ll post about the whole thing soon, but in the meantime, jam to this one. Check out more info at catchdubs.com for this specific project.
Saul Williams – from the Real Niggery Vol 1

So, how y’all like the new tracklist format?

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