MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 12 – young hootie interview

MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 12 – young hootie interview

Man, check what the fuck it do? You already know what time it is, or maybe you don’t.

So yeah, it’s episode #12 of the most infamous hip-hop mixtape podcast on ye olde intarwebbe. And yes, normally shows come through on Fridays, but you all should have learned to expect the motherfucking unexpected round here by now. Basically things are getting kinda busy for your boy at the moment, so in case things get too hectic for me to put shit out on schedule, I’m just gonna put shit up early.

So, let’s see. We’ve had a dude from N.Y., a dude from Chicago, someone from D.C...there would be something wrong if I didn’t go right next door and hit up Compton for some sound.

This week we got someone I actually got respect for, which says something considering that I’m young and irresponsible enough to where I generally don’t give a fuck about anyone other than myself. For episode #12 I touched base with Young Hootie, who is currently making major strides in the mixtape and underground / mainstream rap scene. I met dude before he dropped his first mixtape, and since then he’s been featured in the Source twice, been on a bunch of DVDs, and fuck it, just listen to the interview. Special bonus this time: if you listen really closely, you can hear dude getting his hair cut. I have a feeling that he was moving around a lot when he talked, so I hope the barber didn’t fuck up his hair.

Either way he could just wear his hat, so it’s all gravy.

This interview was actually going to originally be a written piece for a couple of different websites so it’s kinda off the cuff, but shit sounded good enough to where I figured I’d just release the interview and let you all hear it for yourselves. You can click this link to read the rest of it – it’s slightly altered for readability, obviously, but if you’re slacking off at work and really just fucking have to know what Young Hootie has to say before you go home to your mom’s basement, then you can get your read on.

The shoutout list* in this one – TK, Breezy, El Dorado Red, Daddy Bill, Jerz, Lil’ Shawn, WestSideRap.com, and anyone in South Africa, Australia, or England. Let me know if I forgot anyone. Also extra respect to Breezy and TK for helping put this thing together and linking up the instrumentals and shit. All instrumentals were provided by Larceny Entertainment.

*Shoutout list = new feature where I tell you if somebody says your name so you can call your baby mama and tell her that you’re famous because you got mentioned on the mixtape show. It’s like listening to the podcast your own god damn self, only faster.

Jokes aside, you know I don’t feature any artist unless they’re good, so you know Hootie has some quality joints. Be looking for some Young Hootie joints coming up on a hip-hop podcast near you.

I don’t have any links to him just yet, but some are coming soon. Watch this space…

All right, I think that does it for this episode. Keep checking back, I got something major coming very soon…

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