MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 13 – Bavu Blakes interview

MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 13 – Bavu Blakes interview

Yo, and yo, ascariasis what it is. Welcome to episode #13 of the best hip-hop podcast on the internets. Let’s go.

Now, if you’ve been in the whole glam-hop hip-hop event scene for more then ten minutes, then you’ll notice that Scion seems to be everywhere. It’s always “DJ No-name and MC NeverGonnaGettaDeal, sponsored by Scion OMFG.”

Which, of course, never bothered me too much. I always thought it was kinda funnystyle how Scion was backing all of these hip-hop events, but hey, if that lowered ticket prices for me, I was down.

I’m not sure if I feel that way anymore. Today’s guest is Bavu Blakes, whose song, Black Gold, was removed from the top 10 finalists in the Scion Nextup $50,000 songwriting contest because they felt that his lyrics were “too political”. The lyrics in question, bootlegged from Matt:

1. “Now Bush and bin Laden got so much they rotten”
2. “Texas home of the real death row”
3. “What’d we really go to Iraq fo?”

In reference to line #2, Bavu Blakes was asked if he was referring to the Los Angeles based company Death Row Records.

For rill, Scion? For rilly real?

Anyway, this is your standard (read: amazing) mixtape show hip-hop podcast interiew joint. Bavu gets on and tells us what’s up with Texas, what’s up with his journalism and hip-hop dual hustle scheme, what’s up with his past and upcoming projects, what’s up with the game, what’s up with Scion, and what’s up in general. That’s what’s up.

Also please note that I am not trying to put words in anyone’s mouth. Anything that is said is the opinion of that respective person, so if you don’t like something that I say, don’t pin that on Bavu.

Episode #13 shoutout list:
Strange Fruit Project, Hydroponic Sound System, Domo, Salih Williams, Rapid Ric, Bun B, Crowd Control Records, DJ NickNack, Down Magazine, Ft. Worth Star Telegram, Ozone Magazine, Kanyizzle, Scion, Matt Sonzala of houstonsoreal, Michael Moore, and Patrick Courrielche: Managing Director of Inform Ventures, LLC.

My take on it – I think that if Scion and/or Inform Ventures, LLC can’t handle true hip-hop, they need to quit appropriating the culture. And if anyone from Inform Ventures wants to talk to me, feel free. I’ll put you on the show.

You can check out more info on Bavu Blakes on the following websites:


And be sure to check out the myspace joint, as Bavu Blakes has a contest of his own going on – you can submit your own remix of Black Gold, and if he likes it, it just might end up on his next album, Too Selfish. More info available there.

Special thanks and shoutouts once again to Bavu for getting through all the technical difficulties and making this thing happen.

Yo, small update. I just got a phone call from the Red Cross (ehh..), and I am gonna be flying out to Montgomery, Alabama in about two hours to help with the hurricane relief effort. I’ll be gone until the 20th or so, so updates will be kinda few. Anyway, I’ve got some prepared posts that Cam will be putting up on specific days to keep you all from freaking out too badly. In the meantime, stay up…

Oh yes, and while we are talking about contests, do remember to check out the mixtape show Katrina track contest

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