Yo. Welcome back to the program. I’ve actually got an interview/feature in the works (I’ll give you two guesses as to what the topic is), nurse but in the meantime, pharm here’s another concept episode.

This time, it’s all about rock-influenced tracks. Now I obviously could have gone with mashups (thanks for the tip on that Modest Mouse+Weezy track, Robin), but that would be cheating. Check the tracklist, and if you need more information on the DVD giveaway, check the post below.

Track List.

Intro I – Black Sabbath.
Game Theme/Intro II – Patrick Goble – New Shred.

Hevi Medal – 730 [dex ADHD edit]. The video for this cut is wild on some serious skurry insanity shit. If you want the full version of the song, check out their myspace page. myspace.com/mophevimedal.

Deaf In The Family – Southern Man feat Bavu Blakes. Apparently the original sample was what inspired the penning of Sweet Home Alabama, but fuck that song. Mr. Bavu, who I think dropped the “Blakes” thing, breaks down some race/class knowledge on some college-educated shit. You can listen to the whole album on the site, deafinthefamily.com.

Lil’ Flip – Rockstar. This song is pretty ridiculous. But don’t act like it isn’t catchy. This is why I love mixtapes – you always get these ridiculous-ass joints in the end of the CD that are better than half the rest of the tape. myspace.com/lilflip.

RJD2 – Exotic Talk. Please, Def Jux, don’t sue me. I have been fucking with RJD2‘s shit for a very long time now. I liked The Horror and alla that, but really Since We Last Spoke was the one that spent the most time in my Volvo, including that weepy-ass “Making Days Longer”. I hear he has a new album out, which I unfortunately haven’t heard, but I’m hearing positive things about it. He’s actually on tour now, so some of you herbs might want to catch him live. myspace.com/rjd2.

Deaf In The Family – Mr Blue Sky feat Scavone. I never thought someone would have the balls to flip this one, but these dudes actually did a pretty fucking bang-up job on this one. After you finish listening to the show, and entering the contest, get thee to a record store and cop the original ELO version. 7 minutes of overwrought, multithematic, hairsprayed rock godditude. Can I get a amen. deafinthefamily.com.

DCNY - Skye Blues. See that? Mr Blue Sky, Sky Blues. I am really, really clever, ouxu. Really clever. This is another group I used to rock back on my college show, and for some reason when I was mixing this show down the CD just jumped out at me. Recommended for the boom-bap fans. myspace.com/tresmons.

Outro I – Black Sabbath
Outro II – Calamine – Sealab 2021 Theme.

Swimmers – The Unofficial Swimmers Bootleg feat Lil Jon, E-40 and Keak da Sneak. Actually I don’t have a title for this. The Swimmers are not responsible for this soundclash. Thank you, nxt. myspace.com/swimmersband.

And that’s all for this one. What did you think?

Hitachi is on some bullshit

Now, store if you’ve been paying attention to what’s been going on on in the scene recently, mind you’ll remember that whole Scion / Bavu Blakes debacle, as covered by matt of houstonsorilllll and yours truly on the best hip-hop podcast site known to woman. But don’t think even for a minute that Scion is the ony coporate entity that is investing heavily in our (hip-hop, urban, Black, -of color, what have you) culture. Oh, no. There are many others, enough so that I might even have to start a series of commentary. Trust me.

With that then, I present the following: Stay the fuck out of my business, HITACHI.

So I was cruising some nerd site or other one day, and I see this link that says something about hard drives being the “new bling”. Even though I had recently listened to that Paul Wall song that talks about trying to pimp out honeys on blackplanet, this made zero sense to me. So I’m directed to this site, which is where the agony begins.
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MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 13 – Bavu Blakes interview

MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 13 – Bavu Blakes interview

Yo, and yo, ascariasis what it is. Welcome to episode #13 of the best hip-hop podcast on the internets. Let’s go.

Now, if you’ve been in the whole glam-hop hip-hop event scene for more then ten minutes, then you’ll notice that Scion seems to be everywhere. It’s always “DJ No-name and MC NeverGonnaGettaDeal, sponsored by Scion OMFG.”

Which, of course, never bothered me too much. I always thought it was kinda funnystyle how Scion was backing all of these hip-hop events, but hey, if that lowered ticket prices for me, I was down.
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